Misadventures of a minority-elect President 335

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Chronicling the misadventures of our forever Impeached minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Today’s misadventures of our forever Impeached malignant minority-elect president* begins with how his endless corruption and stupidity in handling the coronavirus pandemic is criminal, his growing desperation at getting ‘reelected’ is comical and very entertaining – though not so much for him, it appears that this time nothing is going to save Trump’s failed presidency, the Donald’s big comeback rally was a major failure – for obvious reasons and his alternate reality is imploding and so much more.

Donald Trump’s Corruption Is Killing Americans article from Mother Jones.

How the endless corruption and stupidity of Trump and his equally treasonous administration has killed tens of thousands of Americans for political profit with the catastrophic failure of their coronavirus pandemic response.

Donald Trump’s Increasingly Elaborate Bid to Create His Own America article from Slate.

On Donnie’s intentional lying and creating false realities to try and accommodate his delusions, and sadly the minority of moronic minions that actually support him are stupid enough to fall for it too.

As the people rise up against brutality, Trump and his enforcers move to criminalize dissent article from Salon.

The Don is illegally – as usual – trying to turn America into a police state because of his neo fascist authoritarian dreams, but in typical fashion, he’s too corrupt and stupid to do it effectively, and it will cost him the White House come November.

Trump declares Dems ‘domestic terrorists,’ ‘ugly anarchist,’ ‘antifa’ and ‘radical left’ – and that was just today article from The Raw Story.

Because the Donald’s presidency is imploding at a record pace and his ‘reelection’ chances are growing slimmer by the day, he’s reverting back to old habits thinking his dwindling base will save his corrupt and ignorant ass, and as usual, he’s delusional:

“President Donald Trump’s base is actually shrinking. Just five months away from the election he’s doing his best to lose voters rather than gain them, in the frivolous belief that a strong base, however small, will always turn out for him and win his re-election.

There’s no question Trump’s base, however small, is devoted. But a slew of polls over the past week show support dropping. Bigly. In some polls, by as much as 14 points overall.

And yet Trump is working hard to offend anyone who’s not already part of his base – even Republicans – but especially Democrats.

The Madness of Donald article from Counter Punch.

It took more than three years of nothing but crimes, lies, deceptions and bull shit from Trump before the media and others began calling him a liar and noting what a failure his presidency is.

The President Is Still in the Bunker article from Slate.

How living in his alternate reality that is riddled with delusions and conspiracy theories is doing the Donald more harm than good as his corrupt, failed presidency continues swirling down the drain.

#UglyPresident trends nationwide after Trump was taken to task in viral video article from The Raw Story.

When the man who brags about illegally using the military to forcefully remove peaceful protesters and calls it beautiful, you know it’s time to remove the piece of shit and flush it down the toilet:

When Donald Trump tried to stage a coup: Was June 1 the turning point? article from Salon.

How Trump has destroyed America during the last 3 plus years of his illegitimate presidency and how he tried to illegally put the military on U.S. soil to quell protests – which will come back to haunt him once he’s out of office:

“During his three and a half years in office, President Trump has succeeded in damaging every institution of politics and government, from the Department of Justice to the federal courts to the Foreign Service and the State Department to the intelligence community, public health agencies and beyond. But until fairly recently he had more or less left the U.S. military alone.

There were been some skirmishes with his first defense secretary, James Mattis — but in the end, Mattis resigned over a policy dispute, an event well within regular executive branch norms. But then, after being lobbied by a Fox News commentator, Trump intervened in the military justice system and pardoned three accused war criminals late last year, causing the secretary of the Navy to resign in protest. It turned out Trump had no more respect for the military than anything else.

Nonetheless, the military brass did as they were trained to do, which is to respect the chain of command. But Trump’s latest manic episode with respect to the Black Lives Matter protests following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis has tested that relationship in some very troubling ways.

Monday, June 1, may be a day history will record as one of those close constitutional calls that happen from time to time. It’s pretty clear that Trump had been terrified over the preceding weekend after he was hustled down to the White House bunker when protests outside the White House became rowdy and a small fire was set in the basement of St. John’s Episcopal Church across the street. When the bunker story came out in the press, he decided he needed to put on some kind of a show to prove he wasn’t weak…”

Trump Looks Like A Weak Commander-In-Chief During Sleepy West Point Commencement Address article from PoliticusUSA.

Yet another failed photo op as our Diaper Dictator tried to use the military for political purposes and prop up his lackluster presidency and once again he failed miserably:

‘President Bone Spurs’ buried for dragging West Point cadets back to campus for a ‘grotesque campaign rally speech’ article from The Raw Story.

More on the failure of our moronic illegitimate forever impeached president’s* failed PR stunt at West Point that will come back to haunt him bigly.

Trump’s West Point speech contradicts one of the biggest themes of his presidency article from Vox News.

On the irony of the Donald in praising the military for its independence while attempting to use it for political purposes such as egregious moronic photo ops and terrorizing peaceful protesters.

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 176th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt.

How attacking protesters while trying to act like a dictator – and as usual failing miserably – has only hurt our forever impeached illegitimate president* and made him look worse:

“The footage on CNN was stunning. Peaceful protestors were face to face with military police in LaFayette Square outside of the White House. The Trump Administration had just deployed those troops in a clear escalation in tactics. It was 6:30 pm, 30 minutes before the curfew in Washington, DC. President Trump was about to speak in the Rose Garden. No one, not even Trump’s biggest critics, expected what was to come. What happened next was the most fascist moment of the Trump presidency and most disgraceful of any president in modern history.

Seemingly out of nowhere, military and DC police, some on horseback, began to advance on the peaceful protestors. Pepper bullets were shot, gas and flashbangs were thrown. One officer punched an Australian cameraman and swung his baton at another journalist. Other officers were seen pushing protestors, unprovoked.

As this was ongoing, a literal split-screen could be seen on news networks as President Trump took to the podium. Trump declared himself the “law and order” president, said he would “dominate the streets,” and threatened to deploy the military into states by using the Insurrection Act. Loud bangs could be heard in the background as peaceful protestors were being brutalized.

These were the images that President Trump wanted us to see – a brutal split screen of cruelty being unleashed on innocent protestors as a show of might. But far from strength, this showed weakness, fear, and paranoia-driven authoritarianism. Trump didn’t stop there. As his remarks began to wrap up, the protestors had been successfully cleared from outside the White House. Trump ominously said he was going to pay respects to a special place…”

Trump Tells America To Make The Virus Go Away By Not Testing article from PoliticusUSA.

Since his criminally negligent coronavirus pandemic response failure was so egregious, Trump is trying to blame the rise in cases and deaths from it on people getting tested, and he is telling everyone to quit getting tested so the numbers go down and he can pretend that it went away.

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 177th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt.

How Trump spent this failed week of his corrupt presidency fanning the flames of racism while the country protested the systemic racism that the government claims doesn’t exist.

Coronavirus is back, and spreading – but let’s blame Trump, instead of each other article from Salon.

Never having a plan to fight the coronavirus pandemic while wishing it away as he continued committing more criminally negligent acts and then demanding the country reopen without being properly prepared is all Donnie’s fault, and nothing he or his moronic minions say will ever change that as he and his equally corrupt Vice President continue contributing to the rising death toll by gaslighting the country and lying about it.

Rachel Maddow Hits Trump With A Blistering Takedown Of His Failed Presidency article from PoliticusUSA.

How Trump’s coronavirus pandemic response is just another example of his entire presidency – one massively corrupt failure:

“Rachel Maddow blasted Donald Trump on Tuesday, saying his “fatally mismanaged response” to the coronavirus outbreak is just one of the many ways this president has failed America over the past three-plus years.

The MSNBC host said that under this president, America’s relationships with its allies are “cratering” abroad while the rule of law has been torn to shreds at home.

“We are not a well-run country right now,” she said. “How did we do that so quickly?”

This time is different for Trump article from The Week.

As noted many times here, the fact that Trump can’t lie and bull shit his way out of the coronavirus and the ensuing pandemic and that black lives matter is more popular than he is – coupled with the fact the delusional dumb ass in the White House lives in an alternate reality – is going to finally end his failed presidency and open the doors for accountability once his corrupt and ignorant ass is out of office.

The Lincoln Project’s New Ad: #TrumpIsNotWell article from Crooks and Liars.

More self assassination from the Donald to be used against him, while proving he has absolutely no room to talk about anyone else having mental or health issues:

In Authoritarian Tirade, Trump Claims Americans ‘Want Law and Order’ Policing Whether They Know It or Not article from Common Dreams.

Yet another of Trump’s delusional rule by decree press conferences where his usual corruption and stupidity were again on full display while spewing more lies before he signed it.

Trump Really Is Terrified of John Bolton’s Book article from Vice News.

While it’s true that Bolton is a piece of shit that should have been locked up with G.W. Bush, if there is any truth to his allegations that the Don engaged in committing Treason with other countries besides Ukraine, things will get extremely entertaining, especially once he’s out of office:

“WASHINGTON — The Trump administration just slapped John Bolton with a lawsuit to try to stop his tell-all book from coming out.

The suit aims to block Bolton from publishing “The Room Where It Happened” next Tuesday, June 23, as scheduled, arguing that Bolton risks “compromising national security.”

The fresh legal drama raises the bizarre spectacle of a sitting president overseeing a civil lawsuit against his own former national security adviser, over a book that reportedly describes Trump committing a series of improper acts with the leaders of multiple foreign countries.

Now, Trump is on a legal rampage against the man he appointed to help him make his most important national security decisions — while trying to get Bolton to keep his mouth shut about what he saw and heard at Trump’s elbow…”

Trump just spouted off one bizarre claim after another in a Wall Street Journal Interview – here are the highlights article from The Raw Story.

As the November election nears and his corruption and stupidity continue imploding his already failed presidency, the desperation and delusions are becoming more frequent because he knows his ass is in trouble and he’s going down.

Trump Self Destructs And Threatens The Supreme Court article from PoliticusUSA.

Another massive legal blow to his illegal regime from the Supreme Court resulted in our president Tweety having another of his usual Twitter tantrums filled with lies and delusions, providing yet more evidence that his is not now nor was he ever fit for the office he holds:

Trump’s Desperate, Despicable Diversions article from Counter Punch.

A look at how reality is bursting the delusional bubbles in the Donald’s alternate universe and he’s not handling it well so he creates distractions to try and focus attention away from his criminal, failed presidency…

Despite reality, Trump insists coronavirus crisis is ‘dying out’ article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

Wishing away and ignoring the coronavirus pandemic – which is impervious to his lies and bull shit – despite the obvious fact that it is still out-of-control makes Trump’s crimes look even more vindictive and it’s going to come back and haunt him bigly:

“It was 16 weeks ago yesterday when Donald Trump boasted, in reference to the United States’ coronavirus infections, “[W]hen you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that’s a pretty good job we’ve done.”

After a tragically wrong claim like that one, it’s tempting to think the president would’ve learned a valuable lesson from the experience. He clearly has not.

Gray TV’s DC bureau chief Jacqueline Policastro said to Trump, “Coronavirus cases are rising in 22 states, including Oklahoma, where you plan to hold a big rally this week. Aren’t you worried about people getting sick?” “No,” Trump said, “because if you look, the numbers are very minuscule compared to what it was. It’s dying out.”

There is no universe in which the president’s claim is true. The virus numbers are not “very minuscule” — neither nationally nor in Oklahoma — and the idea that the crisis is “dying out” is contradicted by every possible metric…”

Why some Trump supporters are starting to realize he’s delusional article from Alternet.

Those minority of moronic minions that comprise Donnie’s baked in base will never waiver in their worship of the corrupt and ignorant piece of shit that is our president*, but there is hope for some of the minority that originally voted for him:

A Field Guide To Trump’s Dangerous Rhetoric article from Crooks and Liars.

Learning how to understand the delusional doublespeak and rhetoric used by Trump to fire up the moronic minions that support him goes a long way towards putting an end to it:

Donald Trump can’t stop losing: The past few weeks have been the worst of his presidency article from Salon.

Not surprising, given the fact that he has always been a loser, and the fact that his lies and bull shit only work so long and are no competition against the coronavirus pandemic, which he has also failed miserably.

Don’t call it a comeback: Trump’s Tulsa rally was just another sad farce article from The Guardian.

My how things change after more than three years of having the most corrupt, ignorant idiot deceitfully ‘elected’ who has no idea how to lead – or anything else besides lie, con and cheat his way through his entire life:

“There have been so many reasons to feel embarrassed about Donald Trump.

There was the time he paid off a porn star. There was the time he lied about the size of his inauguration crowd. The time he talked about the big water around Puerto Rico. The time he thought you could kill the coronavirus by injecting yourself with bleach.

But nothing truly comes close to the embarrassment of his so-called comeback rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Saturday.

It was so toe-curlingly cringeworthy, such a crushing humiliation. There are 80s pop bands who have enjoyed greater comebacks than Donald Trump…”

Trump’s Lonely Walk Of Shame article from Crooks and Liars.

After the disastrous – for him – joke that was his pandemic infested bull shit campaign rally, the Donald wasn’t too happy and the fact that his ass will be voted out in November is invading his alternate reality since his corrupt, ignorant ass is facing jail time:

Trump’s deflating Tulsa turnout reveals a deeper problem for him article from NBC News.

Despite his Nixonian claims of being a “Law and Order” president despite the fact that he breaks it all the time while claiming to have a ‘silent majority,’ his dwindling base failed to show up for his lackluster ‘rally,’ revealing the fact that his delusions are non-existent.

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Secret of the demagogue Trump from Pinterest

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