Daily Archives: October 12, 2008

Dangers Of Deceptive Political Corruption

The inept, prejudiced McCain/Palin campaign, and the disaster the Republican party has become these past almost eight years under the corrupt, incompetent leadership of President Bush — controlled by numerous large corporations in multiple industries — coupled with U.S. troops being deployed on U.S. soil and members of Congress being threatened with Martial Law if the fraudulent, socialistic bailout to ‘rescue’ the large corporations that control President Bush from financial ruin while economies are imploding around the world due to the corrupted actions of President Bush and his administration on top of illicit Executive Orders and Signing Statements issued by President Bush, many of which remain top secret, has resulted in numerous questions of Bush’s intentions as desperation engulfs the Republican party and America continues paying a heavy price.

Lack of accountability and oversight coupled with complicity and capitulation from a U.S. Congress that is riddled with major corruption and no regard for those they were elected to serve — many of which have been bought and paid for by large corporations — while being led by politicians who have aided and abetted war crimes and acts of treason committed by the President — has resulted in the disaster America and the rest of the world is facing today.

Intentionally deceitful propaganda led to the Iraq war. Illegal, unconstitutional pieces of ‘legislation’ such as the Patriot Act and the FISA amendment to name a couple, the financial crisis, and many other disasters created by the Bush administration has resulted in Bush believing he has limitless powers — which in truth are illegal, unconstitutional powers derived from his illegal, immoral actions — and Congress has done everything to enable and nothing but condone his actions.

Intentionally deceitful propaganda has provided numerous opportunities for Bush to destroy America and all who live here while delusionally putting himself and his Republican operatives above the law. The good news is that since the use of propaganda by the federal government is illegal, at the end of Bush’s delusional dictatorship, he and his cronies can be held accountable for their actions. The dangers America has faced and continues to face as a result of propaganda and fearmongering under the delusional leadership of a Republican wanna-be-dictator President need to be stopped dead in their tracks. Impeachment would take care of that, but because of her complicity in Bush’s crimes, Speaker Pelosi won’t ‘allow’ it. If for some reason Bush did attempt to implement Marshall Law, states should be encouraged to take action the way Arizona has. If Marshall Law is implemented, Arizona says it will secede.

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