Daily Archives: October 18, 2009

It’s Time to Fix the Fraudulent Financial System

For several million dollars in campaign contributions — also known as bribes — you too can own a member of Congress, get whatever you want and have American taxpayers bail you out when your fraudulent actions cause the greatest depression since 1929 and make sure that meaningful reform that might cut into your billion dollar profits and fraudulent business practices doesn’t happen, as well as making sure you stay out of prison despite all the fraudulent crimes you’ve committed.

President Obama, in his brief career as a U.S. Senator and presidential candidate reportedly received more money from the FIRE Sector (Finance, Insurance, Real Estate) than anyone else in the history of the legislative branch — a total of $42,268,166.00.

Two other presidential candidates, John McCain and Hillary Clinton came in a close second and third: John McCain received $33,339,458.00 and Hillary Clinton received $29,800,366.00 from the FIRE Sector. Three other Senators — John Kerry, Joe Lieberman and Chris Dodd — also former presidential candidates, received a lot.

Wall Street isn’t taking any chances. Senator Dick Durbin admitted this past April that banks are still the more powerful lobby on Capitol Hill, and they own the politicians in Washington. A financial coup d’etat has ended up plaquing this nation. Since 1990, the financial sector has doled out $2.28 billion in campaign contributions and $3.69 billion in lobbying since 1998.

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