Daily Archives: May 1, 2010

Is Arizona’s Immigration Law a GOP Voter Suppression Tactic?

A recent immigration law passed by Arizona is allegedly aimed at cracking down on hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, but investigative reporter Greg Palast uncovered evidence suggesting that the racially-charged show-me-your-papers law is another Republican tactic aimed at suppressing Hispanic voters.

Politicians in Texas, Utah, Georgia, Ohio, Maryland, Colorado, North Carolina, and South Carolina want their states to adopt immigration laws similar to Arizona’s new law which doesn’t take affect for a few more months. But, that hasn’t stopped some of their law enforcement agencies from harassing some Arizona citizens now.

The media plays the story as a wave of racist, anti-immigration hysteria that made Arizona Republicans pass the racist law last week requiring every non-white person to carry papers proving their U.S. citizenship and claims of racial profiling are filling the air.

Racial profiling is nothing new. The Federal government has been doing it for years. For those claiming that the immigration law has nothing to do with racial profiling, an email — written by the writer of the bill, who has nothing to do with Arizona — reveals the intention of casting a wide net against Latinos and the racial intentions of the law.

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