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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 30

Trump’s popularity sinks lower after baseless wiretap claims and TrumpCare, terrorizing immigrants with his raids, more people realizing Trump is a pathological liar working to undermine US democracy, the Trump Dystopian Nightmare on the horizon, Trump’s draconian budget dead before arrival, Ivanka Trump is the exception to her father’s ‘buy American’ rule, Trump’s staff has to clean up his tweetstorm fallacies, Trump and the GOP’s war on their voters, growing protests against TrumpCare and Trump, one question somebody needs to ask Trump, beware the ides of Trump, White House walking back on Trump’s pernicious claims of President Obama wiretapping the minority-elect President, questions as to why Trump is trash-talking our democracy, Democrats retool communications to battle Trump, Trump’s growing conflicts of interest, someone was foolish enough to give Kellyanne Conway a microphone again to defend Trump’s fraudulent wiretap claims – along with more tidbits from two of his other stooges, Trump’s thirst for more Middle Eastern bloodshed grows and more.

Poll: Trump’s approval rating dives following wiretap claims and Trumpcare article from AOL News. –

Trump’s season of fear: inside the devastation left by immigration raids article from the Guardian. –

Donald Trump is a pathological liar working to undermine US democracy, says Bernie Sanders article from the Independent on Yahoo! News. –

“Bernie Sanders has launched a scathing attack on Donald Trump, who he described as a “pathological liar” with authoritarian ambitions.

Speaking to The Guardian, Mr Sanders, who challenged Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination last year, said he believed Mr Trump’s lies were an attempt on the President’s part to “undermine the foundations of American democracy.”

The Vermont senator pointed to Mr Trump’s unsubstantiated claims about mass voter fraud in US elections and his dismissal of District Judge James L Robart as a “so-called judge”, after he temporarily blocked the President’s ban on travellers from Muslim-majority nations from entering the United States.

The President has also recently accused Barack Obama of wire-tapping Trump Tower, without producing any evidence to substantiate this claim…”

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