Daily Archives: August 14, 2007

Mattel Issues 2nd Toy Recall

For the second time this month, Mattel announced a recall of almost 9 million toys made in China due to danger from loose magnets that children could swallow or toys with lead paint hazards.

Almost 2 weeks ago, Mattel recalled 1.5 million toys made in China due to lead paint hazards.

Recalled products include:

About 345,000 Batman and One Piece magnetic action figure sets,
About 253,000 Sarge die cast toy cars,
About 683,000 Barber and Tanner play sets,
About 1 million Doggie Day Care play sets and
About 7.3 million Various Polly Pocket dolls and accessories with magnets (about 2.4 million play sets were recalled on November 21, 2006).

Mattel is intentionally recalling the large number of toys in attempts to prevent any injuries from occuring. Mattel instructed retailers to pull these toys from their shelves, made a production change, and is offering replacement products. To Mattels credit, they discovered the latest problems while investigating toys recalled earlier this month.

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