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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 39

Trump’s former campaign chairman secretly worked to advance the interests of Russia’s President a decade ago contradicting assertions by the Trump administration that it never happened, majority prefer Obamacare over Trumpcare, the price we pay for Trump’s lies, on the immoral, unethical White House that has no rules, despite Trump’s dubious claims of ‘America first,’ his businesses keep hiring foreign workers, betting on whether Trump will resign or be impeached before his first term is up, the life cycle of a Trump conspiracy theory, Trumpcare bill betrays key Trump campaign promise, Trump still breaking ethics – and probably the law – with his business dealings, when a president lies too much, most failed Presidency start ever, another unsatisfied Trump voter pivots against him, Wall Street Journal turns on Trump and more.

AP Exclusive: Manafort had plan to benefit Putin government article from Yahoo! News. –

Less than 25 percent of Americans think Trump is respected by world leaders article from AOL News. –

Wonder how many think Trump is actually respected by anyone…

Poll: Majority prefer Obamacare to Trumpcare article from AOL News. –

The Insidious Effect on the Psyche of Trump’s Torrent of Lies article from AlterNet. –

“Research shows that repeating a lie, even to refute it, imprints it on our brain.

There’s a problem with the media’s repetitive refutation of Donald Trump’s lies: It makes them more credible. Research finds that repeating a lie, even to refute it, imprints it on our brains, and they become more memorable than the refutations.

Most presidents lie. Nixon said he was not a crook. Reagan said he wasn’t aware of the Iran-Contra deal. Clinton said he did not have sex with that woman.

But Trump’s lies are different. They are more frequent and glaringly contradict the facts: Obama wiretapped the phones at Trump Tower; there was record turnout at Trump’s inauguration; Trump knows no one who has anything to do with Russia; he knows more about ISIS than our generals…”

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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 31

Trump’s new plan for the salary he lied about not taking, Congress had to tell Trump not delete his tweets – future evidence, citing phony terrorism to justify his Muslim ban, White House still trying to defend Trump’s lies about wiretapping, TrumpCare is turning into a bigger disaster than previously expected, Trump’s non-existent credibility, another fraudulent unsubstantiated claim from Trump against President Obama – this time over jobs, Trump opponents fueling rise of Rachel Maddow popularity, Trump spends 15 percent of his time at properties that he owns or that bear his name, Conway takes dipshittery to new depths defending Trump’s wiretapping conspiracy theory, Trump’s dangerous war on memory and critical thought, Trump is proud of his healthcare bill – even though ‘it’s not his,’ Trump’s childcare plan mainly benefits the rich, White House still confident Trump’s bogus wiretap claims will be proved, another top Trump cabal aide busted for breaking criminal conflict of interest Law and more.

Trump plans to donate salary, despite pledge not to take one article from GMA on Yahoo! News. –

Congress Had to Tell Donald Trump to Stop Deleting His Tweets article from Harper’s Bazaar on Yahoo! News. –

“Donald Trump might be done tweeting and deleting-at least if he listens to Congress. This weeks, two members of Congress sent the White House a letter warning them that Trump and his staff might be violating federal law when they delete tweets from the president’s official accounts, according to Teen Vogue.

The letter (which is available to read in full here) warns that tweets from both the @realDonaldTrump and the official @POTUS accounts “are likely to be presidential records and therefore must be preserved.” If those deleted tweets aren’t archived, then Trump and his staff could be violating the Presidential Records Act.

Trump infamously deleted a tweet less than 24 hours after taking office, when he misspelled “honored” and has tweeted and deleted after similar errors since…”

Trump Cites Fake FBI Terror Plots to Justify Muslim Ban article from AlterNet. –

Each case of ‘terrorism’ Trump cited was concocted by the FBI and were part of sting operations.

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