Daily Archives: November 16, 2007

TSA List Woes Grow And Visa Games

Labeling tens of thousands of people who have been incorrectly deemed guilty until proven innocent because they happen to have the same name as “a suspected terrorist” and putting them on a No-Fly List that’s currently impossible to get off of isn’t enough for the Bush Administration…they also like to label critics of the Iraq war as terrorists. I thought McCarthyism died in the 1940’s.

Colorado’s 9News is reporting on more victims of The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) No-Fly List and how ineffective it is. Retired Major General Vernon Lewis, Jr., who served in two wars, was a Brigade Commander and still holds top-secret clearance keeps getting confused with a terrorist by the TSA.

After serving the U.S. Army for more than 30 years during Vietnam and Korea, being decorated four times for valor and receiving the Army’s highest medal for service — the Distinguished Service Medal — Lewis is understandably upset about being treated like a terrorist.

Three years ago Lewis started getting delayed at airports because he shares a name with a terrorist on the TSA No-Fly List, being delayed more than 40 times. Every time he’s delayed he has to stand in line and check in with an airline attendant who takes his drivers license and determines he’s not a terrorist.

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