Misadventures of a minority-elect President 340

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Chronicling the misadventures of our forever Impeached minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

How he doesn’t care whether or not he gets caught breaking the multitude of laws he has broken begins today’s misadventures of our forever Impeached malevolent minority-elect president* but does care whether or not he is punished – which he should be, how Donald is too corrupt and stupid to successfully carry out his despotic delusions of grandeur, each passing day brings all kinds of bad news for the Don as his already failed presidency continues imploding and so much more.

Sarah Kendzior: ‘Trump Does Not Care If He Gets Caught… He Cares If He Is Punished’ article from The Raw Story.

A look at how Trump doesn’t care whether or not he’s caught committing the crime – since that’s all he ever does – but he does care if he’s punished, which he will be once he’s voted out of office:

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 185th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt.

A look at the Don’s most recent disastrous failure of a week in which he tried to illegally circumvent Congress with useless Executive Orders while trying to blame everyone else for his failed presidency.

If you know some Trumpers — Here’s the One Thing you should do for them article from The Daily Kos.

How some of the miscreants that support the Orange dumb ass in the White House are having buyers remorse since Trump was ‘elected.’

Donald Trump’s impotent tyranny article from The Week.

It’s impossible for Donald to carry out his despotic delusions of grandeur because he’s such a corrupt moron incapable of accomplishing them:

“Everything is a show with Donald Trump.

He was never really a successful businessman — he just played one on TV. Now, as president, a similar pattern has emerged: Trump wants to perform the role of autocrat in front of TV cameras, but cannot or will not act effectively to protect the country from the economic and health challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. He’s a Potemkin strongman.

The latest example of this phenomenon came over the weekend. With the House and Senate hamstrung on a pandemic relief bill, President Trump announced he would act unilaterally — signing executive orders to extend unemployment benefits, continue a moratorium on evictions, defer payroll taxes, and pause student loan payments.

“I’m taking executive action,” he said. “We’ve had it. And we’re going to save American jobs and provide relief to the American workers.”…”

Trump’s re-election plan is straight out of the dictator’s playbook article from Alternet.

A look at how the Don is illegally trying to ensure that he is ‘re-elected’ despite the fact that more than two-thirds of this country can’t stand his profoundly corrupt and ignorant ass.

‘A Conspiracy to Steal the Election, Folks’: Alarms Sound After Postal Worker Reports Removal of Sorting Machines article from Common Dreams.

Yet another way Trump is trying to steal the election and ensure that his profoundly corrupt and ignorant ass avoids jail once he’s voted out.

Four ways to get around Trump’s attempts to sabotage the election article from The Daily Kos.

There are ways to fight the illegal obstruction of voting being perpetrated by Donnie and it’s time for We the People to raise the pressure up on his corrupt and ignorant ass and let him know we’re paying attention.

The First Biden-Harris Ad Is A Barnburner article from Crooks and Liars.

The most effective way to go after Trump is to use his actions and words against him and go for the throat – his time of reckoning and accountability is coming whether he wants it or not:

“This is gonna leave a mark, Donnie. The ad starts with Biden’s Zoom call with his new running mate:

JOE BIDEN: You ready to go to work?

KAMALA HARRIS: Oh my god, I’m so ready to go to work!…”

Trump Makes It Official: He’s Sabotaging the Post Office to Rig the Election article from Mother Jones.

Donald is purposely trying to disenfranchise people from voting because he knows he’ll lose badly if everyone votes, especially by mail – yet another crime he needs to be held accountable for.

This election will be decided by whether Trump can steal it article form alternet.

If Trump is successful in knee-capping the post office and fucking American voters, he will again ‘win’ the election at which point in time he’ll need to be impeached again:

Trump is Making America Great… article from Medium.

Bringing racism to the forefront and enabling all his Treasonous minions has made America great – at being the joke of the world courtesy of the Orange dimwitted dumb ass currently occupying the White House.

Fox Really Doesn’t Want To Talk About Trump’s USPS Sabotage Harming Veterans And Seniors article from Crook and Liars.

Trying to illegally stop voting via the post office is hurting those that rely on Social Security checks, medicines and a host of other things and it’s coming back to bite Trump’s big Orange ass:

“Does anyone think that if we had a Democratic president actively sabotaging the United States Postal Service, and causing delays to things like prescription medications for veterans and seniors all across the country, Fox wouldn’t be making this their lead story on every single show and running segments multiple times per hour interviewing people who had personally been impacted by the sabotage?

Yeah, me neither. Because it’s Trump doing just that and not a Democrat, the network has been virtually mum on the topic. While a transcript search over the last week of Fox yields hundreds of instances of topics such as the police, riots, protests, defunding the police, Chicago, Seattle and Portland, there are only a handful of results, or none in connection to the Postal Service story when searching for keywords such as veterans, seniors, or sabotage.

And when the topic of the Postal Service has been mentioned on the network, it’s almost always in the context of the Democrats asking for funding as part of a new coronavirus relief package, and attacking vote-by-mail as they did in the segment above.

A search of Fox’s website yields similar results, with no mentions in recent weeks of prescriptions being delayed, the impact those delays are having on veterans, the fact that Trump’s choice to head the Post Office has glaring conflicts of interest, or the fact that the Post Office has been “removing mail sorting machines from facilities around the country without any official explanation or reason given.”…”

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 186th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt.

Donnie’s most recent disastrous week includes his trying – illegally – to make sure that mail in votes don’t count and are lost by sabotaging the Post Office, resulting in growing rage among the massive majority that doesn’t support his profoundly corrupt and ignorant ass.

Trump’s Post Office meddling is plainly illegal article from The Week.

Yet again the dimwitted Orange dip shit in the White House confesses to committing more crimes on live TV – and this time he may not be able to squirm his way out of facing accountability.

Trump’s attack on the Post Office is drawing more fire than any past scandal, for good reason article from The Daily Kos.

The longer our illegitimate,, forever impeached president* eviscerates the role of his corrupt presidency, the more angry the massive majority becomes at him, and for good reason:

Trump’s 54-Minute Call To Fox And Friends Was As Bad As You Can Imagine article from Crooks and Liars.

Unsurprisingly, since his profound corruption and stupidity have resulted in his imminent implosion, Trump is desperately ranting his delusions on Fox faux ‘News’ and making himself look increasingly more ignorant and psychotic:

“The Mad “King” is at it again, taking over an hour of Fox and Friends to congratulate himself.”

Donald Trump lost his brother this weekend, but went golfing anyway and was up bright and early (?) to take over an hour of Fox News in order to toot his own horn. He doesn’t have time for security briefings or CDC notices but he’s got time for this”

The ‘numbers’ on virus, economy don’t say what Trump thinks they say article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

Despite Donnie’s delusions and lies about the virus and the economy which he inherited from his predecessor, things are not going well at all and his corruption and ignorance are going to cost him bigly.

Trump Is Facing a Nationwide Wave of Backlash Over His Postal Service Sabotage article from Truthout.

Trying to steal the election by sabotaging the Postal service is pissing a lot of people off – justifiably so – and it’s time to take the fight to the White House so #BunkerBoy can run and hide as he always does.

Trump Whines About Michelle Obama’s Well-Received Convention Speech article from Crooks and Liars.

Every passing day the unraveling Orange piece of shit currently occupying the White House gives us more ammunition to use against him as his desperation continues to implode his already failed presidency:

‘This is what collusion looks like’: GOP-led Senate report ‘far more devastating’ than Mueller probe article from Alternet.

It’s obvious that Trump is guilty as hell of committing Treason, collusion, obstruction and so much more, and it’s also blatantly obvious that the GOP-led Senate is just as guilty as he is for covering it up:

“The Senate Intelligence Committee’s final report on its bipartisan Russia investigation revealed even more numerous contacts between President Donald Trump’s advisers and Russian operatives than former special counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

The committee, which is chaired by Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., on Tuesday released its fifth and final report, totaling nearly 1,000 pages, following a three-year bipartsian investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. The report documents the extent to which Russia sought to influence the election — and members of Trump’s team welcoming their assistance.

“The Senate report — even more extensive than the Mueller investigation — paints a far more devastating picture of Russian intelligence operatives’ access to the Trump campaign, describing far more insidious connections than even Mueller did in his report,” Politico’s Kyle Cheney wrote.

The report, like Mueller’s, did not conclude that Trump’s campaign coordinated with Russia, but it found that Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort worked with a “Russian intelligence officer” and handed him internal campaign data. The report also suggested that Manafort might also be linked to Russia’s hack of the Clinton campaign…”

Vladimir Putin’s prize pupil is almost ready: Trump’s final exam in authoritarian rule article from Salon.

How the Don is desperately seeking ways to appease his despotic delusions of grandeur, but fortunately for us, he’s too corrupt and stupid to pull it off quickly.

Trump’s War on the Post Office and the Census Bureau article from Counter Punch.

Trump is deliberately trying to sabotage everything so he can steal the election – again – and this time the people are paying attention.

They all knew: Video compilation shows what Republicans really think about Donald Trump article from The Daily Kos.

Many of Donnie’s treasonous GOP enablers were against his profoundly corrupt and ignorant ass before aiding and abetting his Treason:

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 187th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt.

A look at Donald’s most recent failed week, highlighted by the Democratic Convention focusing on why it’s time for his pathetically corrupt and ignorant ass to go to prison where he belongs:

“This was a week of contrasts. The 2020 Democratic National Convention was not only a successful virtual event that garnered hundreds of millions of views, it was a well-executed presentation of what the Democratic Party stands for. In night after night, Democrats highlighted their values in speeches and video segments from Democrats, Republicans, and ordinary Americans alike. But perhaps their most successful endeavor was telling the story of the character of the party and the person leading the ticket: Joe Biden.

I’ll touch on other noteworthy news events from this week in a moment, but first, let’s go day-by-day and discuss the DNC. Day one was hosted by Eva Longoria and we heard a lot of stories from ordinary Americans, with one really standing out. Kristin Urquiza, daughter of a COVID-19 victim, addressed the convention and said: “His only pre-existing condition was trusting Donald Trump and for that, he paid with his life.”

Throughout day one, former Democratic candidates spoke to Joe Biden’s decency. Biden is a guy who had an amoral person like Lindsey Graham crying about how decent he is. Biden’s greatest strength has always been his unshakable character. He’s the perfect contrast to Trump, who has none. Former Ohio Governor John Kasich was the first of many Republicans to address the convention and endorse Biden.

Biden’s decency is also why Bernie dropped out of the race without a fight. Biden was one of the few who treated Bernie with respect and took him seriously when he first arrived in the Senate, according to reporting. It’s within this context that Bernie Sanders addressed the convention…”

Get ready for Trumpfest, America – there’s no Republican Party anymore article from Salon.

4 days of Republican National Convention propaganda and bull shit allowing Herr Frump to bloviate his delusions and embellishments continuously is going to hurt Trump and his party bigly while cracking up American and the rest of the world.

WOW! Chuck Todd exposes Trump lie about saving the country and shows him unhinged article from The Daily Kos.

The time for the media calling Trump out on his lies is nigh – finally – and Chuck Todd actually did something right for a change:

Trump Promises to Make America Safe Again, Again article from The Daily Beast.

Trump’s growing desperation as the election nears compounded by his profound stupidity and axiomatic corruption is making more Americans realize just how much of an illegitimate leader he has been and he will probably lose the election bigly come November.

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 188th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt.

The delusion dip shit that calls himself president is ignorantly claiming that he can save us from the violence he’s fomenting and it’s not boding well for him:

“At the Republican National Convention (RNC), President Trump’s message was crystal clear. Trump argued that only he could stop the racial unrest that he himself has incited. Trump claimed that only he can rebuild the economy that his negligence helped destroy. Trump alleged that only he can navigate America out of the coronavirus pandemic that he failed to contain. In other words, Trump is telling voters to re-elect him to save them from his own failures.

It’s a bold strategy for the incumbent President to blame their current failures on their opponent. Republicans claimed they were going to present an optimistic view of America at the RNC. Instead, we saw a dark, dystopian depiction of America that simply isn’t true. If the RNC’s goal was to fill it with so many false claims, hypocrisies, corrupt abuses of presidential power for political stunts, bad-faith attacks on Democrats, and projection that it makes fact-checkers and live-tweeters exhausted, they succeeded.

RNC speakers repeatedly asserted that riots are a taste of Biden’s America during checks notes a convention for the incumbent president Donald Trump. It wasn’t enough to use footage of Trump’s America to somehow claim that it’s Biden’s America. The RNC straight up used footage from Spain. We also learned that two of the people who were in Trump’s naturalization ceremony didn’t know they were going to be featured in the RNC, then we learned two black women who were in Trump’s video on housing weren’t told they’d be in the RNC. Not only are they exploiting people as political props, they were doing it without their explicit consent.

We saw the exploitation of the White House for campaign purposes and violating the Hatch Act. The RNC gathered massive crowds of people together for an extended period of time with no COVID-19 testing or mask mandates. The RNC was a microcosm of the Trump presidency – careless corruption at the expense of Americans…”

Trump went full authoritarian in his latest Fox News interview article from Vox News.

Donnie’s dictatorial delusions were on full display once again at his favorite propaganda outlet – Fox faux news – where his desperation to avoid prison when having his ass handed to him in November by spreading yet more conspiracy theories to distract from the massive failure that is his presidency.

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 189th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt.

Trump’s most recent disastrous week of his failed presidency includes being caught – then lying as usual – disparaging Military Veterans and making fun of them…

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What Trump has done now from Pinterest

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