When Does Incompetence Become Criminal?

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At what point does profound incompetence become criminal negligence? President Donald J. Trump’s unmitigated, malicious response in the handling of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) which has infected more than 3.50M people and killed 140,000 in the U.S. alone so far has by any rational accounts been nothing but a massive failure that warrants a closer look to answer. Despite his malevolent negligence and dereliction of duty in handling the pandemic, Trump has dubiously denied any responsibility for his and his administration’s failed response to it.

Since its appearance, which Trump took almost two months to start responding to, the coronavirus has spread like wildfire and his immoral, incompetent and profoundly corrupt inactions have revealed that he only cares about himself along with new depths of depravity and criminality for him to try and profit from politically. Trump’s contentious coronavirus crime spree and negligence in responding to the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in killing more Americans in three months than the Vietnam War did in ten years.

From day one Trump has lied about having the coronavirus pandemic under control. In fact, if he and his administration had spent as much time fighting the coronavirus pandemic crises as they do covering up his crimes, falsifying and fabricating propaganda for all his distractions and enriching his fraudulent billionaire friends and owners, America wouldn’t be facing over 138,000 deaths and record unemployment. The price America pays for Trump’s malfeasance is growing exponentially.

Even if you try to spin all of Trump’s other malfeasance and crimes – terrorizing immigrants, fraudulent tax cuts for his billionaire buddies, eviscerating the environment, attacking free speech and the press, obstructions of Justice, and his countless other acts of Treason, the way he responded to the pandemic is an unforgivable, criminally negligent utter failure which is compounded by the fact that he blatantly admitted that he told his administration to quit testing people for COVID-19 to purposely keep reported numbers of it low. Most people with any shred of decency and empathy for others would realize that we were facing a dire crisis unlike any other in our life time. But Trump only cares about himself. Consequently, for almost two months after Trump was notified, he did absolutely nothing as the crisis continued spiraling out of control and America remains woefully unprepared.


On January 22, 2020, two days after the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in the U.S. Trump was asked if his administration was worried about an impending pandemic, to which he replied “No, we’re not at all, and we have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China.” As we all know too well now, they were not ready, and he had absolutely nothing under control, and the past few months have revealed negligent inactions that are proving fatal for hundreds of thousands of people affected by the coronavirus and he is incapable of acting presidential. Despite being warned about COVID-19 repeatedly before it officially became a pandemic, Trump and his administration waited until March 16 before doing anything about it by issuing an order for U.S. citizens to stay at home – which many governors had already done.

At the onset of the pandemic, Trump was warning everyone not to panic and praising China for their handling of it, sporadically tweeting distractions and lies about it to quell public panic, while golfing and holding an occasional rally to spew more vitriolic delusions, lies and propaganda about it. As it grew he decided to create a so-called task force through Vice President Mike Pence’s office to hold daily news briefings about it, all the while neglecting to mention the fact that in his rush to erase his predecessor’s legacy, he had disbanded the pandemic response team that would have been more prepared with a viable, lifesaving defense against it and ways to fight it, including testing everyone regardless of whether they’re showing symptoms or not.

But Trump squandered every opportunity he had to act presidential with real compassion, empathy and leadership when he decided instead to hijack the coronavirus pandemic press briefings and turn them into pep rallies where he spewed lie after lie, took credit for delusional embellishments, railed against his enemies while making excuses for his failures and tried to deflect blame by creating multiple distractions among a myriad of other things. For a few weeks Trump’s so-called press briefings were aired without any factual corrections or warnings as Trump bragged about the ratings, which he also ended up squandering when he started pushing drugs and suggesting that people drink Clorox to fight the coronavirus, at which point the briefings abruptly ended and Trump had to avoid the spotlight for a few days:

As the urgency and death tolls from the pandemic grew, Trump dubiously claimed that “nobody knew there’d be a pandemic or an epidemic of this proportion,” but in his typical fashion, that was entirely false and he took to Twitter to rant, rave, propagandize and distract from his failed pandemic responses with lies, delusions and a multitude of bogus conspiracy theories that got so bad that Twitter actually had to label some if his tweets as factually untrue and block one for glorifying violence. There are numerous reasons the U.S. death toll is so high – three times higher than the next three countries combined – including total corruption and incompetence of his administration’s handling of the pandemic, and ignorant wishful thinking on Trump’s part, shelving experts and science to instead follow his moronic gut, but he’s still trying to place blame for his criminal negligence on everyone else:


For a short while, Trump decided to play the role of a “Wartime President” fighting a silent enemy. Unsurprisingly, that too fizzled shortly after it began when he finally realized that lies and bull shit are useless against facts and truth when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, which also crashed the economy that he inherited from his predecessor. Persistent bungling and malfeasance by Trump and his administration has made the pandemic death toll much higher than it should be and it’s still climbing exponentially with no end in sight. Giving up on attempting to fight or care about the pandemic, Trump has focused instead on getting everyone back to work and building up the stock market which he erroneously considers the economy, despite the fact that trying to get everything back the way it was while the pandemic is still running rampant is foolish, and will inevitably end up wreaking more havoc, taking more lives and unemploying even more people as the economy continues imploding. Had Trump been an actual ‘wartime president,’ he would have been guilty of committing several war crimes.

Despite his delusional self-aggrandizing embellishments and alleged efforts to contain the coronavirus pandemic, Trump lost interest in acting like he cared about it or the people affected by it and decided instead to focus on “reopening the economy” regardless of the fact that America was woefully unprepared to accommodate that. Timelines of the numerous catastrophic failures that have been Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and examples of his criminal negligence can be found here, here, here, here and here. Trump couldn’t care less about whether or not you live or die or go broke because the only thing he ever cared about was enriching himself and making sure he ‘wins’ the election any way he can to avoid prison time he’s facing once he’s out of office.

Trump’s inaction, incompetence and moronic tweets and remarks both during the beginning of the pandemic and preceding it are well documented. What makes it appear even more criminal though is his purposeful inaction – not testing patients, not getting necessary medical and protective equipment for those on the front line in fighting the pandemic, etc. – due to his concerns over his electoral prospects. The worse the pandemic became and the quicker the economy crashed while unemployment went up exponentially, the less concerned he became about it because he was focused on trying to get reelected while playing other illegal political games.

Along the winding path of Trump’s failed self-serving coronavirus pandemic response, he also extorted states whose governor’s he didn’t like and states – much like how he extorted Ukraine and was impeached for – that voted against him by refusing to send much needed equipment such as ventilators, masks and other medical supplies, which further solidifies the criminal intent on his part while demanding accolades from governor’s he did help. Governors who refuse to play his games or kiss his ass are threatened and face retaliation, which only compounds the growing evidence of his criminal actions and intent.


Trump wasn’t responsible for starting the pandemic but his inaction between December 2019 and January 3, 2020 when he was first made aware of it and March 13, 2020 played a massive role in making American carnage exponentially worse than it should have been. Through every self-inflicted crisis Trump has made it blatantly evident that he is not presidential and he only cares about those that voted for him, though they too will be ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic. Trump’s indifference to the American people coupled with his corruption in office and inability to lead has made the price paid by America much worse than it could have been.

Trump has claimed repeatedly that he doesn’t take responsibility for his massive coronavirus response failure – or anything else for that matter, including telling his followers to drink Clorox or other disinfectants and take drugs with dangerous side effects – but the fact is he is responsible for it all. Never having a plan to fight the coronavirus pandemic while wishing it away as he continued committing more criminally negligent acts and then demanding the country reopen without being properly prepared is all Trump’s fault, and nothing he or his moronic minions say will ever change that as he and his equally corrupt Vice President continue contributing to the rising death toll by gaslighting the public and maliciously lying about it.

Since his criminally negligent coronavirus pandemic response failure has been so egregious, Trump is ignorantly trying to blame the rise in cases and deaths from it on people getting tested, so he keeps telling them to quit getting tested so the numbers go down and he can pretend that it went away - which as usual, is out of touch with reality. With his response to the coronavirus pandemic creating rising death tolls and the crashed economy that resulted from it, Trump has given us the worst of both worlds as he continues encouraging sacrificing human life in order to get ‘reelected.’ His malevolent criminality has been on full display for three plus years now, but his handling of the coronavirus pandemic has only made it more blatantly evident.

One major consistent factor of Trump’s Treasonous tenure is his inability to tell the truth or face reality and he has told more than 20,000 lies so far, so lying and abdicating responsibility for his coronavirus pandemic and economic implosion because of his malevolent criminal neglect comes as no surprise. Wishing away and ignoring the coronavirus pandemic – which again is impervious to his lies and bull shit – despite the obvious fact that it is still out-of-control and exacerbated profoundly due to his corruption and stupidity makes Trump look even more maliciously vindictive and criminally negligent. Despite his delusions about being the victim, the massive malevolent criminal coronavirus pandemic responses from Trump makes him responsible for it all and he owns it now.

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