Daily Archives: October 21, 2009

The Perpetuating Financial Fraud Cover-Up

If the United States Government spent as much time trying to fix the Financial problems their Treasonous actions have enabled and created instead of trying to constantly cover them up, the world would be a much better place and we wouldn’t be facing the repetitive financial crises that we have faced — and will continue to face until the perpetrators and enablers are put in prison where they belong.

President Obama has continued where President Bush left off in the war on Democracy, Rights and Liberties, despite the campaigning lies of hope and change. Instead of telling the people the truth about all the Treason and war crimes committed by the Bush administration, Obama and those in his administration are covering those up as well. ‘National Security’ and ‘States Secrets’ are nothing more than extremely questionable attempts by the Federal government to keep their atrocious crimes hidden from the public.

Sneaky, underhanded politics have plaqued this nation for decades. This past decade has revealed a Congress that keeps passing egregious — and oftentimes unconstitutional — ‘legislation’ to keep their crimes covered. A recent example of sneaky, underhanded politics involves the House of Representatives slipping a provision that bans the release of photos showing detainee abuses (torture) into a Homeland Security spending bill ‘apparently under direct orders from the Obama Administration.’ For years Congress has been railroading ‘legislation’ that screws their constituents and it’s time to put an end to that.

The massive fraud — everyone involved knew that exotic instruments were intentionally created to defraud investors — that caused the economic crisis has been purposely covered up because our Representatives in Washington know that once the truth is known, their world’s will collapse and the financial plutocracy that has ruled this country for decades will come crumbling down. Politicians have been paid well by the Financial industry at the expense of the rest of America.

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