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Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Incoherent rambling begins today’s misadventures of our malignant minority-elect president* as he showed us yet again that he is unfit to hold office during an impromptu phone in rant fest with his Ministry of Propaganda – who finally admitted what the majority of us have known all along, the devastating consequences of Trump’s moronic trade war are beginning to reveal themselves, Trump’s bluster and delusions at his hate fest rallies are making him look more desperate and guilty, how our wannabe dictator is trying to stifle protest and citizen participation in our democracy and so much more.

Donald Trump Calls Into Fox & Friends to Ramble Incoherently article from Splinter News. –

Offering us yet more proof that he is indeed illegitimate and profoundly ignorant during his recent call in to his Ministry of Propaganda, Trump again showed us that he really is mentally unfit to hold office.

Trump Isn’t Bragging Anymore As His Trade War Hits The Stock Market Hard article from PoliticusUSA. –

Like his fraudulent tax reform scam that was forced upon us by his GOP brown shirt enablers, Trump’s moronic trade war is starting to reveal its devastating consequences and it’s going to make our illegitimate president* look really bad:

Trump writes laughably false op-ed about Medicare for All article from ThinkProgress. –

They really need to quit giving our mentally deficient president* the opportunities to continue spreading his lies in the mainstream media and starting pointing out his lies and delusions as what they are…

White House Aides ‘Hugely Embarrassed’ By Trump’s Lunch With Kanye: NYT Reporter article from The Huffington Post. –

The shit show concocted by Trump during his love fest with Kanye West at the oval office is quite revealing – not to mention disturbing:

“The world is still talking about Kanye West’s bizarre lunch with President Donald Trump ? including White House staffers. And many of them are feeling “hugely embarrassed” by the president’s Oval Office meeting with the rap star, New York Times White House correspondent Maggie Haberman told CNN on Friday.

“If you look [at the president’s] face as Kanye West was doing, essentially, his filibuster standing in front of the Resolute Desk, [Trump] looks speechless and confused, right. [He’s] uncertain quite what to do with this,” Haberman said.

The reporter pointed out the facial expressions of Trump’s daughter and son-in-law as further examples of the mixed reaction.

Trump is so unpopular, even Fox News is losing interest in his rallies article from The Daily Kos. –

Sad! Poor Donnie is getting upset because his bluster and bull shit rallies aren’t getting the attention he craves because people are sick and tired of hearing his lies.

The Real Point of Trump’s USA Today Op-Ed Was to Threaten His Enemies With Violence article from Alternet. –

Trying to force his despotic delusions of grandeur on the majority that doesn’t support Trump is going to end up coming back to haunt him.


The delusional hate fests that are Trump’s rallies are getting more dangerous as his already failed presidency keeps slinking lower and lower.

Hillary Clinton Destroys Trump’s Democrats/Russia Conspiracy in 1 Sentence article from PoliticusUSA. –

The irony of Trump spewing his lies and being called out on them as he keeps slithering closer into being held accountable for his treasonous crimes and obstructions of Justice is getting ridiculous:

“Hillary Clinton responded to Trump’s claim that she colluded with Russia by reminding him that he asked Russia to hack her on national television.

During his Wednesday night rally in Erie, PA, Trump said, “There was collusion between Hillary, the Democrats and Russia. There was a lot of collusion with them and Russia and lots of other people.”

Clinton responded with a tweet:

Trump sure could use ambassadors in Saudi Arabia and Turkey right now article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Trump’s massive conflicts of interest are wreaking havoc as his corruption continues swirling his failed presidency around the drain.

Trump hints that he plans to seriously obstruct justice after the midterms article from ThinkProgress. –

Because he hasn’t obstructed justice enough already,,,:

An unhinged crackpot leads the world’s only mega-power – and now the wheels are coming off article from The Raw Story. –

An unhinged crackpot leads the world’s only mega-power — and now the wheels are coming off

Having a majorly mentally unbalanced wannabe dictator with a 4th grade education who is profoundly corrupt leading the United States is not boding well for Americans.

Watch Trump’s Deranged Praise of Robert E. Lee As ‘A Great General’ article from Alternet. –

On the irony of having a traitor bragging about another traitor who fought the U.S. over slavery and calling him great – as life continues unraveling in his land of delusion:

“On Friday, President Donald Trump held a rally in Lebanon, Ohio, where he urged his supporters to vote for Rep. Steve Chabot’s re-election.

Having said his piece on that, however, he took a turn into very strange territory, and ended up ranting about the greatness of both Union general Ulysses S. Grant and Confederate general Robert E. Lee.

“[Ohio] also gave you a general who was incredible,” Trump said. “He drank a little bit too much. You know who I’m talking about, right? So Robert E. Lee was a great general. And Abraham Lincoln developed a phobia. He couldn’t beat Robert E. Lee. He was going crazy, I don’t know if you know this story. But Robert E. Lee was winning battle after battle after battle, and Abraham Lincoln came home and said, ‘I can’t beat Robert E. Lee.’ And he had all of these generals. They looked great, they were the top of their class at West Point, they were the greatest people. There was only one problem. They didn’t know how the hell to win. They didn’t know how to fight. They didn’t know how.

Watch below:

Trump claims U.S. would be ‘punishing itself’ if it halts Saudi arms sales article from PoliticusUSA. –

What he means is that he and the fraudulent Military-Industrial Complex corporations that own him will lose all kinds of money and to hell with American citizens.

WATCH: Saturday Night Live mocks Trump’s meeting with Kanye West article and video from The Raw Story. –

Airing the meeting between two alleged ‘stable geniuses’ – who are actually complete and utter morons – provides good comical relief:

Trump Supporters’ Data Being Rented Out to Raise Money For His Campaign article from PoliticusUSA. –

Once again Trump is making history for all the wrong reasons as the names and addresses of his minority of moronic minions that support him are being sold:

Donald Trump’s dream presidency is happening now article from CNN. –

Donnie’s dreams of being a reality shit show TV producer and star coupled with his despotic delusions of grandeur aren’t going to bode well for him:

“(CNN) – The best way to understand Donald Trump’s presidency is this: He views himself as the producer and star of a daily reality show, a show in which the only connection from day to day is the presence of Trump himself.

Any attempt to connect the dots — from a policy or strategic perspective — between yesterday and today or even from month to month — is a fool’s errand; Trump does what he wants, generally speaking, every day. If he latches on to something he thinks is working, he, like a good reality TV show executive, does more of it.

And, of late, Trump has moved into an even more high-profile starring role — even as he steps up his producing involvement as well.

Which brings me to the last few weeks — in which Trump is leaning very hard into his dual role as producer and star…”

Despite what Donald Trump may think, political victory is not moral vindication article from Salon. –

Despite his delusions that having his latest corrupt Supreme Court appointed immorally and potentially illegally against the wishes of the majority that outnumbers Trump’s moronic minority of minions, it is not a sign of being morally vindicated – it’s a sign of complete GOP corruption.

Trump Is As Much of a Dangerous Ignoramus As He Appears article from Extra News Feed. –

Confirmation that Trump is indeed as illegitimate and profoundly ignorant as he appears – much to his detriment and those that foolishly support him.

John Brennan Blasts Trump For Enabling Saudi Murder of Jamal Khashoggi article from PoliticusUSA. –

Trump knew about the murder of a U.S. journalist and refused to do anything about it because of his $112 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia, but more importantly, Trump has enabled and encouraged authoritarian regimes with his despotic rhetoric – which won’t change until the majority that doesn’t support his ass does something about it:

Trump’s Aggressive Plans to Stifle Democracy article from Truthout. –

On how our wannabe dictator is aggressively trying to stifle public protest and citizen participation in our democracy:

“In a Trump administration where policy, on issues from taxes to education to the environment, is skewed sharply in favor of wealthy special interests and driven by officials who previously served as corporate lobbyists, and where the president himself mocks victims of sexual assault, makes common cause with racists, and seems to believe the justice system is his to manipulate for personal gain, it is unsurprising, but still appalling and alarming, that Trump and his underlings are aggressively pushing measures to stifle public protest and citizen participation in our democracy.

Start with a modest, but meaningful, example. Trump’s Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has not only stocked her senior staff roster with former officials of predatory for-profit colleges, but, forced to go through steps called “negotiated rule-making” before she can gut Obama-era rules aimed at protecting students, she has taken multiple steps to try to rig the process. In earlier meetings, she stacked the deck by filling as many negotiator slots as possible with executives of for-profit schools. Her aides also tried to block the public from live streaming the negotiator meetings on the Internet, until Department of Education lawyers told them that position was untenable. When DeVos issued her proposed rules, which gave the worst predatory schools everything they wanted, she gave the public only 30 days (mostly in August) to comment, instead of the usual 90 days.

For the latest rule-making round, announced Thursday, DeVos has eliminated negotiator spots for representatives of consumer organizations and state attorneys general — after people representing those interests acted as powerful advocates for pro-student, pro-taxpayer positions in the prior rounds, repeatedly demonstrating the bankruptcy of the Devos Department’s arguments. DeVos and her aides didn’t like hearing the truth, so they’ve eliminated the speakers. They’ve also barred the public from attending some of the meetings.

Second, a broader example, one that requires an urgent response from conscientious, freedom-loving citizens out there: The National Park Service is proposing new rules that would dramatically restrict the rights of people to hold protests in Washington, DC — barring demonstrations in front of the White House, prohibiting the use of sound systems and stages for spontaneous protests, and potentially charging high fees to stage marches and rallies…”

Trump’s Saudi Delusions article from Slate. –

Defending his arms sales to Saudi Arabia in his usual delusional manner is making Trump look even more treasonous.

Trump defends mockery of Christine Blasey Ford, says it got Kavanaugh confirmed article from NBC News. –

Actually, a slight majority of corrupt Congress critters led by Mitch McConnell – Trump’s lead lap dog and cohort – immorally got Kavanaugh confirmed and it wasn’t because of his speech…

‘I’m president and you’re not’: Trump’s ’60 Minutes’ interview goes off the rails when Stahl demands answers on immigration and Dr. Ford article from The Raw Story. –

Trump’s constant lies and claiming he didn’t do or say things that he actually did are getting old as his lies just keep coming:

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 90th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt Media. –

A look at the most recent failed week of Trump’s lackluster lame duck presidency:

“90 weeks into Trump’s presidency and he remains the most divisive figure in the world.

Divisiveness is a foundational component of who Donald Trump is as a man and who he has been as a president.

President Trump’s political platform is based on zero-sum grievance. For him to win, someone has to lose. For him to have something to fight for, he must have something to fight against. In this case, Trump has convinced his base that the Democrats and the mainstream media, their fellow citizens, are the enemies.

President Trump utilizes these tactics when he sends out tweets essentially claiming that Democrats and the press are not just political opponents, but violent enemies of the state. Trump doubled down in his remarks at Brett Kavanaugh’s swearing-in ceremony. Trump apologized to Kavanaugh and, once again, acting as if those who accused him of sexual assault were part of a Democratic smear campaign…”

Trump suddenly denies promising to donate $1 million if Warren proved ‘Indian’ ancestry – but here’s the video article from The Raw Story. –

Senator Elizabeth Warren proved that she is of Indian ancestry and Trump promised – though he lied again – to donate $1 million if she did:

Trump and the end of American ideals article from The Week. –

On foolishly thinking of Trump ending a $112 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia due to the murder of a journalist – too many companies in the Military-Industrial Complex would lose too much money…

Trump shows poor judgment in deciding whom to trust article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Trump trusts North Korea’s dictator, but not people he hired to be in his White House – which speaks volumes…

Fox News Host Admits There’s No Distinction Between His Network and the Trump White House: ‘They’re Joined at the Hip’ article from Alternet. –

The leader of Trump’s Ministry of Propaganda finally admits what the majority of us have known all along:

“In a new interview with Hill.TV, Fox News host Juan Williams admitted what should be obvious to any casual observer of politics: President Donald Trump and Fox News are completely in sync, so much so that some argue the network has become a form of “state news.”

“The lines between Fox News and this White House are blurry at best,” said host Krystal Ball to Williams.

“Blurry?” asked the co-host of Fox News’ “The Five.” “I think they’re joined at the…”

“They don’t exist! They are joined at the hip,” Ball agreed…”

Trump goes on 12-tweet Twitter tirade article from The Hill. –

Always one to distract by tweeting bull shit to gain attention, Trump once again decided to inundate the Twitter universe with his duplicitous desperation to deflect from his imminent implosion.

Trump ‘bought and paid for’ by wealthy Saudis article from The Daily Kos. –

Along with Russia and Wall Street and numerous others…

Trump claims he has ‘no financial interests in Saudi Arabia.’ Here’s video of him claiming the Saudis gave him $50 million. article from The Week. –

Trump keeps desperately lying despite the obvious while fraudulently claiming he’s innocent – when everyone with a brain knows he isn’t:

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