Daily Archives: March 2, 2008

Lawlessness Under The Guise of Democracy

There is a very significant battle going on right now in Washington that involves every American. President Bush has continually used fear tactics and smear campaigns trying to force Congress into passing a law that rewards lawlessness. Since the Bush administration was appointed to the presidency, lawlessness, secrecy and lies have chipped away at the integrity of this great nation. In typical fashion, the ‘justice department’ continues to help the president do whatever he feels like doing regardless of any law or the consequences.

Ever since the Protect America Act (PAA) expired this past month — which was hastily approved the last time the president used terror tactics, threats and lies to coerce Congress into passing it this past summer — the president and his administration have been spreading more manure to help further his illicit ways on an almost daily basis. The president could have prevented letting the PAA expire, but instead decided to veto it.

The PAA is illicit legislation designed to protect the telecoms and screw the American public.

It’s unknown if Congress will give in and help the president break even more laws, but you have to give Congress some credit for the good job they’ve done of standing up to the president’s lawlessness and trying to re-establish order.

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