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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 339

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Chronicling the misadventures of our forever Impeached minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Today’s misadventures of our forever Impeached malignant minority-elect president* begins with his growing desperation to find a way to steal the election in November because his criminal corruption and ignorance in handling the coronavirus pandemic – among a multitude of other crimes – is costing him bigly, Trump and his equally corrupt, illegitimate cabal need to be prosecuted for their crimes against humanity, how his desperation to stay in the White House – be it legally or illegally – is growing because of the prison time he’s looking at once he’s voted out, Donnie’s entire life is built on nothing but fraud and lies and his profound corruption and stupidity are going to come back and bite his big Orange ass big time and so much more.

Trump Is Flailing, and the Country Is Paying the Price article from The Nation.

How Trump is growing desperate to find a way to steal the election in November because his criminal corruption and ignorance in handling the coronavirus pandemic – among a multitude of other crimes, including terrorizing Americans in cities with his secret brown shirt police force – is costing him bigly.

Donald Trump’s suburban horror show article from Politico.

Because he’s dumber than a pet rock and doesn’t realize that terrorizing Americans and grossly mismanaging the coronavirus pandemic has buried him in a hole he’ll never get out of, Donald is making things terrible for himself and his beloved equally treasonous GOP.

Made-for-TV fascism: how Trump’s ‘crime explosion’ ploy could backfire article from The Guardian.

After earning the nickname Bunker Boy because protesters were near the White House, the Don is delusional enough to believe that trying to be strong and powerful by terrorizing Americans illegally makes him look presidential, but in reality it is doing him more harm than good:

The whole new list of Trump’s impeachable offenses: Post editorial chief details new crimes by the president article from The Raw Story.

Trump is the Treasonous gift that keeps on giving and the more desperate, corrupt and idiotic he becomes, the deeper he digs the hole he’ll never slither out of:

“President Donald Trump has already been impeached once, and it didn’t even include the ten examples of obstruction of justice during special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. But in just the past month, Washington Post editorial page editor Fred Hiatt outlined many, many more.

Writing Sunday, Hiatt walked through the Articles in the Constitution that Trump has violated in the past four weeks. He noted that in June, Trump decided that his ability to win in November depended on reopening the economy, even if it put Americans’ lives at risk. Meanwhile, the White House, Fox News and elected Republicans in the House and Senate waged a “bizarre campaign to discredit the nation’s top infectious-disease doctor, Anthony S. Fauci.” Even if Trump is demanding businesses all reopen, Trump has belittled testing, saying that it is the reason COVID-19 cases are so high.

“My month-old Article 2, abuse of law-enforcement powers, will have to be retopped, because the offenses I included a month ago pale beside the recent, reckless deployment of federal forces into U.S. cities for political purposes,” wrote Hiatt.

He cited Post reporter Ruth Marcus, who explained Trump’s actions attacking Portland, Oregon is “unconstitutional.” Sending federal agents in dressed as military members to throw protesters into unmarked vans so that Trump can get campaign footage is one charge…”

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 183rd Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt.

How Donnie’s criminal endeavors, illegal authoritarian cruelty and overall corrupt stupidity is once again wreaking havoc on his already failed presidency.

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