Daily Archives: February 14, 2008

Misadventures Of Congressional Republicans

There may be hope for Democrats in Congress after all. Proof of the damage done by this presidential administration to both Congress and the Republican party after the past seven plus years of corporate controlled government became more evident today as House Republicans had a hissy fit and walked out — conveniently enough there was a stand with a microphone and reporters right on the steps in front of the building — in the middle of a session.

While the fear-mongering president continues to bellow and blow smoke up the publics’ collective butts, lying about the end of the world coming if the ‘Protect America Act’ expires and threatening worse attacks than the ones he allowed to happen on 9/11, Republicans reportedly put on a more brazen display of American fascism in Washington today.

Noted by Pensito Review:

“First, congressional Republicans put on a show by staging a walk-out to protest the fact that their corporate masters have been left unprotected from liability in the new FISA bill because they conspired with George Bush several years ago to violate federal wiretap laws and spy on Americans hundreds of times:

It’s political gamesmanship of the highest order.”

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