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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 114

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Plummeting popularity – almost to an all-time low – plaguing our minority-elect President for obvious reasons, Comey’s testimony could sink Trump’s presidency, Trump’s about to pay a price for his dubious fact-free tweets, support for Trump’s impeachment now higher than his approval rating, once again Trump is showing us that he’ll never be presidential, how the GOP – led by Trump and his enablers – is destroying America and warping reality, how Trump is digging himself a hole he’ll never be able to get out of, realizing that our illegitimate president longs to be a tyrant goes a long way towards being able to interpret his perfidious ignorance and lies and a lot more.

Poll: Trump’s approval rating plummets, inches closer to all-time low article from AOL News. –

It’s extremely hard to believe his unpopularity can go much lower…

It’s a TRAVEL BAN, According to the President article from The Independent Journal Review. –

Admitting his Muslim ban is a travel ban won’t bode well for our illegitimate, minority-elect President.

What James Comey Tells a Committee on Thursday Could Decide Whether Trump Survives His First Term article from AlterNet. –

Comey’s testimony – especially if Trump urged him to drop the investigation – will make or break our Liar-in-Chief.

What Trump Really Fears article from The Atlantic. –

All his chicanery and delusional dipshittery could seriously harm our incompetent leader:

“As the blast radius of the Russia investigation continues to expand, Donald Trump is facing an unnerving new reality: The fate of his presidency may now hinge on the motley, freewheeling crew of lieutenants and loyalists who have long populated his entourage.

Last week, a subpoena for Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, was approved as part of the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russia’s interference with the presidential election. With that, Cohen was added to a range of Trump allies who are reportedly entangled in the investigation—from outer-orbit figures like Roger Stone and Carter Page, to more visible senior advisers like Michael Flynn and Boris Epshteyn.

Sources close to the president say there is growing concern in the White House about what skeletons may emerge as investigators comb through a coterie of aides, past and present, who would have done virtually anything to win favor with Trump.

“My fear is that a bunch of people were freelancing—doing things not thinking about the repercussions, but thinking Trump would be so impressed by it,” said one person close to the president. He said that with all the resources the government is putting toward the investigation, “they’re going to want a return.” And in a climate like that, any misguided meeting, bluntly worded email, or undisclosed contact with a Russian official—whether or not Trump himself knew about it—could surface as an incriminating bombshell…”

Conway slams media for ‘obsession’ with Trump’s tweets article from Politico. –

It’s almost comical watching Conway slam the media when our dimwitted dip shit President makes it so easy…

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