Will Trump’s Hoax Derail His Presidency?

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For more than three plus years now, since being ‘elected’ despite losing the popular vote by almost three million and winning the ‘Electoral College’ courtesy of less than 78,000 voters in three states, President* Donald J. Trump has fast tracked his profound corruption and stupidity to the national stage and provided more than ample evidence that his entire presidency never should have happened to begin with while littering his legacy with numerous acts of Treason – including obstructions of justice and colluding with Russia and Ukraine, which is still ongoing, to steal an election – crimes against humanity, multiple acts of domestic terrorism – which includes using toxic chemicals on peaceful protestors, inciting violence, and an endless myriad of other high crimes while pathologically lying about everything to constantly distract from the severity of his criminal actions, and now he has the Coronavirus.

Feeling emboldened after being enabled, aided and abetted by an equally corrupt ‘Attorney General,’ GOP controlled Senate and endless other unqualified frauds and felons that he has dubiously appointed to high positions in his cabal has only hastened his utter destruction of America under his fallacious guise of making it great again. Trump isn’t subtle about all the endless crimes he commits. He confesses publicly to them or takes to Twitter to deepen the holes that he’ll never be able to slither out of and all of them are on public record, with many more to be revealed by the State of New York if he doesn’t successfully steal the election in November. Committing more crimes by encouraging the terrorists at the core faction of his base to monitor polling places to intimidate and try to help him steal the election isn’t going to bode well for him either.

When the Attorney General illegally perverts the rule of law to aid and abet a forever impeached, arguably illegitimate president* to commit Treason and other high crimes and misdemeanors, extortion and a host of other felonies, the so-called law becomes non-existent and is weaponized for use against political opponents. Illegally threatening all his perceived enemies and trying to steal power that the president never had to begin with and obstructing justice by defying court orders only works for so long and the delusional bubbles in Trump’s alternate reality will inevitably pop come back to haunt him – especially when the tables are turned against him once he’s out of office. Impeaching the Attorney General for a growing list of well documented crimes he has committed for the most corrupt presidential administration in U.S. history is one way to start reigning Trump in and holding him accountable.

Donald Trump is and always has been nothing but a fraudulent con man – Trump U, multiple casino and real estate bankruptcies, multiple rapes and sexual assaults, hanging out and partying with known pedophiles, steaks and his multitude of other criminal endeavors – whose greatest gift is showmanship, bull shitting and endless lying (which only works on those that are gullible or stupid enough to believe everything he tells them since they’re incapable of independent thought) that should have been in prison decades ago. Trump’s delusions have been on full display since day one but have been part of his psyche his entire life. They’ve only worsened since ‘winning’ the White House and now the country, especially the massive majority that doesn’t support him, are paying the price in so many ways.

Buffoonery, bloviated bull shit, endless pathological lies, conspiracy theories, racism, misogyny, grandiose embellishments and delusional narcissism, among a myriad of other things, have plagued Trump his entire life and led to growing division in this country due to his constantly encouraging domestic terrorism while praising right-wing Nationalists and other terrorist groups (think Boogaloo Boys, Proud Boys and others he lovingly refers to as ‘patriots’) paying call girls and illegally trying to cover it up and other extramarital affairs, 5 bankruptcies, collusion with foreign enemies, obstructing justice - he is also an unindicted co-conspirator - money laundering, profound fraud on so many levels and other crimes and malevolent misadventures that have resulted in revealing he is nothing but a career criminal who has failed at everything he has done and the massive majority is waking up to those facts.

The more desperate Trump becomes to avoid losing the election and avoiding prison time, the more lies he tells and the more crimes he commits and it has become increasingly certain that there will be an overwhelming turnout to remove him and his Treasonous GOP cronies that were ignorant enough to save his sorry ass when they could have done the right thing and impeached him. They decided to give him another free ride which he has unconscionably used to put another nail in his coffin, but his premeditated lies and fallacies about the Coronavirus pandemic have been in overdrive. People were warned in 2016 that Trump was more corrupt than Clinton but decided to throw a wrench in the works and f*ck everything up while claiming to change things in order to make America great again.

Being ‘elected’ as president* despite losing the popular vote bigly, never having a mandate despite shoving his despotic delusions of grandeur down our collective throats while being found to have been aided by his Russian puppet master Putin and being forever impeached for Treason has done nothing to change the reality that he should have been put behind bars long ago and needs to be held accountable for what he has done and what he is doing. Constantly being caught in his lies and being challenged about his delusional embellishments led to his constant repetition of fake news and other distractions to deflect attention away from his many other criminal endeavors. The irony of a criminal of Trump’s stature running a re-election campaign under the guise of ‘Law and Order’ is pathetic, and when a fake president starts crying about fake news – especially on one of his own propaganda networks – the irony and idiocy become blatantly obvious to anyone paying attention.

Once he was ‘elected’ Trump was able to start building his delusional alternate reality and embellishing his greatness through dubious, legally questionable ‘Executive Orders’ while ignorantly believing that he was above the law. Forever enshrining evidence of his corrupt ignorance in the annals of history by tweeting his delusions which oftentimes reveal many of his crimes hasn’t done him any favors and only reveals the many depths of his sempiternal corruption and ignorance. Despite President Tweety’s delusions that his Twitter feed is a branch of his official office that is the law of the land and history of not thinking before he lets his fingers to the walking, the reality is that his tweets could and should eventually be used as a catalyst to bring more charges and evidence against him.

Because his corrupt, illegitimate tenure has been such a disaster, the massive majority of U.S. citizens that don’t support him have taken notice and that poses a major threat to him, due in large part because he’s aware of the real possibility of facing criminal charges if he isn’t re-elected and it terrifies him. Consequently, Trump has been pushing lies and delusional conspiracy theories about mail in ballots being fraudulent and threatened to contest the election when he loses while trying to hurriedly stack our corrupt U.S. ‘Supreme Court’ with another crooked crony because he thinks it will help him steal the election. Chances are it won’t work for a multitude of reasons though, including the fact that the massive majority of people watching are turning out to vote this time and he will probably be swept out of office overwhelmingly by We the People – who are the only ones that can put an end to the reign of his criminal regime.

Trump’s criminal negligence in handling the Coronavirus pandemic is well documented. Forcing his administration to peddle his lies about the Coronavirus, suggesting the injection of Clorox and other cleaners while touting unreliable drugs and other delusions about curing it if you have it only served to reveal his endless unapologetic axiomatic corruption and profound idiocies which have resulted – so far – in the needless deaths of more than 210,000 U.S. citizens – and his delusional claims of being cured and immune despite his actions and difficulty breathing. Waiting for more than 24 hours to reveal that he had contracted the coronavirus while purposely infecting a large number of people after looking like a diaper dictator during a so-called presidential debate and holding a rally and fundraiser for political and personal financial gain adds to Trump’s criminal Coronavirus negligence exponentially.

Unfortunately for Trump. lies and bull shit can’t fight the reality of the Coronavirus regardless of his delusions. Lying about his health and having a team of Medical ‘professionals’ lie and push his fantasy of being fine when a failed photo op reveals him hard at work signing a blank piece of paper serves as yet another sterling example of why Trump and his administration have zero credibility and can’t be trusted. The endless pathological lying, compounded by constantly piling crime after crime on top of all the other crimes committed during his fraudulent tenure prove unequivocally that he belongs behind bars and is incapable of competent leadership.

Trump’s corruption has proved endless since he was ‘elected’ but when the Coronavirus Pandemic arrived, it was on full display in all its ignorant glory and has accelerated exponentially ever since. To date his Treason and other crimes have gone on in plain site with total impunity but that appears to be about to change. All of Trump’s lies about the Coronavirus being a hoax, going away, being under control, etc., etc. have come back to bite him. The president* that made fun of others getting sick and dying because of his criminal negligence has now become a victim of his hoax and it has put a major crimp in his re-election campaign that also signals the end of his presidency while making him look like a weak loser – by his own definition.

Will the Coronavirus pandemic referred to by Trump as a hoax end his presidency and finally free the American people? Time will tell but if recent events are any indication, Trump’s failed, profoundly corrupt tenure is almost over and those that enabled him will pay a high price too. It will take the people of this country years to straighten out all the damage done by the most corrupt president and administration in U.S. history. The upside to all of Trump’s corruption and destruction is that he has made it obvious that our two-party political system is corrupt and broken, the ‘Justice system’ and the courts, especially the highest court in this land, are thoroughly corrupt and that real change and accountability is badly needed. That will only begin when every eligible person in this country is allowed to vote and does so. A better future for all of us has to start somewhere…

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