Continued Use Of Fear And Deception

How quickly we forget that these ‘patriotic’ telecoms that helped illegally spy on citizens was paid a great deal of money at taxpayer expense, and the fact that the illegal spying started long before 9/11. Letting 9/11 play out the way it did created the perfect opportunity to scare a stunned public and brazenly break several laws.

The threat of implementing martial law should Congress try impeach you is black mail, which is also against the law. Twice I’ve seen reference to or video of two well-known political figures telling small groups of individuals that the president has threatened to declare martial law if Congress tries to impeach.

I’ll have to do some research to see if there has ever been one time this president has ever told the truth to the public. This years State of the Union address was riddled with lies, as was the threat to Congress this morning. This has nothing to do with partisanship. This has everything to do with attempting to covering asses for all the crimes created by all the lies.

I’ve repeatedly blogged about the lies and corruption, including the illegal wiretapping. In the near future I will write a nice post detailing a lot of it, again, with links to reputable sources.

As for Congress, if you think being called soft on the war on terror by the most corrupt, unliked president in history is bad, wait until you lose your jobs in or before the next election. Impeachment would halt EVERY SINGLE THING the president may try to do, even creating a disaster that would allow him to call martial law. You have the power to impeach, as do the people when it comes to our representatives.

It would behoove you to pay attention to the people who are awakening from the fearful fog created intentionally by this administration. Voters are turning out in droves, and people are sick and tired of the lies and corruption that have weakened this country.

At the moment its unknown how many of you are involved in the illegal activities of this administration, with the exception of Rockefeller, Reid, Pelosi, Harman, Feinstein and numerous others. Republicans have filibustered in record numbers numerous attempts to pass laws by the ‘Democratic’ Congress. You have the power to protect whistle-blowers, and you have the duty to the public to watch out for them. I’m sure the people are more than willing to forgive most if not all of the corruption if it involves removing this virulent administration and making them accountable.

This bogus piece of legislation known as the Protect America Act does just the exact opposite. If it expires, doo doo happens. If the president wants to continue being veto happy and making threats, it just makes him look all the more childish and incompetent.

Several of the delusional dictatorial laws created by this president as Executive Orders and Signing Statements are in direct violation of the Constitution which is also against the law.

The federal courts who keep covering up information due to illicit ‘Executive Privilege and State Secrets’ is just more proof of bought off officials helping an illegally appointed administration violate the law. If the courts don’t want to hear it, I’m sure the people do. I as well as several others I know would be more than happy to make the public aware of what the ‘justice’ system is covering up.

As for the main stream media who has turned a blind eye to illegal acts of presidential adminstrations for too long now, you might want to think about your duties to the public, your ethics and how continuing to deceive the public will end up affecting you. You have more than ample evidence of the crimes committed by this administration that you’ve kept covered or censored for years.

Unless you want to continue being compared to FOX News, the Wall Street Journal or any other media outlet owned by the ‘News’ Corporation — who continue to be rewarded by this joke of an administration — keep covering things up. For too long you’ve made sure the public was fed presidential propaganda with little regard for the truth.

Again, it’s time to do the right thing.

Wake up people, and start holding those who continue aiding and abetting the corruption accountable. For too long now, politicians have gotten wealthier at the cost of those they were elected to serve. It’s time to take America back and make it the country it once was.

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