Daily Archives: January 26, 2009

The Growing Absurdity Of The War On Terror

Tamera Jo Freeman was reportedly one of at least 208 passengers who have been convicted of felonies under the Patriot Act — a highly controversial, unconstitutional law forced upon the American public after 9/11 — often for behavior involving drunkenness, raised voices and profanity, allowing airlines to misuse the law according to some experts.

In 2007, Freeman was on a Frontier Airlines flight to Denver with her two children when they began fighting over the window shade, and ended up spilling a Bloody Mary into her lap. She spanked each child with three swats on the thigh. It was a small incident that ended up having ridiculously enormous ramifications for Freeman and her children.

When a flight attendant confronted Freeman, she responded by throwing what remained of a can of tomato juice from her drink on the floor and uttering a few profanities.

The incident on that Frontier flight ended up resulting in Freeman’s arrest and conviction for a federal felony defined as an act of terrorism under the Patriot Act. She spent three months in jail before pleading guilty in exchange for being released on probation.

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