A Sanders Supporter’s Presidential Primary Conundrum

In the modern world where America’s corporate media proudly serves as the mouthpiece for our corrupted political governance without question – often void of fact – it’s no surprise having two presumptive Presidential nominees facing criminal charges and jail time, yet still in the running. Campaign 2016 is turning out to be quite a freak show and has shown us once again just how corrupt and lopsided our political system is. On the Republican side you have a candidate facing Fraud and RICO charges and on the Democratic side you have a woman who is being protected by people in high places despite blatantly obstructing Justice, breaking numerous Federal laws, committing heinous War crimes in Libya, Honduras, Ukraine and a few other countries, acting negligently in a federal investigation while destroying and withholding evidence to avoid accountability, yet unsurprisingly, currently not facing charges.

As a Bernie Sanders supporter I have many issues with putting Hillary Clinton in the White House since the last Clinton presidency helped create the cluster you-know-what that has become politics as usual for which the American people have already paid a heavy price and her malfeasance and lies over her email scandal disqualify her. Despite President Obama’s perfidious claim that Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is “the right person for the job,” there are a multitude of reasons one could easily argue. Yes, it’s wonderful that Hillary Clinton made history — albeit arguably for all the wrong reasons — but letting that overshadow her dubious past in politics, her egregious human rights abuses in the Arab world, her instigation of more than one illegal regime change in various parts of the world, her current scandals from her secretive, morally corrupt tenure as Secretary of State and her servitude to Wall Street is unacceptable.

This year’s presidential primary has made the U.S. the laughing stock of the world. Forcing Americans to choose between a psychopath on the Republican ticket and a Neocon Sycophantic Wall Street hack who loves engaging in endless, profitable Wars — a racket which Hillary Clinton has enabled repeatedly — on the Democratic ticket won’t bode well for Americans or the rest of the world. Trump is facing fraud and RICO charges and Clinton’s email troubles will grow now that WikiLeaks has published enough evidence to indict Hillary Clinton. Both need to be held accountable for their actions but if Hillary isn’t indicted, it offers yet more proof of how corrupt our “Justice” system really is. When you get away with breaking laws because of who you are as opposed to what you’ve done, you no longer have the rule of law as was made clear by the FBI’s decision not to prosecute Clinton, which came as no surprise since FBI Director James Comey has been covering up crimes committed by the Clinton’s for decades. It’s remarkable how Washington is interested in punishing secrecy violations until it involves Hillary Clinton.

Like many in California, where the two-party political system lost more credibility and 2.3 million ballots remain uncounted, I voted for Bernie Sanders. I would never vote for #TrumptheFraud, but whether or not I vote for Hillary Clinton this November remains to be seen. #TrumptheFraud is the biggest gift the GOP has given us in quite a while, but when the co-founder of the Project For A New American Century (PNAC) – the Neoconservative group that wrote the blueprints for the 9/11 attacks, some of whose founders and members ended up playing major roles in the George W. Bush cabal’s illegal invasion of Iraq — fully endorses Hillary Clinton it speaks volumes about her warmongering ways and what her administration will entail.


The Democratic Presidential primary hasn’t received the attention given to Donald Trump’s freakish political theater, but whenever corporate media reported on it, Hillary Clinton was pushed as the potential nominee and one got the feeling that America will have to choose between the lesser of two evils as their president. Ignoring the truth about Hillary’s lead over Bernie Sanders due to alleged super delegates which pervert the Democratic primary and the egregious disenfranchisement of voters in more than a few states, her past and her ties to Wall Street coupled with all the war crimes committed during her illustrious career could result in causing quite a conundrum for the Democratic leadership.

For months it seemed Hillary Clinton colluded with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to make sure she – the establishment contender – won the nomination despite the overwhelming support garnered by Senator Bernie Sanders (Ind – Vermont) because Democrats know that Clinton is owned by Wall Street and the rest of their corporate masters and will continue business as usual in Washington. Our cozen corporate media gives Clinton passes on many of her past illegal aggression while trying to portray Sanders as a Socialist who can’t lead America because Sanders isn’t owned by the criminal cabal that controls Washington. Despite the questionable tactics used by the DNC to make sure she wins the nomination, the longer the primary goes the less popular she becomes.

Those running the Democratic Party have gone out of their way to stack the deck in Clinton’s favor mistakenly hoping that Sanders supporters will support the career criminal candidate they want to take on Donald Trump and the GOP. Forcing the people to vote for the lesser of two evils will not bode well for America and offers yet more evidence that our two-party political system is incorrigibly corrupt and broken. Trump — who has filed bankruptcy 4 times to avoid paying large amounts of debts — is a psychopath who, as noted by Michael Krieger, has no regard for civil liberties, is extraordinarily divisive and displays obviously authoritarian tendencies. Despite his endless bloviated bullshit, Trump is nothing but a fraud. Clinton has a long sordid history that justifies the ire of Sanders supporters and trepidation felt by many Democrats who see through the propaganda and fallacies of trying to justify another Clinton for president.

Republicans are trying to rid themselves of Trump’s putrid past because he is toxic and because Hillary Clinton oftentimes acts as one of them. In too many ways Republicans and Democrats are a lot alike, but there is no doubt that Clinton is joined at the hip with Wall Street and beholden to her corrupt corporate masters. The fact that Hillary would put her husband – the same person that gutted the Glass-Steagall act enabling rampant Wall Street fraud – in charge of America’s financial policy speaks volumes of how corrupt and delusional Hillary Clinton truly is. Clinton, like the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, epitomizes the criminality of the ruling elite.


There are a multitude of things to consider when it comes to choosing between Sanders and Clinton, whose record in politics, aligned largely in part with GOP potential nominee Trump, speaks for itself. Clinton has played major roles in enabling Wall Street’s rampant fraud, destroying “welfare,” expanding mass incarceration and selling out Americans for greedy businesses which commit crimes routinely while abusing and exploiting their workers. Despite her claims, Clinton is no champion of women’s rights. Calling black children “super predators” and referring to welfare recipients as “dead beats” while routinely accusing Palestinians of teaching their children to hate and aligning herself with Israel’s right-wing, Holocaust revisionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – whose demagoguery is just as bad if not worse than Trump’s – while comparing Russian President Vladimir Putin to Adolph Hitler and lying about the Iranian “threat” speaks volumes as to how another Clinton presidency will bode for Americans.

It is comical watching Clinton accusing Trump of being a warmonger when her track record has produced enough evidence to convict her as one of the largest war criminals in recent times. In fact, a recently released email revealed that Clinton wants to attack Syria on Israel’s behalf. Clinton has colluded with the CIA to overthrow Libya and Syria and falsely accused Russia of trying to resurrect the Soviet Union while dubiously trying to compare Russian President Vladimir Putin to Adolph Hitler. Clinton has close ties to several dictators and Tyrants who cultivate terrorism, and has made much of her fortune providing them with weapons. Trump’s a blithering idiot but he doesn’t have the blood on his hands that Clinton does. Having to choose between either one is an abject choice that reveals just how corrupt our so-called Democracy has become.

Having access to tens of thousands strictly confidential information and state documents from every corner of the government, including the White House during her 4 year tenure as Secretary of State gave Clinton unfettered access to secret information she used to control U.S. foreign policy which certainly offers a lot of motive for keeping everything she did secret while trying to scrub a lot of blood off her hands for crimes committed all over the globe under the alleged shroud of Democracy. In addition to the OIG, the FBI purportedly investigated the nature of her activities which may have violated National Security. Destroying evidence to cover up your actions and lying to government officials is criminal and offers yet more insight into the type of administration a potentially traitorous President that endangered National Security candidate would have.

When it comes to foreign policy and Trade, Clinton is further to the right than Donald Trump. Instead of banning Muslims, Clinton would rather bomb them as proven by all the blood already on Clinton’s hands. Clinton has shown herself to be a Neocon War Hawk whose fingerprints are all over the numerous, illegal regime changes that helped fuel the rise of ISIS. As Secretary of State, Clinton played a major role in providing weapons to her Middle Eastern tyrant donors – profiting greatly through the Clinton Foundation – and her role in the U.S. destruction of multiple Middle Eastern countries, her role in Washington’s egregious regime change in Ukraine, and now her intention to attack Syria for Israel leave little room for doubt as to what another warmongering Clinton presidency would be like.


Clinton wants us to be scared of Donald Trump, but having another Neoconservative/Neoliberal President in the White House – especially after we’ve already had her husband there – spreading more of their devastating propaganda and delusional foreign and “free trade” policies would wreak havoc on much of the world, including the U.S. One major problem with Hillary is the fact that her actions don’t match her rhetoric, especially when it comes to War and Wall Street. The Clinton’s have been attached to Goldman-Sachs since the 1990’s. Toss in voter disenfranchisement in several states and not being indicted in an ongoing criminal case and it becomes increasingly clear that voters are being screwed in droves during this year’s Presidential primaries and corporations will continue prospering at our expense.

There are still a few months before the Presidential elections, but it seems the race to manipulate the presidential primary are at play as false accusations of rape by Trump will probably be used by the GOP to try and remove their presumptive nominee despite overwhelming support from his loony followers and revelations of a secret meeting between the U.S. Attorney General and former President Bill Clinton aboard a private jet just a few days ahead of Comey’s dubious decision to dismiss charges against his wife has led to speculation that Americans are being played. Having to choose between Clinton and Trump is difficult because it is almost impossible to determine which one would be worse. With Clinton in charge America’s foreign policy would stay on course to continue devastating the world while trying to dominate it and helping the U.S. Military-Industrial Complex continue raking in billions of taxpayer dollars for their ongoing genocide. As a Sanders supporter it’s going to take a little more to convince me to vote for Clinton to achieve ‘lesser evil’ unity.

Clinton being elected would also ensure that the propaganda demonizing Palestinians, China, Iran and Russia will continue unabated. Having #TrumptheFraud in charge would be entertaining but extremely dangerous since no one knows what his ignorance could lead to. #TrumptheFraud’s positions on U.S. foreign policy and Israel are constantly changing, depending on which lie he forgot he told. Trump is currently paying himself through his campaign which speaks volumes as to how his administration would be. Like #TrumptheFraud, Hillary Clinton tries to frame herself positively so she conveniently omits pertinent facts — as she did in her memoir for example — and she has no qualms lying or conveniently forgetting her role in the cesspool of Washington’s political corruption.

Despite the perfidious claims by the “experts” and pundits to Bernie Sanders supporters that we need to back Clinton and defeat #TrumptheFraud – who appears to be doing a great job himself of imploding – I have yet to see a reason why I should. Bernie should seriously consider running as a third party candidate. Clinton and Trump should not be allowed to run, yet alone become the President. Bernie Sanders may not be a saint, but he stands for what he believes in and for We the People, not corporations like Clinton and Trump. Remaining silent and staying home is not an option. I, and hopefully everyone else, will vote this November but Democrats will fare much better when they listen to the issues Bernie Sanders supporters have and the political theater charades and bullshit end.

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