Daily Archives: November 28, 2007

TSA Complaints On The Rise

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that complaints regarding Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening at airports have risen over the past several months — but the reason for the increase in complaints depends on who you ask.

The TSA says the increase has occurred because they weren’t counting all the complaints before. Until May this year, the TSA was losing customer complaints and under-reporting traveler gripes. To some travelers, security screening at the nation’s airports remains as big a hassle as ever, and screeners are even grumpier nowadays, which could obviously lead to an increase in complaints.

Recent totals of complaints regarding TSA service (not including reports about damaged luggage) supports the theory that the TSA did have a hard time keeping up with big crowds this past summer.

In the first five months of this year, complaints to the TSA about security courtesy were down. September of this year, the most recent month reported by the government, saw a 71.4% increase in TSA complaints.

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