Daily Archives: March 25, 2009

If You Can’t Find A Terrorist, Create One

A recent report, originally reported on by Alex Jones from Prison Planet, entitled “The Modern Militia Movement” was distributed by the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) that describes supporters of Presidential candidates Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin and Bob Barr as ‘militia’ influenced terrorists and instructs the Missouri police to keep an eye out for supporters displaying bumper stickers and other miscellaneous items associated with the Constitutional, Campaign for Liberty and Libertarian parties.

The report, sent to Jones by an anonymous Missouri police officer, offers more evidence of the illegal suppression of peaceful political dissenters and more evidence of the fraudulent nature of the “war on terror.” If you don’t agree with the dissimulative dictatorship illegally created by former President Bush, you’re automatically labeled a terrorist or a criminal.

An article by Vicki Crawford from The Naples Daily News notes many other ways you can probably get yourself labeled a terrorist by the U.S. Government.

If you’re against the New World Order, the North American Union, abortion, illegal immigration, gun control, paying your taxes, or against Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and universal service programs you’re probably a terrorist, unless of course, you’re a member of the Presidential cabinet or, in most cases, a Congressional representative, in which case you’re excused.

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