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Political Deception And The Bailout Bill

The proposed bailout plan from the Bush administration failed in The House of Representatives because people are sick and tired of being terrorized, cheated and lied to and because some in the House of Representatives want to keep their jobs. The bailout/rescue bill is being voted on again by the House on Thursday. The Senate, possibly in violation of the Constitution, passed a ‘revised bill’ — some revisions include more tax breaks in attempts to sway Republican approval, along with a bunch of other legislation — tonight. If the bill needs to be passed so badly, why is so much other garbage being added to it? Once again we’re being lied to and deceived by many in Washington.

Some Republicans and Democrats were smart enough to realize just how immoral and dangerous the plan is so they voted against it. Then you have some, such as speaker Nancy Pelosi who had the gumption to say that the party was over on Wall Street and that Democrats fought for a better bill. Not exactly. The version of the bill Pelosi was pushing and voted for doesn’t even come close to stopping the party on Wall Street. If it weren’t for the fact that Americans are about to get royally screwed by Washington again, Pelosi’s comments would be funny.

An interesting article from USA Today explains how politics and fear have created a backlash in Washington and videos explaining that the bailout is for foreign investors can be found from YouTube. More on why the FED is in such a rush to pass this extremely flawed legislation can be found from Rumor Mill News. America is being expected to pay for a Wall Street Crisis. With Bush, Paulson and Bernanke using dire warnings and threats — committing the equivalent of financial terrorism — the question arises as to how much truth there is in the stock market crashing tomorrow if this bailout/rescue plan doesn’t pass. If it does pass, who’s to say it would work?

Once again President Bush is chastising Congress and the American public, reportedly saying that the economic damage to the nation will be “painful and lasting” if Congress fails to pass a $700 Billion bailout/rescue bill. Mr. President, why not have one of the 400 richest Americans — whose wealth increased by nearly $700 billion during your two terms in office and whose combined net worth is $1.6 trillion — pay for your bailout? You’ve cost America too much lasting pain already and we’re sick and tired of it.

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