Daily Archives: March 26, 2008

Perilous Presidential Politics and Lies

On the 5 year anniversary of the occupation of Iraq he deemed as ‘worth it,’ President Bush gave a 26-minute speech in which he brought up al-Qaida 14 times while trying to make the public believe that if America stops fighting in Iraq, new attacks could be made at home by bin Laden’s terror network — using the usual fear tactics we’ve all grown to know, see through and despise.

The Associated Press (AP) decided to do a fact-check on a couple points brought up in the speech and found that once again, there were discrepancies between the spin coming out of Bush’s mouth and the truth. The New York Times (NYT) says the mission is still not accomplished. As usual, the president lied.

For years the Bush administration has tried to link al-Qaida and Iraq to the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. Despite the fact that even the Bush administration admits that Saddam Hussein had no involvement with al-Qaida and the fact that al-Qaida wasn’t in Iraq until we occupied it, Vice President Cheney and President Bush continue lying about it while Republican Presidential Candidate Senator John McCain — who, as noted by Democratic Presidential Candidate Senator Barack Obama, is running to fill Bush’s third term — continues to blow their horns.

The AP debunked the spin from the president regarding “the terrorists who murder the innocent in the streets of Baghdad” that “want to murder the innocent in the streets of America,” and the spin about the “Arab uprising.” Bush refers to 90,000 so-called Sons of Iraq alleged to be part of the “Arab uprising” who are paid by the United States to ‘fight terrorists’ — paid to not shoot at U.S. troops.

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