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Added Online Resources for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Added Online Resources for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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As of today (04.07.2020) more than 209 countries and territories and 82,000 people have died from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) that was alleged to have begun in Wuhan, China last year. In keeping with Donald J Trump’s – our forever impeached, illegitimate president* and his endless supplies of corruption and stupidity – ‘America First’ creed, the U.S. now leads the world in active cases of the coronavirus and, inevitably will soon lead in deaths from it too.

The first, and most important thing to remember about the coronavirus is that the majority of those that contract it also recover from it. People that have an existing co-morbidity – respiratory, lung and heart issues, diabetes, etc. – usually succumb to the disease faster than people that are normally healthy. So far, at least one infant, a couple of children and several elderly adults died from it, but it’s important to remember not to panic because of it, regardless of the never-ending dooms day news you normally see 24 hours a day.

Because we have a failed fraudulent con man suffering from pathological narcissism who only cares about himself, the U.S. hasn’t had an effective, resourceful response to the pandemic. Instead of heeding the warnings about the pandemic that he was warned about two months in advance, Trump decided to listen to Fox faux News – and other members of his vast propaganda network such as OAN, etc. – and ignore it thinking it would magically disappear and go away when the weather warmed up. When pressed about it he referred to it as a ‘hoax’ while lying repeatedly about having everything under control.

The U.S. couldn’t implement a pandemic plan for several reasons, including the fact that Trump disbanded the pandemic response team, fired the one person that was in China who was charged with handling the pandemic, decided to send the surplus of medical equipment we had on hand to China and Israel, and a multitude of other f*&k ups while ignorantly claiming he wasn’t responsible for it. Another reason the U.S. hasn’t implemented a plan to deal with the pandemic is because no such plan exists. Instead of listening to professionals Trump decided to listen to the propagandists – and soon it will cost his most ardent supporters drastically. Unfortunately the rest of us will pay a heavy price for it too.

To date, Trump’s response on the coronavirus pandemic could easily be considered criminal, but there are many things you can do to prevent contracting it and to prevent spreading it.

Despite the endless onslaught of fear – it never ends for several reasons – it’s important to remember a few things about the Coronavirus:

Use a Common Sense approach to protecting yourself:

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