Trump reviving the swamp he promised to drain with bigger rats

America’s Trumpocracy is shaping up to be far more corrupt than the past 16 years have been. Instead of dredging the swamp he promised to drain Trump is taking it to new depths and filling it with bigger rats.

2016 will go down in history as being one of the most despicable presidential elections in history when a minority of Americans – with help from a fraudulent, easily manipulated ‘election’ system – decided to put a perverted fraudulent con artist who lies about everything in charge of their lives because they were sick and tired of a Neocon war hawk with an extensive history of war crimes in several Middle Eastern provinces that sold herself out to Wall Street and the U.S. Military-Industrial complex and specialized in lies and deception while being in bed with the U.S. “Justice” Department to make sure she stayed out of jail that represented everything that is wrong with this country.

The minority election of a perverted pussy grabbing president with a well-documented history of ignorance, racism, homophobia, misogyny and xenophobia that pathologically lies about everything in collusion with the alt-right movement – despite exit poll discrepancies indicative of massive voter suppression and apparent rigging of electronic voting machines – will not bode well for the fools that got him there and the majority of those of us that didn’t. Despite the miscalculated assumption – and more than 2.8 million popular votes so far – Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton, resulting in a multitude of riots in protest. Despite Trump’s dubious assertion that he won by a landslide, he won by one of the lowest margins – 44th out of the last 54 elections – and he has absolutely no mandate at all from the majority of the American people.

Donald Trump has spent a lifetime bending or breaking the law and getting away with it – but he is not Presidential material. It was originally believed that having Trump as her opponent would virtually guarantee Clinton the election, but obviously our political pollsters and pundits were wrong. Despite the fraudulent promises of making America great again, Trump is appointing corrupt billionaires to his cabinet that have no interest in doing anything but making themselves richer at America’s expense.

Trump hasn’t even taken office yet and he’s already well on the way to being the most corrupt President in history and America’s mainstream corporate media – as with our two previous presidents – has been complicit in carrying out a deceptive, dangerous rebranding of Trump and his cohorts and everything they represent. Rebranding racism, homophobia, misogyny and the rest of Trump’s authoritarian beliefs and views as being normal and okay is despicable and needs to be recognized for what it is. Given that 6 companies own 90 percent of America’s corporate media, it’s unsurprising that Trumps fraudulent, sometimes criminal and morally reprehensible past and what it stands for is rarely mentioned.


Trump lied about being the champion of the working people and is working diligently to destroy every safety net, including Social Security and Medicare to further enrich himself and his crooked cohorts. The administration Trump is putting together is a gathering of some of the worst possible people that represent everything the fools that voted for Trump resent. The fact that Wall Street and corporatists are delighted by Trump’s appointments reveals all you need to know.

You can tell a lot about an incoming President’s legacy and future by looking at those they appoint to their cabinet. The fact that Trump’s entire foreign policy team is made of criminals that supported the worst of the George W. Bush cabal’s illegal practices is quite revealing. With the likes of John Bolton, Betsy DeVos, Pete Hoekstra and Gen. Michael Flynn to name a few it’s blatantly obvious that Donald Trump is going to set this country back a century with racism and discrimination. Add profoundly corrupt morons like Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie and a host of other right-wing whack jobs and it’s clearly evident that this country is totally screwed as Trump will now be in charge of both houses of Congress, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, Homeland Security, the Supreme Court and U.S. nuclear codes.

Trump’s choice of retired Lt. General Michael J. Flynn — a man who facilitated the murder of civilians in Afghanistan — as his National Security Adviser reveals that the direction of our fraudulent ‘War on Terror’ isn’t going to change anytime soon. Flynn has serious issues with denouncing Islam as a ‘cancer’ and manifesting his dubious embrace of Islamophobia who routinely devised majorly flawed methodology to kill supposed Taliban that royally pissed off much of Afghan towards Americans. During his illustrious career Flynn was rewarded for committing serious offenses against Afghans and the interest of all Americans that should have resulted in arrest and serious jail time if not Capital punishment.

Nominating former Goldman Sachs Inc. executive Steven Mnuchin – a man who not only sold complex derivatives that caused the economic meltdown in 2008 then turned around and bought out a fraudulent subprime leader to carry out illegal foreclosures, in mainly poor minority neighborhoods – to be his Treasury secretary indicates that Trump lied about ridding us of the stench of Wall Street corruption in Washington and that the usual quid pro quo destruction of those that elected him will continue unabated. Trump’s appointments so far are all corrupt, ignorant, greedy sleaze balls that bask in corporatism or militarism that specialize in racism and class cruelty that will take this country backwards.


Appointing Steve Bannon as ‘Chief Strategist to the President’ offers undeniable evidence that Trump is catering to the alt-right. Bannon, former editor of Breitbart – a publication which caters to the alt-right and promotes white nationalist, white supremacist ideologies and conspiracy theories – enables Trump to push white ethno-nationalism as a legitimate response to political correctness and expand on his xenophobia. Trump named Reince Priebus – former Chairman of the Republican Party who stood by Trump during the primaries – as his White House chief of staff making him his top aide in the White House. For being rewarded Priebus has tried deflecting attention from Bannon’s racially charged past endeavors as Breitbart’s editor.

Many of those considered for key positions in the upcoming Trump administration are all staunch, corrupt Neocons who fraudulently lied us to the War with Iraq that Trump alleges he didn’t support so it’s pretty obvious that America’s disastrous war crimes in the Middle East will continue growing unabated. By accepting Trump’s egregious political appointments as normal and ignoring the damage that will be done once Trump takes office, America’s establishment media is enabling, as noted by Common Dreams, the pinheads of society to let their racist, misogynistic, anti-Semitic and Islamophobic freak flags fly.

Other trials and tribulations of the upcoming minority president-elect’s administration include massive amounts of the most blatant conflicts of interest in history. Trump’s unprecedented secrecy coupled with his extensive business dealings in foreign countries raise serious questions. Trump has close ties to global financiers, foreign politicians, mob bosses and a host of other criminals that need to be addressed. There are also numerous questions about Trump’s tax returns that need to be answered. As his fraudulent past and his recent actions have shown, Trump will invariably use our government to benefit himself and his corporate empire.

Trump can attribute a lot of his success to his manipulation of social media, snookering masses of the population that is gullible enough to worship ignorance anonymously. Allowing psychopathic twits to tweet their vitriolic lies to try deflecting attention away from their malfeasance is unacceptable and needs to be recognized for what it is. Trump tweets lie after lie after lie and should be held accountable, and possibly have his Twitter account shut down or recognized as the promulgator of propaganda that it is.


Trump is a lot of things but he is not presidential material and his presidency could quickly escalate into a bigger cluster you-know-what than George W. Bush created after his appointment to office in 2000. Looking at the current appointments and the host of others Trump is thinking about appointing, it’s blatantly obvious that Trump has no intention of draining the swamp as he claimed, only moving in and taking it over. By manipulating and rigging the elections with a new puppet which easily conned an ignorant minority electorate, America’s government will soon be in dangerous hands. To prevent the fraud and corruption of Trumpism from turning into the barbarism it really is we need to focus more on Trump’s actions and the criminals he’s appointing, not the fallacious promises and lies he spoke during the primaries.

Once Trump start going back on his promises and tries to eviscerate Social Security and Medicare, cuts taxes for his wealthy cronies while stealing more of our money there are going to be a lot of Trump supporters in the cross hairs. If the administration Trump is choosing is any indication, the majority that didn’t vote for a psychopathic wannabe dictator will need to keep an eye on Washington to prevent the continued destruction of everyone below the 1% and make sure the resistance grows.

With the election of our minority president-elect and control of the U.S. Congress completely in the hands of Republicans, it’s practically a given that the catastrophic outcome will result in the attempted evisceration of Social Security and Medicare, along with the destruction of civil rights, civil liberties, environmental protections and climate change, consumer protections, reproductive rights, rights involving gays, workers, prisoners and immigrants, aid to the poor and elderly, gun control public education and a myriad of other things.

Those who supported Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton need to be ready to stand up to the alt-right administration Trump is appointing to finish off the destruction of the minority masses of morons that voted for him and the majority of us that did not. As noted by Ted Rall, do not be fooled by what the media is attempting to present as a smooth transition of power. Based on the criminals Trump has appointed so far, everything is not going to be all right. Trump’s psychopathic fascism will come bubbling up courtesy of those he is appointing and the worst is yet to come. The Trump cabal will be the gift that keeps on giving. Buckle up boys and girls. It’s gonna be a rough ride.

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