Misadventures of a minority-elect President 327

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Chronicling the misadventures of our forever Impeached minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Today’s misadventures of our forever Impeached malignant minority-elect president* begins with his catalog of endless corruption and stupidity which has resulted in the mess we face from the coronavirus pandemic today, despite his lies about not being responsible for the failure that has been his coronavirus outbreak response, he is DEFINITELY responsible for it and it’s going to hurt him bigly, there is no limit to the depths of Trump’s malfeasance and stupidity, the reason he’s pushing a drug as a cure becomes crystal clear once you follow the money, cementing his place in history as the worst, most corrupt and ignorant president* in U.S. history.

A catalog of capital incompetence: The short list of things Donald Trump did to kill America article from The Daily Kos.

A look at the utter corruption and ignorance that is the Trump administration and the damage their forever impeached illegitimate leader has unleashed on the American population – keeping in line with his ‘America First’ creed – which will cost many American lives.

America has no federal response to this crisis article from Vox News.

Because he’s incapable of leading anyone let alone acting presidential, Trump is making America pay a heavy price – playing president* instead of doing the job reveals just how true that is.

WATCH: The Daily Show releases devastating video of Fox News and Republicans downplaying COVID-19 crisis article from The Raw Story.

A look at how the Donald and many of his enablers, including his Ministry of Propaganda – Fox faux ‘News’ – have downplayed the pandemic, with lots of damaging video:

Trump will definitely get crdit if deaths exceed 100,000, but not the good kind article from The Daily Kos.

Donnie likes to claim he’s not responsible for the disaster that has been his coronavirus outbreak failure, but rest assured, it is DEFINITELY his fault:

“We warned America, and Democrats delivered an impeachment to underscore the seriousness of the matter: Donald Trump wasn’t fit to be president. Republicans didn’t care, because tax cuts and judges, and now here we are.

Today, we’ll hit two Sept. 11ths’ worth of deaths, easily blowing by the 6,000 mark just two days after hitting a single 9/11. We’ve just about to reach a quarter-million cases, which is a whopping one-quarter of the total confirmed cases worldwide. By any measure, this is an abject disaster. Yet in a breathtaking display of goalpost moving, Trump said a couple of days ago, “[if] we have between 100 and 200,000 [deaths], we altogether have done a very good job.”

Yeah, nice try.

Trump is in a politically perilous position, for sure. His inability to respond to the crisis—from dismantling the institutions designed to identify (CDC outpost in China) and respond to such a crisis (the pandemic preparedness task force and FEMA), to incompetent staff, to an utter inability to be forthright and truthful to the American people, to simply misplaced priorities (stock market > grandma)—our nation never stood a chance…”

To Donald Trump, coronavirus is just one more chance for a power grab article from The Guardian.

The Donald would love nothing more than further his delusional attempts to become our dictator, but he has one major obstacle standing in his way – he’s entirely too corrupt and stupid to pull it off successfully.

Trump Keeps Promoting Unproven Drug for the Coronavirus: ‘I’m Not a Doctor. But I Have Common Sense.’ article from Slate.

Sadly many of the moronic miscreants that support his corrupt, ignorant ass are going to take his advice and try it, and probably die from it. Despite that, Trump is still promoting fallacies and delusions that are going to prove hazardous:

A timeline of Trump promises and predictions on coronavirus — and how they stack up against the facts article from CNN.

Highlighting the multitude of fallacies that emanate from Trump’s lying lips every time he opens his mouth – further enabled by holding his propaganda / rally cries coronavirus press briefings where he does nothing but gaslight anyone foolish enough to be paying attention to him.

Report: The Trump administration didn’t order ventilators or masks until mid-March article from Vox News.

Yet more evidence of the total failure that is Donald J. Trump the reveals there is no limit to the depths of malfeasance he will stoop to while proving yet again that is not nor will he ever be presidential:

“In recent weeks, President Donald Trump has moved from dismissing the threat posed to Americans by the coronavirus to styling himself as a “wartime president.” But until mid-March, new reports reveal, he was planning to send the army into battle with only a fraction of the weapons and armor they’d need.

On Sunday, the Associated Press reported that the government largely failed to place bulk orders of N95 respirator masks, ventilators, and other medical equipment vital to those treating coronavirus patients until mid-March, according to federal purchasing contracts. The Washington Post reported that the Trump administration received its first briefing about the outbreak in China on January 3.

On March 12, the day before Trump finally declared a national emergency due to the pandemic, the Department of Health and Human Services placed its first bulk order with 3M for $4.8 million worth of N95 masks. Nine days later, when there were over 30,000 confirmed cases in the country, it placed a larger second order for $173 million. Those masks would be added to the national stockpile, which was created in 1999 in anticipation of potential effects from the Y2K computer bug and expanded following 9/11.

But, the AP reported, the mid-March contracts signed by the federal government and 3M don’t require the company to begin delivering the masks until the end of April — after the White House’s forecasts predict the pandemic will have peaked:…”

Leading psychologists explain how Trump’s self-delusions make him stunningly effective at predatory deception article from The Raw Story.

How Trump’s delusions – the narcissistic self-deceptive, grossly inflated self-appraisal – coupled with his profound corruption and stupidity make him extremely dangerous and will cost a lot of people their lives.

Team Trump won’t let a little pandemic get in the way of its far-right agenda article from Salon.

A look at how the endless corruption and stupidity of Trump and his ilk is still running rampant, regardless of the profound failure of his response to the Coronavirus outbreak.

‘Follow the money’: MSNBC contributor blows the lid off Trump’s personal stake in drug he’s pushing as COVID-19 cure article from The Raw Story.

There’s a reason the Donald keeps pushing the drug he claims is the panacea for the coronavirus pandemic, and it has nothing to do with saving people – since it’ll kill some – and everything to do with lining his corrupt pockets:

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 167th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt.

How the Don is facing his most crucial week of the coronavirus pandemic as more people die courtesy of his profound stupidity and corruption:

“Donald Trump spent his entire presidency fear-mongering and exaggerating threats at the southern border, but when the greatest threat to American lives in our lifetime hit our shores, he called fears about it a Democratic “hoax,” ignored warnings, and failed to take adequate action. Now, we’re all suffering the consequences.

South Korea learned of their first case of COVID-19 the same day the US did on January 20. Unlike the Trump Administration, the South Koreans mobilized with mass testing and contact tracing to isolate known cases. They now have just over 10,000 cases and over 180 deaths. The United States now has over 300,000 cases and over 10,000 deaths.

This week, the White House delivered terrifying death projections indicating as many as 100,000-240,000 Americans could die due to the COVID-19 pandemic. President Trump tried to spin this and say that the number is low and due to their “great” response. That’s a lie. This was not inevitable. This is because of their incompetence and negligence.

As the humanitarian and economic effects of COVID-19 increase, President Trump’s botched response becomes clearer. New reporting this week further highlighted just how terrible the early response from the Trump Administration was. While China’s unwillingness to hand over a sample of the virus in the early days of the outbreak and their overall secrecy certainly played a role, the Trump Administration had some major failures of their own. The Washington Post‘s reporting revealed the early warnings and budget requests from HHS Secretary Alex Azar in January and February that President Trump ignored. That reporting, along with countless others, further showcases how the CDC’s creation of their own failed testing kits set us back in crucial weeks…”

Is Trump’s pathological narcissism dooming him to become the ‘worst president in US history’? article from Alternet.

That would be a resounding yes, especially since his profound corruption and stupidity which has resulted in a multitude of crimes and Treason Trump has already committed has already cemented that legacy.

This Is Trump’s Fault article from The Atlantic.

A look at how our forever impeached, illegitimate president* is failing and how Americans are paying for his failures – in a multitude of ways…

Adam Schiff Is Ready To Drop The Hammer On Trump’s Family Of Grifters article from PoliticusUSA.

The major fraud currently occupying the White House is famous for grifting and taking all kinds of money from U.S. taxpayers – which is part of the reason Trump’s forever impeached, illegitimate ass should have been removed:

Trump’s latest crime spree: With pandemic as cover, he’s going for epic corruption article from Salon.

Trump is thoroughly corrupt and profoundly stupid, which is a bad combination, and he’s – potentially – about to make that painfully evident as he further destroys the U.S.:

“Donald Trump is on a search-and-destroy mission to remove anyone who might get in the way of him committing more crimes or using the federal government as a personal piggybank for himself and his friends. And he’s using the coronavirus pandemic as a cover, knowing that both the media and Congress are too busy dealing with the crisis to prioritize Trump’s obsession with maximizing his level of criminality and corruption.

Last week, with the media preoccupied with rising death tolls and exploding unemployment figures, Trump fired Michael Atkinson, the inspector general for intelligence services, as a clear cut act of revenge against Atkinson for reporting the original Ukraine whistleblower complaint to Congress last summer. That complaint, of course, exposed Trump’s criminal conspiracy to blackmail Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky into a phony investigation of former Vice President Joe Biden, who is now certain to be Trump’s Democratic opponent in the 2020 election. (Bernie Sanders officially suspended his campaign on Wednesday.) The result was Trump’s impeachment by the House of Representatives, which should have led to his removal from office — if Senate Republicans weren’t willing to sign off on any crime he wishes to commit.

Trump described Atkinson as “not a big Trump fan, I can tell you,” as if that justified firing an inspector general who fulfilled his legal responsibility to report a president’s potentially criminal actions to Congress.

On Tuesday, Trump removed another inspector general, Glenn Fine, who oversees the Defense Department. Fine was originally set to chair the committee that oversees how the $2 trillion in coronavirus relief funds will be disbursed. Trump would like to replace him with Jason Abend, a Customs and Border Protection official. This move, coupled with reports that Trump is appointing Brian Miller, one of his personal lawyers — who has publicly sneered at the idea that Congress should have the power to hold the executive branch accountable— as the special inspector general overseeing stimulus spending should make the president’s intentions clear…”

The briefings aren’t working: Trump’s approval rating takes a dip article from Politico.

Regardless of how hard he tries, Trump can’t lie and bull shit his way out of this crisis and it’s revealing yet again that he is not nor has he ever been presidential – or anything but a massive fraudulent failure.

Will Trump and His Enablers Ever Face Accountability for the Coronavirus Massacre? article from Mother Jones.

So far, Trump and his administration have misrepresented the threat, disregarded experts in favor of their propaganda outlets, did not prepare adequately and thousands of Americans have died, which begs the question will they be held accountable for their multitude of crimes?

Column: Trump’s ‘I’m not responsible’ presidency article from The Los Angeles Times.

More on our dimwitted dip shit’s dubious attempts to rewrite his failed history and how he’s still trying to avoid responsibility for his criminal actions – despite the obvious fact that he is.

Trump Falls Apart When Asked How He’ll Know The Virus Is Gone If He Doesn’t Test article from PoliticusUSA.

More on the stupidity and delusions that occupy the Donald’s little brain when claims we’ll be knowing people aren’t getting sick because they won’t be going to the hospital, when in reality the U.S. doesn’t have the capability of testing everyone to make sure they’re not ill – due in large part to his failed response to the pandemic:

“Trump was asked how he will know if the virus is in retreat if he doesn’t do widespread testing, and he answered by saying people will stop going to hospitals.

Trump said:

I think we’ll have it in retreat. Will it be today? No. Tomorrow? No. But it will be at a certain point in the not too distant future. It will be gone.

Mapping Corruption: Donald Trump’s Executive Branch article from The American Prospect.

Trump and his entire administration will go down in history – as they have proven repeatedly – as the most corrupt, idiotic administration in the U.S. for many good reasons.

Trump has bluffed his way through his entire career – and now the coronavirus is taking him out article from The Raw Story.

The one consistent factor of the Don’s entire life – aside from the profound corruption and infinite ignorance – has been his ability to Con unsuspecting people incapable of independent thought and to lie his way through everything – and this time it’s not going to work for him.

Twitter folks contribute ‘accurate campaign slogans’ for Trump article from The Daily Kos.

Since Donnie has only been using the failed coronavirus press briefings as fodder for his reelection campaign, a pastor asked Twitter for some help in designing a slogan for him and the results are hilarious:

Stupidity Isn’t Trump’s Worst Trait article from Crooks and Liars.

That is debatable, but the fact that Trump’s narcissism and lack of feeling empathy combined with his infinite ignorance is proving highly dangerous and deadly:

“The New Yorker interview with Fran Lebowitz includes this exchange:

Has this crisis shown us anything about Donald Trump that we didn’t know before?

No. Every single thing that could be wrong with a human being is wrong with him. But the single most dangerous thing about Donald Trump is how unbelievably stupid he is. It’s not the most dangerous thing in someone who has no responsibilities, but in a President it’s the most dangerous thing.

I agree that “every single thing that could be wrong with a human being is wrong with” Trump. But I don’t believe stupidity is his most dangerous trait now that he’s president…”

Trump’s Ridiculous Behavior at Pandemic Briefings Baffles a Watching World article from The Intercept.

The dazzling display of dystopian bull shit that is Trump’s daily show since he hijacked the Coronavirus briefings only makes him look more foolish.

Trump Repeatedly Dismissed Coronavirus Warnings as Alarmist for Weeks Before Crisis article from Slate.

More on the mounting evidence that the Donald’s massive failure to the coronavirus pandemic could easily be construed as criminal.

Chris Wallace Rips Trump For Late Reaction To Virus: ‘How Much Did Those Lost Weeks Cost Us?’ article from Crooks and Liars.

When Fox faux News starts wondering about the corrupt ineptitude of Trump and his administration, it means that reality is starting to penetrate their land of delusion – which won’t bode well for our president*:

Orange King COVID article from Counter Punch.

How the most corrupt and idiotic president* in U.S. history with his despotic delusions of grandeur is f*&king up everything he touches and failing miserably and proving repeatedly that is should have been put behind bars years ago:

“One of the reasons to have joined Refuse Fascism and other activists in the streets demanding the end of the lethal Trump-Pence regime for the last three years and three months was the danger that the demented president and his white nationalist party in power would use a real or manufactured crisis – a terrorist attack, a war, an economic collapse, a pandemic – as a pretext for burying what’s left of Enlightenment principles, “representative democracy,” and the constitutional “rule of law.”

Now two crises that pose authoritarian dangers in any nation – not to mention a country whose top position is inhabited by a demented, corrupt and power-mad malignant who happens to be an instinctual (if not doctrinal) fascist like Donald Trump – have happened at once: a pandemic and an economic collapse (the two are of course intimately related).

The $5 Trillion Corporate Slush Fund Beyond Public Purview

Listening just to imperial “moderates” and “liberals” at National “Public” Radio and Human Rights Watch, you’d think the only authoritarian rulers trying to deepen authoritarian rule are outside the United States – in places like the Philippines, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Hungary, India, Egypt, China, and Russia (to mention just a slice of the many nations where authoritarianism holds court)…”

Trump thought the coronavirus briefings were a lifeline. He was dead wrong article from Alternet.

Hijacking the coronavirus briefings and turning them into the Donald J. Trump shit show hasn’t worked out well for our forever impeached illegitimate president* as more and more people are tuning his stupidity out.

The Preexisting Condition In The Oval Office article from The New Yorker.

Having an profoundly corrupt idiot in the White House has turned the U.S. into a laughing stock while putting us all in danger due to his failed response to the pandemic.

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