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When Does Incompetence Become Criminal?

C19 lies Trump from Pinterest

At what point does profound incompetence become criminal negligence? President Donald J. Trump’s unmitigated, malicious response in the handling of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) which has infected more than 3.50M people and killed 140,000 in the U.S. alone so far has by any rational accounts been nothing but a massive failure that warrants a closer look to answer. Despite his malevolent negligence and dereliction of duty in handling the pandemic, Trump has dubiously denied any responsibility for his and his administration’s failed response to it.

Since its appearance, which Trump took almost two months to start responding to, the coronavirus has spread like wildfire and his immoral, incompetent and profoundly corrupt inactions have revealed that he only cares about himself along with new depths of depravity and criminality for him to try and profit from politically. Trump’s contentious coronavirus crime spree and negligence in responding to the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in killing more Americans in three months than the Vietnam War did in ten years.

From day one Trump has lied about having the coronavirus pandemic under control. In fact, if he and his administration had spent as much time fighting the coronavirus pandemic crises as they do covering up his crimes, falsifying and fabricating propaganda for all his distractions and enriching his fraudulent billionaire friends and owners, America wouldn’t be facing over 138,000 deaths and record unemployment. The price America pays for Trump’s malfeasance is growing exponentially.

Even if you try to spin all of Trump’s other malfeasance and crimes – terrorizing immigrants, fraudulent tax cuts for his billionaire buddies, eviscerating the environment, attacking free speech and the press, obstructions of Justice, and his countless other acts of Treason, the way he responded to the pandemic is an unforgivable, criminally negligent utter failure which is compounded by the fact that he blatantly admitted that he told his administration to quit testing people for COVID-19 to purposely keep reported numbers of it low. Most people with any shred of decency and empathy for others would realize that we were facing a dire crisis unlike any other in our life time. But Trump only cares about himself. Consequently, for almost two months after Trump was notified, he did absolutely nothing as the crisis continued spiraling out of control and America remains woefully unprepared.


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