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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 331

Forever known Trump from Pinterest

Chronicling the misadventures of our forever Impeached minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Today’s misadventures of our forever Impeached malignant minority-elect president* begins with the astronomical price we’re going to pay for his profound corruption and endless stupidity and how it’s going to come back and bite him bigly, constantly trying to spin his massive, corrupt failures as successes is making him look even more corrupt and ignorant, Donnie’s criminal presidency is going to catch up to him, the media is enabling Trump’s lies to rewrite his failed history as president* with total impunity – but as with everything else he does, it too will fail miserably, why he should face charges for his criminally negligent response to the coronavirus pandemic and so much more.

Trump gives us the worst of both worlds: A ruined economy and a soaring death rate article from Salon News.

How Trump’s profound corruption and ignorance are going to destroy many of his supporters – albeit the rest of us in the majority too – and will not regain the economy he inherited from his predecessor which has tanked thanks to him, the price is going to be astronomical in more ways than one, and it’s going to cost him big time.

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Trump slump looking like garbage dump article from The Daily Kos.

It’s hard to believe that each passing day brings yet more news of Donnie’s endless corruption and stupidity, yet he proves repeatedly that we are wrong – there is no bottom to the dystopian delusions of our forever impeached illegitimate president* and that it’s only going to get worse:

Trump’s Wuhan Lab Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory Is Bogus, According to, Uh, Everyone article from Vice News.

The conspiracy theory created by Trump and the idiots he surrounds himself with to blame China for the massively fucked up wet dream that is his coronavirus pandemic response is also failing miserably.

Through Creative Accounting, Trump Tries to Cast America’s Death Toll as an Achievement article from The Intercept.

You never know what kind of lies and bull shit will spew from the Donald’s delusional little brain, but you can be sure that the lies will never stop, especially as he tries spinning a rapidly growing death rate from his failed coronavirus pandemic response as a victory:

IN A WEEK where the number of Americans killed by Covid-19 passed 66,000, Donald Trump assured us that this death toll, looked at from the right angle, is really proof of how great he is at his job.

Asked on Thursday to account for his son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner’s description of the federal government’s chaotic response to the coronavirus pandemic as “a great success story” that “needs to be told,” the president said that he agreed. “We’ve solved every problem,” he claimed. “We solved it quickly.”

“I don’t think anybody has done a better job — with testing, with ventilators, with all of the things that we’ve done,” Trump added. “And our death totals, our numbers per million people, are really very, very strong. We’re very proud of the job we’ve done.”…”

Trump parrots fake tv doctors, says Americans need to go to work or people will do drugs and die article from The Daily Kos.

The delusions in Trump’s addled brain are going to end up killing tens of thousands of people – which could be considered akin to genocide given his catastrophic failed response to the pandemic – and the day will come that he needs to be held accountable for his criminal actions once he’s voted out this November:

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