Misadventures of a minority-elect President 345

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Chronicling the misadventures of our forever Impeached minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Today’s misadventures of our forever Impeached malignant minority-elect president* begins with why he and his equally treasonous enablers in his administration need to be held accountable for their crimes, Trump’s disgraceful – not to mention profoundly corrupt and ignorant – endgame, Treason, Tax Fraud and Obstruction of Justice are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to crimes Donnie has committed and he’s going to be very busy trying to stay out of prison once Biden is inaugurated, how and why our national embarrassment has become a worldwide joke, why the Don’s despotic delusions of grandeur are failing miserably, the list of crimes he needs to be investigated for once he’s out of office keeps growing, the Donald is contemplating committing more Treason to try and steal the election – which will fail as does everything else he does if he tries and so much more.

When They Had to Kill the King. Learnings for the Post-Trump Age. article from Common Dreams.

Why it’s imperative that Trump be held accountable for the crimes he committed during his illegitimate tenure as president* and why silencing his profoundly corrupt and ignorant ass is necessary to help America heal from his failed tenure.

Keith Olbermann: They All Need To Be Prosecuted Or They’ll Try It Again article from Crooks and Liars.

Not holding the Don and his equally treasonous administration accountable for their multitude of crimes against the U.S. will enable future presidents to do the same:

Trump’s Disgraceful Endgame article from The National Review.

When a right-wing Conservative publication calls you out on your lies and propaganda regarding the election the Don lost bigly, you know he’s full of shit and using propaganda tactics to try and retain power isn’t going to work for him:

“President Trump said the other day that he’d leave office if he loses the vote of the Electoral College on December 14.

This is not the kind of assurance presidents of the United States typically need to make, but it was noteworthy given Trump’s disgraceful conduct since losing his bid for reelection to Joe Biden on November 3.

Behind in almost all the major polls, Trump stormed within a hair’s breadth in the key battlegrounds of winning reelection, and his unexpectedly robust performance helped put Republicans in a strong position for the post-Trump-presidency era. This is not nothing. But the president can’t stand to admit that he lost and so has insisted since the wee hours of Election Night that he really won — and won “by a lot.”

There are legitimate issues to consider after the 2020 vote about the security of mail-in ballots and the process of counting votes (some jurisdictions, bizarrely, take weeks to complete their initial count), but make no mistake: The chief driver of the post-election contention of the past several weeks is the petulant refusal of one man to accept the verdict of the American people. The Trump team (and much of the GOP) is working backwards, desperately trying to find something, anything to support the president’s aggrieved feelings, rather than objectively considering the evidence and reacting as warranted…”

Trump Spent Thanksgiving Weekend on a Misinformation Spree article from Vice News.

Using North Korean / Nazi propaganda tactics to try and steal an election that he lost bigly isn’t boding well for Donald, but it sure is riling up the minority of moronic miscreants that support his profoundly corrupt and ignorant ass.

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 201st Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt.

A look at the week in which Donnie broke Twitter with the hash tag #DiaperDon due to one of his usual delusional meltdowns in which he spews propaganda and lies incessantly and acting like a petulant man-child:

Here Are the Various Ways Donald Trump Could Be Prosecuted article from Mother Jones.

Treason, Tax Fraud and Obstruction of Justice are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the multitude of crimes committed by Trump which were exacerbated when he was ‘elected’ in 2016 despite losing the popular vote and he’s going to be very busy trying to avoid going to prison.

AG Barr Finds No Evidence Of Election Fraud, Heads To White House article from Crooks and Liars.

When the lap dog that has saved your ass for the past year can’t find evidence of voting fraud that flips the election to a dimwitted wannabe dictator who fraudulently claims voting fraud you can rest assured that none was found because it doesn’t exist – but the Don keeps pulling Russian propaganda techniques to bilk his moronic miscreants out of money:

“Bill Barr failed to deliver for Donald Trump and may be on the receiving end of a set of mean tweets or possibly an outright firing. The Associated Press is reporting that the DOJ found no election fraud. During an interview on Tuesday afternoon, Barr said that the DOJ had “not uncovered evidence of widespread voter fraud that would change the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.”

Barr told the AP that the DOJ and the FBI have been looking into complaints of fraud, but they have uncovered no evidence that would change the outcome of the election, saying: “To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election.”

Just last month Bill Barr wrote a vaguely worded memo that appeared to make rules around investigating election fraud much more loose, but even that didn’t help Donald Trump. Why? Because there was no fraud…”

Trump Releases 46 Minutes Of Lies Falsely Asserting ‘Fraud’ In 2020 Election article from The Huff Post.

The Nazi propaganda from Trump and his ilk never stops – this time with a 46 minute video full of lies, propaganda and conspiracy theories while crying about being such a loser – and it’s not going to change a thing.

Trump Almost Starts Crying During 46 Minute Speech On Non-Existent Election Fraud article from PoliticusUSA.

More on the bull shit propaganda video the Don dubiously posted to try and subvert the election that he lost bigly – the almost tears were probably due to the fact that his ass is in deep shit come January 20, 2021:

Trump’s outrageous lies used to be terrifying – now they’re just pathetic article from Salon.

Always acting like the resolute Bull Shit artist and con man was useful to Donald when he was ‘elected’ by a minority, but now that his days are numbered, it’s just making him look more like a pathetic loser whose delusions have finally come full circle.

The naked emperor has become a national laughingstock article from Alternet.

Donald was always a national embarrassment but trying to stage a coup because he lost the election bigly just reinforces how profoundly corrupt and stupid he really is – and how much of a loser he is and always has been:

“Donald Trump was at it again Wednesday, releasing a 46-minute video full of ridiculous lies, claiming that his loss to Joe Biden in November’s presidential election was due to “corrupt forces” operating “on a scale never seen before.” He called on the Supreme Court to throw out enough votes so that “I very easily win in all states.”

It’s the sort of thing that used to be both riveting and terrifying. Indeed, two days after the election, Trump went on national television to give a similar, if blessedly shorter, speech making essentially the same claims: That he’s the victim of a widespread conspiracy, that he’s the real winner, that votes from certain cities — strangely enough, cities with large Black populations — are inherently suspect and illegitimate.

At the time, most experts felt confident that Trump’s coup attempt would fail. Still, watching the president of the United States blatantly attempt to steal an election by telling vicious and racist lies was chilling. For weeks, there was an undercurrent of panic that he might somehow pull it off, as he has managed, in the past, to pull off all manner of illegal and unethical acts without facing consequences.

Even Stephen Colbert was rattled. And Stephen Colbert never gets rattled…”

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 202nd Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt.

A look at the most recent corrupt, failed week of the Don’s presidency in which his lies about voter fraud and attempted coup to overturn the election failed miserably – as usual.

‘Voter Fraud’ Conspiracies are a Fraud: 2020 Election Edition article from Counter Punch.

How an outgoing, lame duck loser president* is desperately trying to save his sorry ass from facing jail time with fraudulent claims of voter fraud.

Trump: ‘How Can A Country Be Run By an Illegitimate President?’ article from PoliticusUSA.

Yes, the illegitimate Orange piece of shit that has destroyed Democracy and thoroughly corrupted his presidency has the ignorant audacity to inquire about how an illegitimate president can run the country when he’s been doing it for the past 3 plus years:

‘Without decency and without dignity’: German newsweekly Der Spiegel names Trump ‘Loser of the Year’ article from Alternet.

Given the fact that Trump has repeatedly provided the perfect argument for birth control the past 4 years coupled with his delusional meltdowns over losing the election by more than 7 million votes, it’s fitting that someone finally called him out as the Loser that he is:

“There’s nothing President Donald Trump seems to hate more than losing, judging by comments he’s made and by lawsuits he’s filed in the desperate, dying days of his single-term presidency. And as the world gets ready to bid auf wiedersehen to Trump, the president must now endure the ignominious insult of being named “Loser of the Year” by one of Europe’s most widely read newsweeklies.

Der Spiegel, roughly the German journalistic equivalent of TIME—which, coincidentally, just named President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris its vaunted “Person of the Year”—on Thursday published an article entitled “Der Verlierer des Jahres,” or “Loser of the Year” in English.

While the piece lacks the shock value of some of the more inflammatory imagery gracing the cover of Der Spiegel’s print editions over the course of Trump’s tenure, the article is a 3,300-word excoriation of the presidency of a man who authors Roland Nelles and Ralf Neukirch call “a man who… was never concerned with the common good, but always with one thing—himself.”

“The country is more divided than ever since the times of the Civil War,” the authors wrote. “This is not a byproduct of Trump’s politics, it is their goal… Permanent conflict is part of his strategy.”…”

Why Donald Trump is failing at making his dictator dreams a reality article from Salon.

Primarily because he’s too stupid and lazy to succeed at anything – his presidency, like his entire adult business career, is nothing but one massive failure after another – and his profound corruption is finally coming back to haunt him.

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 203rd Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt.

A look at the week in which the GOP showed their true treasonous colors by trying to back Trump’s seditious effort to illegally steal the election – for which they must all be held accountable for their treasonous actions.

Alternate electors: The latest far-fetched Trump plan to overturn the election, explained article from Vox News.

Donnie began his illegitimate, forever impeached presidency with alternate facts and now he’s going to end it with alternate electors to create more dubious distractions before he leaves his alternate reality – revealing just how delusional his little brain has become over the past 4 years and why he was never fit to be president to begin with:

Donald Trump Has Hidden Evidence Of His Crimes For Years. Joe Biden Can Expose It. article from The Huff Post.

Allowing Trump to get away with all the crimes he and his cabal have committed during the most corrupt tenure in U.S. presidential history is unacceptable – the public needs to be made aware of just how much of a piece of shit he is:

“President Donald Trump will leave office on Jan. 20 under the biggest cloud of corruption and scandal of any president since 1974, when Richard Nixon waved dual victory signs after resigning in disgrace.

If President-elect Joe Biden was inclined to prosecute Trump, his only dilemma would be where to start. Trump’s own Department of Justice refused to indict him for alleged crimes uncovered related to hush-money payments to his extra-marital lovers, and for obstruction of justice alleged in the Russia investigation. He faces multiple state-level criminal inquiries stemming from his personal business practices, civil suits related to his alleged sexual assaults and his 2017 inauguration.

But Biden is reportedly wary of launching investigations into his predecessor — and has made clear he won’t tell federal law enforcement what to do. “I will not do what {Trump] does and use the Justice Department as my vehicle to insist that something happened,” Biden told NBC News on Nov. 24.

While Biden admirably does not intend on echoing Trump’s undemocratic “lock them all up” chants, his administration can simply allow independent prosecutors to make their own decisions by opening the books on the Trump administration to expose wrongdoing, self-dealing and unlawful activity…”

Trump Continues to Spread Lies About Voting Irregularities Even After Electoral College Conforms Biden’s Win article from PoliticusUSA.

Always the sore loser and still grifting his way through his presidency by claiming fraud so his moronic minions send him money to use once he’s gone next month, Donald is still fraudulently claiming that he won the election when in fact he never won either election:

What Trump Has Done to America article from The Atlantic.

The Don has thoroughly corrupted the GOP and shown America their true colors, normalized propaganda and lies for millions of morons stupid enough to believe him and shown us why it’s time to change America’s political system so we never have to face idiots wanting to be dictators like him again.

Trump Turns on McConnell in Late Night Tweet for Congratulating Biden as ‘President Elect’ article from Second Nexus.

The pathetic sore losing Orange pile of shit still can’t seem to grasp reality as his delusions continue imploding at Mach speed, and it’s only going to get worse for him:

Here’s how we can neutralize Donald Trump during his last month in office article from Salon.

Quit highlighting everything he says and paying attention to his lies, and reign in his social media outlets and most of his moronic minions – as well as the majority of us – won’t have to deal with his corrupt and ignorant bull shit:

“His diagnosis is clear. The remedies for his pernicious impact on America are clear as well.

In just over a month from now, Donald Trump — a malignant narcissist — will be removed from office by the will of the people and by the Constitution. Until then, his seditious, conspiratorial and corrupt influence will be front and center. He continues to promulgate the false narrative that victory in the election was snatched away from him by widespread voter fraud. He keeps filing baseless and frivolous lawsuits, even as high as the U.S. Supreme Court. He is ginning up his supporters, and at least 126 congressional Republicans have publicly supported him, out of a combination of misguided loyalty, opportunism and fear. Joe Biden will be our next president, but it is undeniable that Trump will exert a dangerous and destructive presence to his final day in office, and beyond.

It is unhealthy for us to sit back passively and allow this soon-to-be ex-president to continue to inflict damage on America. Trump’s abusive impact is not unavoidable. It can be stopped.

Ten remedies exist to deal with Trump in his final days…”

Did Trump Deliberately Pursue Genocide via His ‘Herd Immunity’ Strategy? article from Truthout.

In all probability, yes – and you can add that to the long list of crimes that need to be looked into once Donald’s profoundly corrupt ass is out of the White House.

Why Trump Declaring a 2024 Presidential Bid Would Be ‘Profoundly Stupid’ article from Mother Jones.

Donnie would have to follow the laws governing candidates which will leave him vulnerable to closer examination of his finances – among other things – which for him could end up proving disastrous once he leaves the White House.

Officials increasingly alarmed about Trump’s power grab article from Axios.

The delusional Don’s despotic delusions of grandeur are getting comical since his fantasy of using the Military to overturn the election is doomed from the start but he’s too stupid to figure that out and his desperation is out of control.

Trump Stuffs 5 Lies (and 1 Truth) Into a Single Psycho Tweet Starring Stephen Colbert article from The Daily Kos.

Still lying routinely – and often – on Twitter and other social media platforms to claim he ‘won’ the election, which has never happened, and trying to figure out how to save his sorry, corrupt ass once he’s out of the White House next month:

“Despite having lost some sixty court cases (including two in the Supreme Court), and being ridiculed repeatedly by reality-based observers, Donald Trump is continuing to rant incoherently about his delusional belief that he won the presidential election. He is terminally obsessed with having been decisively beaten by Joe Biden, someone he tried to malign as “sleepy” and “unfit for office.”

At this point it’s becoming somewhat comical to see each new complaint by Trump that the election was “rigged,” and “stolen” from him, despite failing to provide any evidence to the dozens of courts that ruled against him. And during his regularly scheduled Saturday morning tweetstorm Trump added to the cacophony of crazy with this surprisingly compact collection of falsehoods:

That’s five blatant lies crammed into one little tweet. Trump is getting good at that. In fact, he’s been “honored” by PolitiFact four years running for their “Lie of the Year” award (which Trump hysterically tried to pawn off on Biden) Just for fun, let’s break down this little gem of asininity:…”

Trump’s impeachment foretold everything that’s happened since article from CNN.

A look at why Trump should have been removed by the Senate when he was impeached and how an equally treasonous GOP majority Senate is just as guilty and responsible for his crimes as he is.

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 204th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt.

A look at Donald’s most recent week in which he dubiously debated staging a military coup to steal the election illegally – which, as his corrupt presidency would fail miserably.

If there is something you’d like to see added or would like more information you can contact me here.

Traitor Trump name from Pinterest

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