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Pandemic Corruption of American Politics

The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates taught his students that the pursuit of truth can only begin once they start to question and analyze every belief that they ever held dear. For instance, if your belief passes the tests of evidence, deduction and logic, you should keep that belief. If it does not pass those tests, the belief should be discarded, but then the thinker must question why he was led to believe the erroneous information in the first place. Applying that theory to U.S. politics and the path this country has been led down the past seven and a half years raises quite a few concerns and questions.

Dirty politics carried out by corrupted politicians helping the rich get richer while putting the screws to the rest of the population has been the standard practice in Washington for a long time. What has made it worse these past seven and a half years is a Congress with little ethics or morals that has been hell-bent on screwing the people they represent while bending over backwards to help the most corrupt, never-elected president responsible for killing thousands upon thousands of innocent victims and starting illegal wars. Congressional leadership has been responsible for covering up Bush’s crimes, due primarily to the fact that they’re just as guilty as Bush is.

President Bush, like many other ‘leaders’ throughout history, has always sought to mislead the thinking of the masses, and misinform the public as evidenced by his purposely misleading propaganda machines with help from what were once reputable news sources. Zionism has played a major role in the Bush administration. Zionism has played a much larger part in American politics and American history.

The reality of Bush’s presidency — in the words of NanceGreggs from the Democratic Underground in her aptly titled article “The Legacy of a Lunatic” which sums it up nicely — despite the pro-Bush pundits, the PNACers and the air-headed teleprompter readers passed off as journalists gathering on the political talk shows trying to rewrite history, will be the fact that it was never a true presidency at all. It was the result of selection rather than election, it was marked not by sound strategy, but by stagecraft; not by purposeful action, but an endless array of photo-ops meant to capture merely an image of leadership in a constant attempt to obscure the truth that no such leadership ever existed. Election fraud has been very good to president Bush. The Truth and the Law should be President Bush’s…as well as his incompetent cronies…downfall.

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FISA Fight Set To Continue This Week

The FISA Fight continues — Congressional ‘leadership’ is once again preparing to destroy the Constitution and screw the American public they’re sworn to protect by passing illicit legislation under the guise of a “compromise” that will give illegal, unconstitutional retroactive immunity to all who participated in the illegal wiretapping and spying activities requested by President Bush — once again showing how low the depths of their corruption and lawlessness go.

This supposed “compromise” that Congressional Democrats have agreed to regarding spying powers and telecom amnesty is not a compromise at all. It gives Bush and the rest of his cohorts everything they’ve demanded all along.

Noted by Glenn Greenwald:

“Although, as I indicated yesterday, public reports about the bill’s telecom immunity provisions were unclear, I’ve now been able to confirm definitively that the “compromise” that Democrats have agreed to does contain guaranteed immunity for the telecoms. The bill provides that the federal courts are required to dismiss the suits and immunize the telecoms as long as conditions are met that everyone already knows will be fulfilled. Put another way, the bill simply provides that the federal courts must dismiss all lawsuits against telecoms for their illegal spying as long as telecoms can demonstrate “A, B, and C” — where “A, B and C” are already known in advance to be true and easily proven. The Democrat-supported bill is nothing more than a pre-ordained, mandated script provided to the courts to compel them to dismiss the telecom lawsuits.

Worse still, the conditions for dismissal in the Democrats’ “compromise” bill shows how corrupt and lawless they are. Courts are required to immunize telecoms as long as telecoms merely demonstrate that the illegal spying they enabled was requested by the President and was represented to them by the Executive branch to be lawful. Courts will be required to dismiss the lawsuits without any consideration whatsoever of whether these telecom-defendants actually broke the law.

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“Get Over It. It’s So Old By Now.”

“Get over it. It’s so old by now” said Supreme Court Justice when asked about critics who say the 5-4 ruling by the Supreme Court to appoint President Bush was based on politics and not justice, despite the facts showing the exact opposite. Scalia will be on 60 minutes this coming Sunday night.

This from the ‘Justice’ who was so anxious to shut the Florida recount down during the 2000 presidential ‘election’ that he pressured his colleagues to do so — the Bush legal team went running back to the Supreme Court asking for a stay to stop the recount (about the point in time when Bush’s lead had withered to 154 votes) — even before the Gore legal team had a chance to respond. The lawsuit was Bush v. Gore (meaning Bush was the petitioner and Gore was the respondent), but according to Scalia, Al Gore was the one who ultimately put the issues in front of the court.

Blatant partisanship dealt a harsh blow to the integrity of the Supreme Court. Justices in the majority contorted the law to reach the result they wanted — no precedent, just convenient law made for one occasion. Though the Supreme Court stepped into the Florida recount twice, four of the Justices thought the court should never have taken the case in the first place.

Justice John Paul Stevens even bemoaned the legal legerdemain in his dissent, noting that the nation’s confidence in the judge as an impartial guardian of the rule of law was the real loser — knowing full well what went on behind the scenes and just how politicized and results-oriented the case’s consideration had been.

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Winter Soldier Event Information

100 to 200 veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars gathered over this past weekend in Maryland to testify about their experiences, and to make Americans aware of the heinous war crimes and atrocities committed by some of them and the president.

Only media was allowed, but it was streamed on the internet. Of the major media outlets, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, The Associated Press and USA Today covered it or acknowledged it, but for some reason The New York Times didn’t. The New York Times is one of the largest papers in the country.

Purposely misinforming people by hiding the truth is what has led to the problems America faces right now.

I had planned to do a write-up of the Winter Soldier testimonies after I finished another post I’m working on when I came across the article below from The Daily Banter.

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The American Injustice System

Since George Bush was appointed to the presidency by the Supreme Court in 2000, the American Justice System has become an oxymoron. Over use of Executive Privilege and State Secrets — as well as help from the highest court in the land and Congress with no regard for punishing those in high places who have broken the law — has made a pathetic mockery of and highly politicized Justice System.

An article by Glenn Greenwald from aptly titled “The Courts and Congress affirmatively conceal and protect lawbreaking” provides an in depth look at how the illicit actions conducted by the Bush administration are being condoned and covered up by Congress, the Senate and the Judicial System.

Despite the fact that the first federal judge who ruled on the legality of the Bush administration’s NSA warrantless spying program and found it violated both statutory law as well as multiple rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, an appeal to a three-judge panel reversed the ruling.

Not because they disagreed with the conclusions about the program’s legality. Two of the three judges on the panel found that plaintiffs lacked “standing” to challenge the legality of the program — and courts were therefore barred from ruling on their claims — because the plaintiffs were unable to prove that they were actually subjected to the warrantless eavesdropping.

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Continued Use Of Fear And Deception

How quickly we forget that these ‘patriotic’ telecoms that helped illegally spy on citizens was paid a great deal of money at taxpayer expense, and the fact that the illegal spying started long before 9/11. Letting 9/11 play out the way it did created the perfect opportunity to scare a stunned public and brazenly break several laws.

The threat of implementing martial law should Congress try impeach you is black mail, which is also against the law. Twice I’ve seen reference to or video of two well-known political figures telling small groups of individuals that the president has threatened to declare martial law if Congress tries to impeach.

I’ll have to do some research to see if there has ever been one time this president has ever told the truth to the public. This years State of the Union address was riddled with lies, as was the threat to Congress this morning. This has nothing to do with partisanship. This has everything to do with attempting to covering asses for all the crimes created by all the lies.

I’ve repeatedly blogged about the lies and corruption, including the illegal wiretapping. In the near future I will write a nice post detailing a lot of it, again, with links to reputable sources.

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Another Case Of White House Censorship

Another prime example of the White House attempting to censor and silence the media was revealed yesterday. Below is a post from Crooks and Liars about how CBS caved in to pressure from the White House, aided by a Senator, to kill a story with damning evidence of illegal Bush-style justice and politics.

This is an outrageous atrocity that has been going on for several years now, and it has done serious damage to this country as well as a lot of the world. It’s past time to hold this administration, as well as all of those lawmakers (or lawbreakers, depending on who you’re referring to) accountable for their actions.

Congress and the media are supposed to be the eyes and ears of the American public. Congress and the media have grown richer turning blind and dumb while Americans have been terrorized by their own government and financially ruined. You can turn the tables and start doing something about it.

Between the lines below is the post from Crooks and Liars. Below the post is my rant to CBS.

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Too Much News Ignored By The Media

It’s becoming painfully evident that the main stream news media has a really bad habit of sitting on or covering up and ignoring news stories — sometimes twisting words around to distort the truth — raising questions as to why certain stories are ignored as well as questions about ethics, integrity and morals. Failing to mention pertinent news to the public, purposely reporting false information and keeping people in the dark has gone on entirely too long.

It’s disgraceful knowing that much of the corporate media is owned by the Republican Party and that ordinary unsuspecting citizens are purposely ill-informed to further the illicit agenda and incompetence of the “elected” leadership.

Instead of covering the more obvious crimes of the Bush Administration, they devote columns to the political race, citing phony poll numbers and predicting who will win, purposely failing to mention or downplaying contenders such as Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich and John Edwards to mention a few. When Paris Hilton or Jamie Spears is front page news there’s a BIG problem.

As noted by Dave Lindorff in The Baltimore Chronicle, everyone knows that this country is being run by a criminal syndicate that has rigged elections, hidden its knowledge of the 9-11 attacks, lied the country into war, plotted to out an important CIA undercover operative, obstructed a criminal investigation (repeatedly) into the treasonous act, subverted most of the articles of the Bill of Rights with convoluted signing statements / executive orders, emasculated the Congress and the Courts, betrayed veterans, surrendered a major American metropolis to devastation received from a hurricane, plotted to enable the declaration of martial law, tortured, kidnapped and killed millions of people in blatant violation of international law, obstructed efforts to deal with the crisis of global warming and more for the past unconscionable seven years. The list goes on and on.

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The Microsoft 6 month vulnerability report

In yet another play on numbers (not to mention another attempt to persuade consumers that Vista is the greatest thing since sliced bread), yesterday Microsoft released a report titled “Microsft Vista Has Fewest Vulnerabilities at 6-Month Mark”, (PDF) implying that Vista has turned out to be an exceptionally secure operating system (OS)…much more secure than various versions of Linux, Mac OS X and Windows XP.

The report was written by Jeff Jones, the Security Strategy Director of the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing group (no, it’s not an oxymoron). He writes that for Vista’s first 6 months (remember, it was released to businesses on November 30, 2006), 12 out of 27 disclosed vulnerabilities were patched. For Windows XP, 36 out of 39 disclosed vulnerabilities were patched in the same time frame. I don’t mention the the Linux or OS X vulnerabilities because they’re not important, nor should they be compared to Windows. Those are entirely seperate entities.

“In all four cases studied for the 6 month period after ship, Windows Vista appears to have a lower vulnerability fix and disclosure rate than other products analyzed, including the reduced Linux installations. This affirms the early results we found after 90 days and provides a supporting indicator that Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle process and heightened focus on security is having a positive impact on Microsoft Windows in terms of fewer vulnerabilities” writes Jones.

Several analysts and news writers / bloggers aren’t buying it. For that matter, I’m not either. Several online media outlets are reporting that Microsoft is better at patching XP than Vista (if you look at the numbers on his report, it’s easy to see it that way but apparently he didn’t notice that). It also neglects to mention that one of the primary reasons there are “fewer vulnerabilities” is that there are far fewer people using it. In all actuality, the report is, for the most part, meaningless. If and when more people start using Vista, there will be more hackers looking at it too. In all probability it will be hit with some major vulnerabilities.

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Beware of AT&T’s business practices

If you’re an AT&T customer, check your phone bill carefully if you’re moving and transferring your phone number to the new address. Even if you’re moving a couple of blocks away from where you were.

In April of 2007 I moved a few blocks down the street from where I was. Before I moved I received a phone bill with a due date of April 16. Payment was sent in a week before it was due.

Lo and behold, a couple of weeks after I moved I received a new phone bill from AT&T. Someone in their infinite stupidity decided to change the due date from the middle of the month to the first of the month. The bill showed that my charges were past due and there was a late charge on it.

After calling the customer service number and being told that I couldn’t talk to a representative until after the past due bill was paid I finally got to speak to a customer service rep. The customer service rep. tried to tell me that when the bill is due depends on where you live, and that one of her credit card companies did that to her too. Yeah right.

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