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More Of Cheney’s Role In Torture Revealed

Reported  similarities to what appears to be collusion between former Vice President Dick Cheney and the CIA over Cheney’s role in briefing key members of Congress about the Bush administration’s use of controversial interrogation methods (torture) — which comes while Cheney is busily conducting his revisionistic media tour to mend his recent bloviations over the success of said controversial interrogation methods — revealed that Cheney oversaw at least four of those briefings and mounted a secretive and forceful defense throughout 2005 with the intent of maintaining support for torturing ‘suspected terrorists.’

It appears that Cheney still has some strong ties to the CIA. The CIA never made any mention of this on the list of 40 members of Congress who were allegedly briefed about the use of torture. Once again, the CIA has been caught in another lie. Many are still unaware of how deceptive and conniving the CIA has been for the past several decades or their history of committing crimes against U.S. citizens.

Apparently Cheney led the briefings when Congressional oversight committees were threatening to investigate or terminate the enhanced interrogation techniques. Throughout the torture debate, Cheney’s hands-on role in trying to entice Congressional support has never been mentioned. With the revelations of the CIA’s collusion with Cheney comes the realization that an investigation into Cheney’s existing governmental ties is also needed.

According to the Washington Post, Cheney’s briefing sessions with lawmakers appeared calculated to give additional heft to the CIA’s case for maintaining the torture while mounting an impassioned defense of the torture program. Cheney’s attempts to sway Congressional support included sending David S. Addington to Guantanamo Bay with key Republican Senators, including McCain and Graham. More information is available in the article from The Washington Post.

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