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The Virulent GOP ‘Woke’ Virus

The Republican war on wokeness is simply their latest dog whistle to justify their delusional, unworkable ideological agendas and hide their crimes and ineptitude

Woke, defined screen grab from The Audacity of Woke from 89.3KPCC

The Republican Party’s (GOP) wore on wokeness and reality in multiple attempts to obfuscate facts and truth to ‘own the libs,’ and force minority rule on the massive majority that doesn’t support them is yet another reminder of how corrupt and ignorant they have become. Since their lackluster attempts at pushing their former twice-impeached, minority-elect president’s* fraudulent claims of voter fraud keep failing, the GOP is doing their damnedest to create other crises to justify their idiocy and criminal behavior, and, as usual, are failing miserably.

As noted by the Independent Institute, wokeism’s natural logic is to destroy the lives of people of both genders, of all races, and — if need be — those of every age, all to leverage an otherwise unworkable ideological agenda. It is nihilist and destroys everything it touches. The term ‘woke’ is attributed to Black nationalist and civil rights activist Marcus Garvey and began in 1923 when Black people started urging each other to stay woke to the dangers resulting from the Jim Crow style of racism and social injustice and to fight those evils, and it became more popular in music. That phrase gained traction with the Black Lives Matter movement which began growing exponentially due to the growing number of unarmed black people killed by the police.

Notice that in typical fashion, the miscreants leading the GOP keep claiming or blaming whatever their enemy of the day may be on someone or something being ‘woke’ to serve as cover for their racism, homophobia, and misogynistic attempts at suppressing free thought and everything else that makes most people realize how corrupt and stupid they truly are, as a generic way to justify the many depths of their ignorant depravity. Notice too that the GOP loves playing word games and using double-speak to try and justify their ignorance. They’re playing a game they can’t win, and unsurprisingly, their ignorance is quite astounding:

As noted by Jen Psaki, former White House Press Secretary for President Joe Biden, the GOP’s war on woke isn’t a potent campaign. The usual idiots like Trump and Florida governor Ron DeSantis keep complaining about ‘woke’ institutions and the ‘woke mind virus.’ But their problem is that they can’t fool the mass majority because to anyone with half a brain, ‘woke’ means being informed, educated and aware of social injustices,’ not being overly politically correct or moronic like those that keep trying to push it. Consequently, using scary verbiage – lies to deflect from their actions and crimes – to try and goad the public into believing that being ‘woke’ is an issue isn’t working.

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