Misadventures of a minority-elect President 343

Trump compared to past presidents from Move On

Chronicling the misadventures of our forever Impeached minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Today’s misadventures of our forever Impeached malignant minority-elect president* begins with yet another failed Trump October Surprise propaganda stunt to try and shift attention from his corrupt, ignorant ass to Biden with no success, how losing could open the door to Trump facing charges for the multitude of crimes he has committed in office since being ‘elected,’ the Don’s desperate freak show has imploded and it’s not going well for him because his profound corruption and stupidity keep making things worse, a closer look at the long corrupt history of our Liar-in-Thief details his failed life of corruption which has grown exponentially since he was ‘elected,’ Donald is desperately trying to find ways to steal the election after he gets his ass handed to him but will fail – as he always does with everything else and so much more.

The anatomy of the New York Post’s dubious Hunter Biden story article from CNN.

A look at how one of Trump’s ‘October Surprise’ propaganda stunts to try and shift America’s awareness of his corruptly ignorant presidency to a fabricated Biden scandal failed massively and is coming back to bite him.

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 195th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt.

A look at how Donnie’s desperation is growing because his con has collapsed and he’s about to get his ass handed to him, which won’t bode well once he’s out of office.

Reality Check: Trump’s Accusations Are Always Projections About Himself article from Crooks and Liars.

How our diaper dictator always tries to accuse Biden – and all his ‘political enemies’ actually – of the very crimes and other illegal actions that he himself is guilty of committing:

Losing Could Expose Trump To Prosecution For Any Number Of Crimes article from The Intercept.

A look at how Donald could face a multitude of crimes once he’s voted out of office due to his profound corruption and stupidity – as well as his delusions that he is above the law – for having the most corrupt administration in the history of this country:

“EVEN IF President Donald Trump loses on November 3, it’s hard to imagine that he’ll ever be convicted of any crime, much less serve time in prison.

That’s because, first and foremost, no former U.S. president has ever seen the inside of a cell — and not because all presidents have faithfully followed the law. Presidents accumulate huge favors owed, favors that they cash in, figuratively and literally, when they become former presidents. On the modest end of the spectrum, 20 wealthy friends of Ronald Reagan bought a mansion in Bel-Air, Los Angeles, for him and Nancy to live in when he left office. More significantly, ex-presidents receive political protection from their allies, as when Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon for anything whatsoever he’d done in office.

And beyond anything concrete that a president does for the factions that back him, those factions also strenuously oppose any consequences for their president’s actions for reasons of basic class solidarity. If an ex-president can face consequences, that would suggest that people one step down the power ladder could too. And the people at the top of U.S. society see consequences like Leona Helmsley saw taxes: They’re for the little people.

That said, stranger things than the prosecution of Trump have happened: for instance, Trump being elected president in the first place…”

Most Presidents Who Lose Deal With Shame. Trump Could Have To Deal With Prison. article from The Huff Post.

The Donald is growing more desperate as he gets closer to having his ass handed to him by an overwhelming majority on November 3rd because once he’s out of office he could be in deep legal shit and he’s not handling it well…

Pres. Barack Obama Rips Trump Hard At Philadelphia Rally For Joe Biden article from Crooks and Liars.

President Obama excoriated the corrupt, failed reality show presidency of his successor who won’t handle it well:

The stunning hypocrisy of the Trump family’s attacks on Hunter Biden article from Vox.

The fact that Trump has the moronic audacity to suggest the Biden family is corrupt when all he and his family have done is profit illegally off U.S. taxpayers speaks volumes as to the profound stupidity he possesses.

Donald Trump Has Been Even Worse Than Everyone Expected article from The Huff Post.

Not entirely true, since I was warning people in 2016 what would happen but few listened and despite losing the popular vote by almost 3 million, his corrupt, ignorant ass was still ‘elected’ and he will only get worse before he leaves the White House:

“When Donald Trump kicked off his presidential bid in 2015, he rode down a golden escalator in Trump Tower, using the media attention to promote his own brand and property. He lied. He made racist comments. And he exaggerated the crowd size.

In other words, he showed exactly the type of president he would become.

The rest of his campaign was no different. He continued to stoke racial tensions, bully and demean.

Unable to believe that he could truly be as bad as he presented himself, some Democrats thought maybe Trump would change once in office. Maybe there would be a way to work with him. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said there were areas where Trump “voiced very progressive and populist opinions,” and perhaps those would be areas of cooperation…”

No Matter How the President Spins It, the Trump Economy Is Busted article from Truthout.

Among the myriad of endless lies the Donald loves to spew on a daily basis, claiming the economy is coming back is one of the most pathetic because he trashed the economy he inherited from his predecessor and none of his lies or bull shit is going to change that.

Fox News report crushes Hunter Biden smear after network investigation ‘found no role for Joe Biden’ article from Alternet.

The Don was spewing his usual bull shit about Biden being corrupt and trying desperately to gin up an ‘October Surprise’ to bolster his reelection chances but as usual his delusions have nothing to do with reality and his Ministry of Propaganda – Fox faux news – confirmed it:

AP FACT CHECK: Trump and his oh-so-familiar falsehoods article from The Charlotte Observer.

The truth about a few of the many delusional whoppers and embellishments that Donald keeps lying about – and sadly for him, reality is about to completely destroy his alternate reality bigly.

Donald Trump Griped About ’60 Minutes’ Interview, But The Show Got The Last Word article from Deadline.

Trump posted what he claimed was proof of his fake claims that the media is biased against him thinking it would help him look good and embarrass the media, but all he did was dig himself a deeper hole he’ll never slither out of – due to his inability to think before he acts:

“We already knew that Donald Trump’s interview on 60 Minutes was one that went a bit off the rails. That’s because, in a bit of spite, the White House released its video version of it in advance of Sunday’s broadcast.

What the segment itself showed is one of the sources of the president’s irritation: Correspondent Lesley Stahl’s tendency to challenge Trump on things that he has said — only to have him deny that he actually said them.

In contrast to the raw footage from the interview, 60 Minutes had the advantage of mixing in clips to show the video proof.

For instance, the show ran a clip of Trump at a rally saying, “Suburban women, will you please like me? Please, please. I saved your damn neighborhood, okay?”…”

‘Trump continued his dishonesty blitz’: CNN calls out the president — and lists his 60 Minutes lies article from The Raw Story.

In his typical fashion Donnie lied his ass off since he’s only catering to his minority of moronic minions that haven’t left him yet and the majority of Americans are paying attention and it’s growing old:

Trump Had a Full-Blown Meltdown Last Night on ’60 Minutes’ article from Vice News.

How our Diaper dictator lied repeatedly as he usually does, complained about how he’s treated by the media and stormed off the set like the little toddler he is.

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 196th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt.

Despite his best efforts to create a distraction by lying about Joe Biden and his son, the reality of the pandemic he is responsible for that has killed more than 225,000 people so far is proving too much for him to handle.

Trump’s Lies And Disinformation Are His Only Election Strategy article from Crooks and Liars.

The Don is doing what he does best – lie and sling all kinds of nonsensical bull shit hoping something will work – and as usual is failing miserably:

“Since Donald Trump began his political career in 2015, he has become the single greatest spreader of misinformation, lies, and exaggerations to ever run for president. But you knew that.

Washington Post has been tracking the amount of disinformation the so-called president spreads, and it’s alarming. He passed the 20,000 lie mark in July 2020 and he never stopped.

It’s gotten so bad that The Fact Checker team at the Post can’t even keep up with the number of lies he spews.

“Just in the first 27 days of August, the president made 1,506 false or misleading claims, or 56 a day. Some days were extraordinary: 189 claims (a record) on Aug. 11, 147 claims on Aug. 17, 113 claims on Aug. 20. The previous one-day record was 138 claims — on Nov. 5, 2018, the day before the midterm elections.”…”

CNN drops fact-check hammer on Trump for claiming he’s kept all his campaign promises article from The Raw Story.

Donald’s delusions and lies are endless and in his alternate reality he has kept his promises – the trouble is that once again reality has the upper hand and he has no idea how to handle it because he’s that profoundly corrupt and idiotic:

Trump’s misleading tweet about changing your vote, briefly explained article from Vox News.

Our diaper dictator’s misinformation campaign on Facebook and Twitter is desperately trying to gain traction but Donnie’s latest stupidity includes telling people to change their vote for him after mailing in ballots – which of course has no basis in reality despite his delusional ignorance and isn’t possible in most states.

A Bunch of Trump Supporters Had to Be Hospitalized… Again article from Vice News.

Twice in one week Donnie almost killed some of his supporters – not that he does or ever did give a shit about them – with his super spreader trash talking self-love fests and yet people are still stupid enough to support him…

100+ Examples Of Donald Trump’s Corruption article from Rantt.

A nicely detailed list of the disastrous history of Trump’s corrupt, failed history as a business man and the many crimes he has committed while avoiding responsibility – and it’s time for that to change:

“There’s a vast literature on Donald Trump and the corruption that surrounds virtually everything he touches. The goal of this article is to provide an overview of the corruption, contextualize it a bit, and to argue that it is not normal: not only is it not normal, it is so remarkably beyond the norm as to require revulsion. It’s an easy argument to make, even if 30% of our population doesn’t believe it.

A further purpose is to link the corruption to its impacts. What happens because that corruption was allowed or accepted? We must see the connection of corrupt acts to their harmful results. Is it only that someone gets richer and the rest of us are virtually unaffected? No. When we pull back the curtain, we realize that we are hurt. The impacts can truly harm our lives, our families, our communities, our nation, and our life on earth.

What Is Corruption?

Political corruption is exchanging public goods for personal gain. A corrupt actor may do good things for decent motives. But the good things for proper motives are only what is expected, what we pay for, what we hire when we vote for someone. This article visits Trump administration corruption 1) when there is reasonable public evidence, and 2) when corruption seems a more plausible explanation than anything else…”

Why At Last Trump Is (Most Likely) Toast article from Counter Punch.

Simply said, it’s because Trump is such a corrupt moron who is incapable of thinking courtesy of the land of delusion he lives in and he has shown the world repeatedly that he never should have been ‘elected’ by a corrupt Electoral College to being with.

A Vaporware Executive: An Attitude, Not a President article from Unz.

A look at how the Don claims to have done what he hasn’t, claims to be what he isn’t, and how he has protected and enriched his fraudulent corporate cronies courtesy of his profound corruption and why it’s long past time for him to go.

Trump Lays Out His Election Night Strategy; PA AG Says No, We Don’t Think So article from Crooks and Liars.

Donald thinks he’s going to stop the ballots in Pennsylvania from being counted so he can steal the election, but as usual he is grossly misinformed and delusional:

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 197th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt.

The week in which our illegitimate, forever impeached president* tried to steal the election and failed – as he does with everything else:

“If you’re anything like me, then you’ve spent the past few weeks doom-scrolling through Twitter. While we’ve all seen the promising polls, 2016 looms large in our psyche as well as the blatant voter intimidation and hundreds of Republican court cases seeking to undermine American democracy. Rather than come up with more popular policy stances, the GOP is doing everything they can to make it harder for you to vote. Their primary re-election strategy is opposition to democracy itself. But I’m writing this to tell you that in spite of all the obstacles Americans face, we can beat them.

It’s important to remember that a central strategy of authoritarians is to make the people believe they are powerless and their vote won’t count. So rather than use this piece to make a final case against President Trump, I thought I’d talk about why I think Joe Biden will win and Donald Trump’s efforts to steal the election will, like every other venture in his life, fail. We all need a little dose of optimism these days, right?

This weekend, Axios dropped a report that seemingly confirmed our worst fears: that President Trump plans to announce himself the victor on election night if he leads key swing states, even as votes are continuing to be counted. This raised alarms, as Americans took to social media to express their dismay. Trump’s strategy has been clear for months:

1. Lie about voter fraud in mail-in ballots (there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud).
2. Push his base to vote in person while Democrats vote by mail.
3. Sabotage the USPS and slow down mail so fewer ballots are received by Election Day.
4. Falsely declare victory on Election Day based on the in-person vote count.
5. Challenge ballots counted after Election Day in the Supreme Court…”

Top 5 Ways Trump Failed You Too Epically to Ever Be Reelected article from Common Dreams.

A look at some of the many ways Donnie has exemplified the massive failure that is his presidency, as well as his fraudulent business career.

The Trumptanic Is Sinking Fast article and video from Crooks and Liars.

A hilarious look at why the Don and the treasonous GOP Senators that aided and enabled him are going to pay a heavy price for what they’ve done:

Trump snaps the tether: He calls for end to vote count, threatens appeal to the Supreme Court article from Salon.

As usual, Trump decided to lie about claiming victory and fraud – when in reality he’s the fraud that’s claiming victory – despite the fact that once votes are counted he will lose.

As Trump Spouts Last-Minute Lies, Top Pennsylvania Officials Make Clear: ‘Election Will Not End’ Until All Ballots Are Counted article from Common Dreams.

In his typical fashion, Donnie lied his ass off while claiming victory when reality tells a completely different story and shows the very real probability of him losing (which he did – bigly):

“Pushing back against President Donald Trump’s baseless claim on the eve of Election Day that Pennsylvania’s vote-tallying process is vulnerable to “unchecked cheating,” top officials in the crucial battleground state made clear in media appearances late Monday that neither the president’s incendiary rhetoric nor his campaign’s legal interventions will deter the counting of all lawfully cast ballots.

“This election will not end until all of the legal, eligible votes are counted,” Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, a Democrat, said on MSNBC Monday night.

“That will take a few days, and Donald Trump can tweet, and he can pout, and he can make whatever statements he wants to make,” Shapiro continued. “But this election will not be over here in Pennsylvania, a winner will not be declared, until we can deduce the will of the people. And that will happen after all of those ballots are counted.”

Trump, facing prison and financial ruin, clings to hopes of stealing the election article from The Daily Kos.

Donald knows his ass is in deep shit so he’s doing everything he can to try and steal the election and shelter himself from accountability for his Treason and other crimes committed in office – and his entire fraudulent business career:

As Joe Biden Closes In On 2020 Election Victory, Trump Lashes Out With Flood Of Lies article from The Huff Post.

As he feels his illegitimate presidency slipping away and faces the real possibility of a multitude of legal investigations into his profound corruption, Trump ignorantly continues claiming fraud that doesn’t exist and lying his ass off to try and steal the election.

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Surgeon General warning Trump from Pinterest

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