Daily Archives: October 8, 2009

U.S. is Being Lied to War with Iran

The U.S. government and its illustrious mainstream media — as well as a few other governments — are again busily trying to manufacture consent for a war with Iran by purposely lying about Iran’s nuclear program and intentions while completely ignoring Israel’s nukes. Israel is the reason America is now involved in two (three if you include Pakistan) illegal, never-ending wars and Israel is the reason the U.S. government has such a hard on for attacking Iran.

The U.S. has known about the 150+ nuclear weapons that Israel has possessed for the past four decades, yet no mention is ever made of that…presumably because Israel has owned U.S. politicians for decades. The same people that lied us into invading and occupying Iraq are now trying to lie us into attacking Iran. The Bush administration left office in January 2009 and was replaced by the Obama administration — our leadership has a few new faces, but many of the old ones remain — and the eight months that have passed since Bush left office have revealed that the rhetoric of hope and change has been nothing more than double speak and lies.

The same strategy used by the Government and its propaganda pushers — the mainstream media — to guide us into a never-ending, unwinnable, illegal occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan/Pakistan are reportedly being used again. This time around, Iran is the target. Mr. ‘hope and change’ is using the same exact fabricated playbook that the previous criminal White House cabal used. History is about to repeat itself. When Obama announced that ‘Iran is breaking rules all nations must follow,’ he is technically and legally wrong.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) monitors Iran’s nuclear energy program since Iran has signed the non-proliferation treaty — something Israel won’t do because they’re intent on keeping their nuclear bombs hidden from the world’s view, despite the fact that virtually everyone knows they exist — to make sure that Iran’s nuclear program isn’t being used to make weapons.

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