Daily Archives: October 18, 2008

Federal Corruption And Failed Leadership

The list of crimes committed by the Bush administration, many with help from his enablers in Congress, grows on a steady basis — more allegations of illegal spying and lies from Bush and the NSA, torture authorized by memos from the White House, violations of the Hatch Act by the Bush administration trying to ensure Republicans are re-elected to Congress in 2006, threatening to cut public funding to the Public Broadcasting System if they aired a documentary regarding the Bush administration’s approval and use of torture, illegal detention and trials of ‘suspected terrorists,’ most of which are created and funded by the CIA, fearmongering while threatening Marshall Law to pass the fraudulent bailout of Wall Street for the criminals who caused the financial meltdown to begin with — the list goes on and on.

Too much presidential power and corruption, aided by a corrupt, complicit Congress has done a lot of potentially irreparable damage to America and all who live here, as well as other parts of the world. The American public has had no representation or say in the destruction of their civil rights and freedoms while being methodically and steadily bankrupted by the failed, corrupted leadership of our Washington establishment.

A highly politicized Justice and Judicial system unwilling to uphold the law, choosing instead to allow the criminal actions of the Bush administration along with a nonexistant system of checks and balances, illegal propaganda and political theater have all played a major role in the destruction of Democracy and freedom. Some major ‘News’ outlets have played a major role in furthering illegal actions of the Bush administration while pushing illegal propaganda for major profits that we the people have all paid for in more ways than one.

The federal government has failed the public they’ve sworn to serve. A provision in Article V of the Constitution allows for the temporary creation of a fourth branch of government in the form of a convention of state delegates that operates outside of the control of Congress, the President and the Courts. It’s time for an Article V convention to put an end to the deceit and corruption of our federal government.

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