Daily Archives: March 18, 2009

Cozen News Network Catered Cheney Propaganda

CNN, the cozen news network, interviewed former Vice President Dick Cheney who did all he could to instill his usual fear-mongering fallacies we’ve all grown to despise and loathe the past eight years while badmouthing the Obama administration.

One reason Cheney may be making the rounds is because of renewed calls for a probe of Bush administration policies. The cozen news network, in their typical lapdog fashion, accepted Cheney’s diarrhetic rhetoric — intended to justify and rewrite his malfeasance — without question.

CNN is one perfect example of why media is failing and going bankrupt. Instead of reporting actual factual news, they willingly spread propaganda while repeatedly trying to rewrite the illicit history of the most corrupt, never-elected presidential administration with libelous ‘interviews’ while trying to stir up more political controversy — a neverending propaganda parade and misinformation campaign.

During his recent interview on CNN’s State of the Union, host John King, as noted by Media Matters, asked Cheney several leading questions, most of which were premised on conservative or Republican talking points that provided Cheney ample opportunities to attack President Obama.

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