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Presidential Pandemonium Punctuates U.S. Pandemic Failure

It’s All About Me, All Of The Time Trump from Crooks and Liars

The daily dose of the President* Donald J. Trump Con Man Show passed off as a Coronavirus Pandemic Response Press Briefing which is used to promote lies, falsehoods, ignorance littered with corruption and Conspiracy Theories while congratulating himself for delusional embellishments that exist only in what little is left of his very unstable mind are quite revealing and his pandemonium is quite dangerous. The so-called press briefings have devolved into miniature rallies to benefit the fatally flawed personality traits – self-aggrandizing Sociopathic narcissism – that benefits no one but himself while causing more dubious distractions.

The man who doesn’t take responsibility for his massive failure of a response to the pandemic outbreak and doesn’t listen to professionals who warned him months before the outbreak occurred and feels no empathy towards others and only cares about himself is in no position to handle the National Emergency we’re experiencing now. The results of the massive failure that has been Trump’s Coronavirus Pandemic response is all his fault, and in fact, much of that massive failure that has been the Trump Administration’s reaction to the Coronavirus pandemic could easily be construed as criminal:

Using the so-called press briefings to stay in the spotlight while gaslighting the nation isn’t working out too well for Trump as more and more people are realizing how incompetent he is. Instead of informing the U.S. population about fighting the Coronavirus pandemic and acting Presidential, he has corrupted that opportunity and transformed them into reelection campaign rallies wherein he attacks his political rivals, Governors and others that are critical of his failed response, pushes untested drug and herbal supplement treatments as well as other Conspiracy Theories crafted by Fox faux News and a couple of his other propaganda outlets, attacked the press for using his words against him and revealed exactly why he never belonged in the White House to begin with.

Trump is a one trick pony. As long as he’s the center of attention he’s happy and he’ll say and do anything to keep the spotlight on himself. You can rest assured that Trump’s pandemonium is intentional. It’s designed to keep him in the spotlight, deflect from his incompetence, distract us from the crimes he is committing and to cater to his endless corrupt delusions. The only thing it has resulted in so far is more American deaths from the Coronavirus, record unemployment and total chaos as hospitals scramble for supplies and small businesses wonder if they’ll ever recover. Meanwhile Trump says his gut will lead him but as the past three plus years have shown, that only means another corrupted moronic decision based on demented delusion that will benefit him and his cohorts is headed our way.


The Coronavirus outbreak that has been unleashed upon the world is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in our lifetime but dystopian delusions – ignorant bull shit – lies and rage tweeting don’t destroy diseases and someone apparently forgot to send our president* that memo. Using a bully pulpit and interrupting daily television programming to misinform and gaslight everyone while distracting with more deception and misinformation to cover up his latest crime spree only serves to highlight the fact that Trump doesn’t have a plan to deal with the pandemic, isn’t capable of handling a crisis, isn’t presidential – nor will he every be – and that in fact he should have been removed from office when he was impeached.

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