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Bill’s Links updates 10.02.16

Added 5 links to Online Resources for Seniors

Added 2 links to Job Search Links

Added 8 links to Links to Links and More

Added 19 links to Medical Help and Info Links

Added 3 links to Spyware Help Links

Added 1 links to Tax Help and Info Links

Activated Windows Help Links with 11 links (many more to come soon)

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Bill’s Links Updates 3.8.15

Updated Medical Help and Info Links:

Top Medical Assistant Schools – a site dedicated to helping students in their journey to the medical assisting field – http://www.topmedicalassistantschools.com/

Mesothelioma Group – A community that provides up-to-date cancer support for mesothelioma patients and family members – http://www.mesotheliomagroup.com/

Updated Web Design Help Links:

On Blast Blog – How to start a blog – the step by step guide. Help and resources on starting your own blog – http://www.onblastblog.com/

Added Tax Help and Info Links page to Bill’s Links

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Bill’s Links Updates 1.5.15


Gigajob job portals – (from the site) the right choice for you international job search – local sites in more than 100 countries and many different languages – https://www.gigajob.com/


Senior Resources from American Advisors Group (AAG) – resources and links to useful information for Senior Citizens – https://www.aag.com/senior-resources

Mesothelioma Prognosis Network – helping families find hope – lots of support and information for Mesothelioma (a rare cancer that affects protective membranes surrounding lungs, heart and abdominal cavity mainly caused by asbestos exposure) survivors and their families – https://www.mesotheliomaprognosis.com/

Parkinson’s Fact Sheets – information, tips and much more on Parkinson’s Disease written by physicians and people with the disease from Parkinson’s Disease Foundation – http://www.pdf.org/en/factsheets

Risk Factors, Treatment and Medicare Coverage of Parkinson’s Disease article from Plan Prescriber Blog – http://blog.planprescriber.com/2014/10/10/parkinsons-disease-medicare-coverage/

An Overview of Parkinson’s Disease from National Institutes of Health Senior Health – http://nihseniorhealth.gov/parkinsonsdisease/whatisparkinsonsdisease/01.html

Parkinson’s Disease Information Page from National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke – http://www.ninds.nih.gov/disorders/parkinsons_disease/parkinsons_disease.htm

Screening and Treatment for Depression, Dementia and Psychosis with Parkinson’s Disease information (PDF) from American Academy of Neurology – http://tools.aan.com/professionals/practice/guidelines/Screening_Depression_PD_Sum.pdf

Disability Modification for the Home: Cost Guide from Home Advisor – http://www.homeadvisor.com/cost/disability-accommodation/

Driving When You have Parkinson’s Disease from the US Department of Transportation – http://www.nhtsa.gov/people/injury/olddrive/Parkinsons%20Web/

Common Nutritional Concerns for People with Parkinson’s Disease information from National Parkinson Foundation – http://www.parkinson.org/Parkinson-s-Disease/Living-Well/Nutrition/What-are-some-common-nutritional-concerns-for-peop

The Guide to Keeping Your Home Through Debilitating Disease from Mortgage Calculator – http://www.mortgagecalculator.org/helpful-advice/keeping-your-home.php

Elder Impact – Empowering seniors against ageism by making handy the information they need to keep controlling their own lives – http://elderimpact.org/

Seniors’ Health: Resource Library from the National Library of Medicine – http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/seniorshealth.html

22 Senior Health Risk Calculators for Healthy Aging information from Calculators.org – http://www.calculators.org/health/aging.php

Memory and Mental Health information from National Institute of Health Senior Health – https://nihseniorhealth.gov/category/memoryandmentalhealth.html

Mental and Behavioral Health and Older Americans from American Psychological Association – http://www.apa.org/about/gr/issues/aging/mental-health.aspx

The Guide to Overcoming Holiday Depression for the Elderly and their Caretakers from American Medical Resource Institute – https://www.aclsonline.us/articles/the-guide-to-overcoming-holiday-depression-for-the-elderly-and-their-caretakers/

Caring for an Aging Parent information from Washington State Department of Social and Health Services – http://www.altsa.dshs.wa.gov/caregiving/agingparent.htm

How to Deal with Your Aging Parents: A Caring Guide from Home Advisor – http://www.homeadvisor.com/article.show.How-To-Deal-With-Your-Aging-Parents-A-Caring-Guide.17149.html

Independent Living for Seniors information from Helpguide.org – http://www.helpguide.org/articles/senior-housing/independent-living-for-seniors.htm

Easing the Transition to Assisted Living information from Everyday Health – http://www.everydayhealth.com/senior-health/easing-the-transition-to-assisted-living-or-nursing-home.aspx

Medicare and Nursing Home Care information from Medicare Consumer Guide – http://www.medicareconsumerguide.com/medicare-nursing-homes

Depression is Not a Normal Part of Growing Older information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – http://www.cdc.gov/aging/mentalhealth/depression.htm

Elderly Depression and Care for the Elderly from A Place For Mom – http://www.aplaceformom.com/senior-care-resources/articles/elderly-depression

Addiction Prevention Guide for Seniors from New Beginnings – http://www.newbeginningsdrugrehab.org/guide-to-addiction-prevention-for-seniors/

Depression Treatment: Therapy, Medication and Lifestyle Changes from Help Guide – http://www.helpguide.org/articles/depression/depression-treatment.htm

Seniors’ Art Therapy blog – http://www.arttherapyblog.com/c/art-therapy-seniors/

Staying Healthy as a Senior information from USA.gov – http://www.usa.gov/Topics/Seniors/Health/Staying-Healthy.shtml

Brain Health information from the Alzheimer’s Association – http://www.alz.org/we_can_help_brain_health_maintain_your_brain.asp

Get Ready to Apply for Marketplace Health Care Insurance – how to apply and enroll for Health Insurance from HealthCare.gov – https://www.healthcare.gov/apply-and-enroll/get-ready-to-apply/

Open Enrollment Information Center from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services – http://www.cms.gov/Center/Special-Topic/Open-Enrollment-Center.html

Effects of Smoking on Your Health from BeTobaccoFree.gov – http://betobaccofree.hhs.gov/health-effects/smoking-health/

Smoking and Heart Attack Risk information from ACLS Training Center – https://www.acls.net/how-to-avoid-a-heart-attack.htm

Smoking and Cancer information and resources about cancer from Cancer Research UK – http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/cancer-info/healthyliving/smoking-and-cancer/smoking-and-cancer

Teens and Smoking information and resources from HealthyChildren.org – http://www.healthychildren.org/English/ages-stages/teen/substance-abuse/Pages/Teens-and-Smoking.aspx

Quitting Smoking for Seniors: Is It Too Late? article from Plan Prescriber Blog – http://blog.planprescriber.com/2014/07/02/quitting-smoking-seniors/

Quit Plan – Information and resources for quitting smoking from Smokefree.gov – http://smokefree.gov/quit-plan


Track me not browser extension for Chrome and Firefox from the New York University Dept. of Computer Science – http://www.cs.nyu.edu/trackmenot/index.html

EasySite.com – Learn how to create your own website using with no web coding knowledge needed. You can try their site builder free for 30 days and create a website – http://blog.easysite.com/

***** ADDED 1.11.13 *****

A step-by-step guide on starting a personal or business blog, including how to choose a blog name, set up your blogging software, and ideas for your first post from StartABlog123 – http://www.startablog123.com/

2CreateAWebsites Blog – Resources and information on creating a website using the best site builders on the web easily and quickly – http://www.2createawebsites.com/blogs/

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