Misadventures of a minority-elect President 334

Couching Coward Hidden Bunker Trump from Twitter

Chronicling the misadventures of our forever Impeached minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

How another illegal executive order that is as phony as his Twitter feed begins today’s misadventures of our forever Impeached malevolent minority-elect president* as his meltdown over his massively failed corrupt presidency continues at warp speed, why the Don needs to shut the fuck up and put his blackberry down to avoid Twitter for a change, the Donald’s corruption and stupidity have hastened the imminent implosion of his failed presidency, searching for #BunkerBoy as he hides away incapable of acting presidential for a multitude of obvious reasons, even the Don’s attempts at trying to be authoritarian are failing miserably and so much more.

Trump’s new executive order is as phony as his Twitter feed article from CNN.

How our deceptive, delusional, forever impeached illegitimate president* is trying – albeit probably illegally – to rule by edict with an executive order because Trump had a Twitter tantrum and can’t stop shooting himself in the foot repeatedly.

A week of distractions from Trump shows a leader in crisis article from CNN.

Another look at how the Donald only excels at creating distractions to deflect from his criminal, catastrophic failure of a coronavirus pandemic response who is incapable of leading anything, let alone a country, and who keeps showing exactly why he never was and never will be a legitimate president.

Fire, pestilence and a country at war with itself: the Trump presidency is over article from The Guardian.

On how a corrupt moronic president* abdicates all responsibility to incite racism and violence to stay in the News while spewing lies and delusions on Twitter while repeatedly illustrating why his life and his presidency are massive fraudulent failures.

‘He should just stop talking’: Atlanta mayor slams Trump’s responses to George Floyd protests article from The Daily Kos.

Why the Don needs to shut the fuck up and put his blackberry away to avoid Twitter as he provides yet more evidence of committing crimes and inciting violence in office to be used against him at a later date:

“Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms appeared on both CNN’s State of the Union and CBS News’ Face the Nation this Sunday morning. In both appearances, the mayor urged Donald Trump to “just stop” talking. The mayor compared Trump’s tweets about mass protests to his comments on Charlottesville, adding that “he speaks and he makes it worse.” Charlottesville is a reference to the deadly 2017 white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the counter-protest. Trump famously commented that there were “very fine people on both sides.”

When speaking to Jake Tapper on CNN, Mayor Bottoms said of Trump: “If he can’t be silent, if there is somebody of good sense and good conscience in the White House, put him in front of a teleprompter and pray that he reads it. And at least says the right things, because he is making it worse.”

Here is that CNN clip.

Trump led month of distractions and grievances article from The Hour.

A look at how Trump spent the month of May deflecting and diverting from his massively failed presidency as his corrupt ignorance continued hastening its implosion.

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 175th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt.

A look at Donnie’s most recent failed week as he fueled the fires of domestic terrorism while his cities burned, revealing once again that he is not now nor will he ever be presidential.

Trump branded ‘bunker boy’ for ‘hiding in the basement’ and turning off White House lights: ‘Total lack of leadership’ article from The Raw Story.

How our cowardly bunker boy that calls himself president* has revealed his true colors in so many ways, most recently hiding in a bunker beneath the White House while D.C. burned, also revealing that he has no leadership skills whatsoever:

Obama’s new statement on the protests exposes Trump’s failures article from Vox News.

The Donald is in free fall right now because he’s incapable of leading this country – not to mention anything else – in this time of crises, and consequently, it’s destroying what little is left of our forever impeached, illegitimate president’s * failed presidency:

“On Monday morning, former President Barack Obama posted a statement on the wave of protests and police violence rocking the country, celebrating peaceful protesters and calling for fundamental reform of America’s police forces. It’s a perfectly fine statement by Obama’s standards: compelling, not extraordinary.

But comparing what he said to the angry tweets President Donald Trump is busy firing off reveals just how badly the White House’s current occupant is failing.

Obama’s first major point is that the protesters resorting to violence are a small group; the vast majority are peaceful protesters coming out to demonstrate against severe and ongoing injustice:

First, the waves of protests across the country represent a genuine and legitimate frustration over a decades-long failure to reform police practices and the broader criminal justice system in the United States. The overwhelming majority of participants have been peaceful, courageous, responsible, and inspiring. They deserve our respect and support, not condemnation — something that police in cities like Camden and Flint have commendably understood…”

Trump Calls For Police State To Advance His Fascist Agenda article from Crooks and Liars.

Our Diaper Dictator is having hissy fits because of the protests that are fucking up his agenda so he’s illegally – as usual – trying to do something about it, which as everything else he does, will fail miserably:

Trump has reshaped law enforcement: Endless cover-up for him, brutal clampdown on dissent article from Salon.

How Donnie’s despotic delusions of grandeur coupled with complete corruption in his administration has made law enforcement an oxymoron that works to keep his Treason and other crimes covered up while cracking down on his enemies.

Trump Begins His New Civil War With Flash-Bangs and a Photo Op article from Truthout.

After having peaceful protesters forcefully removed for no other reason than wanting to stage a photo op of himself holding a bible and trying to act religious – albeit failing miserably at everything – believing it will salvage his illegitimate presidency isn’t working well for Donnie, who desperately wants to be a dictator and can’t even do that right.

We’ve Now Entered the Final Phase of the Trump Era article from The Atlantic.

Because he’s a delusional, corrupt moron incapable of thought – or much of anything else for that matter – Trump continues hastening the implosion of his failed presidency at a record pace, and EVERYONE needs to make sure they vote on November 3rd:

“We are in the Götterdämmerung now, the final phase of the Trump era. We began with the axis of adults that imperfectly constrained him. We then entered the age of hubris and action during which he systematically rid himself of the adults and was free to follow his whims. The third phase was the reckoning as he began to bump up against the contradictions of his own approach, on China and Iran in particular. Now we have finally arrived at the long-feared crisis and unraveling.

For three chaotic years, Donald Trump muddled through, at least in the eyes of Republicans, buoyed by the strong economy he inherited from his predecessor and powered forward by the long GOP wish list, which included, among many items, judicial appointments, deregulation, and the undoing of the Iran nuclear deal. Virtually every consequential and sympathetic analysis of the Trump administration, though, included a caveat: A serious crisis would upend any Republican progress and test the ill-equipped and vindictive president. Deep down, we all hoped the country would get lucky and slip through these four years without a paradigm-changing incident. But if luck is earned, we had no right to it.

The worst possible crisis arrived in COVID-19, one that tugged at every weakness of the president and the nation. It demanded scientific literacy, discipline, trust in authority, sacrifice, and patience. And then another crisis arrived with the economic depression. And then another, with the brutal murder of George Floyd. Now more than 100,000 people are dead, more than 40 million are unemployed, and violent protests have spread across the country.

Trump is stuck in a vicious downward spiral. He is incapable of undertaking the policies necessary to address any of these three crises, so he grasps for actions that shock the senses—accusing journalists of murder, pulling out of the World Health Organization, trying to prosecute Obama-administration officials. These actions simply make matters worse, but he still doubles down again and again…”

‘End Trump’s American carnage’: New ad from anti-Trump Republicans airs on Fox News article from The Raw Story.

Each time our Diaper Dictator opens his ignorant mouth he provides more ammunition to be used against him, and it’s long past time to give him a taste of his own medicine:

White House desperately claims tear gas was not used to clear protesters for Trump – here’s the proof it was article from Alternet.

After tear gassing peaceful protesters and shooting rubber bullets to clear them out from the White House so the Donald could get his moronic, sacrilegious photo op of him holding a bible – and he’s not religious in any way whatsoever – he and his ilk are trying desperately to rewrite the part of history where he, as usual, fucked up royally and brutalized peaceful protesters, but they’re not having any luck getting anyone to believe them:

The science is clear: Trump bungled the pandemic response article from Salon.

Even if you try to spin all of Trump’s other malfeasance and crimes – terrorizing immigrants, fraudulent tax cuts for his billionaire buddies, eviscerating the environment, attacking free speech and the press, and his countless other acts of Treason, the way he responded to the pandemic is an unforgivable, criminally negligent utter failure.

Trump campaign now rallying a brownshirt ‘Army’ on Trump’s behalf article from The Daily Kos.

Desperate times call for desperate measures in the Trumpster fire that is Donnie’s failed criminal regime, so now they’re trying to assemble a brownshirt army to stoke his despotic delusions of grandeur – and it’ll be interesting to see how many morons are foolish enough to join:

“Washington Post reporter Aaron Blake published the Trump/Pence campaign’s latest “FOR PATRIOTS ONLY” email. In it, the campaign says it is assembling a “Trump Army.” It is unconcerned with subtlety, directly extending Trump’s own calls for, as he put it, “Second Amendment” responses to Americans protesting police violence. The “President,” you see, is raising a brownshirt army:

“The President wants YOU and every other member of our exclusive Trump Army to have something to identify yourselves with, and to let everyone know that YOU are the President’s first line of defense when it comes to fighting off the Liberal MOB.”

During any period when a sitting president had not already encouraged his base, from the White House Rose Garden, to arm themselves and perhaps start shooting at other Americans, this emailed exhortation would be seen as merely crass. Today, at this moment, it is self-evident that Trump supporters who receive this email will be further convinced that they are an “Army,” that they are Trump’s “first line of defense,” and that they should prepare for “fighting off” not attackers, not rioters, not even looters, but “Liberals.”…”

‘Bunker boy’ Trump thinks he can edit reality like TV show article from Alternet.

The delusions in Trumpland run deep and more often than not, are completely devoid of reality, but that doesn’t stop our spineless pussy that pretends to be president from trying to change it until he thinks he’s successful, when nothing could be further from the truth:

#BabyGate trends as Trump’s White House border fence gets a hilarious new nickname article from The Raw Story.

The Donald can’t stand the thought of facing protesters so he constructed a fence 2 mile fence around the perimeter of the White House – or, as one Twitter user noted, #BunkerBoy now has his own #BabyGate:

Trump’s War on Democracy article from Counter Punch.

A look at how our cowardly #BunkerBoy has been waging war on Democracy since being ‘elected,’ and why it’s time to do something about it.

When They’re Protesters, They’re ‘Antifa.’ When They’re Trump Fans, They’re ‘Incredible People’ article from Mother Jones.

Being unable to differentiate between reality and his land of delusion isn’t doing the Donald any favors, and his corrupt stupidity just keeps exacerbating the problems he’s facing:

“President Donald Trump took a swing at the protesters who have been outside the White House on Saturday morning, calling them “ANTIFA & other Wacko groups of Anarchists” as he explained why the military presence he’s ordered to control demonstrations in DC this week doesn’t apply to his own crowds of supporters.

His comments come on the heels of a visit to Guilford, Maine, where the president visited a medical manufacturing plant on Friday. YouTube personality Lily Marston tweeted a video of supporters lining the streets to welcome Trump’s arrival and noted the “lack of riot gear or military control to ensure the protection and safety of this very large crowd”—a tongue-in-cheek clapback to military enforcements present at the massive protests in Washington, DC, against the police killing of George Floyd and Trump’s race-baiting behavior and attitudes toward Black Americans.

Trump shared Marston’s tweet to explain that “Riot gear or military control is not necessary because ANTIFA & other Wacko groups of Anarchists aren’t present to cause trouble,” Trump wrote. He called his own throngs of fans “incredible people.”

Randy Rainbow: The Bunker Boy video from Crooks and Liars.

A sad but true hilarious parody from Randy Rainbow as he goes searching for #BunkerBoy who’s nowhere to be found during America’s time of crisis:

A detailed timeline of all the ways Trump failed to respond to the coronavirus article from Vox News.

Despite his duplicitous attempts to deny responsibility for his and his administration’s catastrophic failure of a coronavirus pandemic response, you can rest assured that Trump is indeed responsible for it all.

It’s official: We’re in the Trump recession article from The Daily Kos.

The economy that the Donald inherited from the predecessor that he loathes has officially been destroyed and the U.S. is in a recession due to his negligent failure in responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

Yet Another Week of Trump Failing to be an Actual Authoritarian article from The Atlantic.

A look at how the Don’s egregious response to protests with ignorant shows of force and trying to act authoritarian failed miserably, like the rest of his presidency:

“Last week began with one of the ugliest—and potentially most dangerous—spectacles of Donald Trump’s presidency: the nation’s leader, having declared himself “your president of law and order,” striding across a park violently cleared of peaceful protesters by police firing chemical irritants.

Within a week, however, the Trump administration’s response to the nationwide protests over the killing of George Floyd had devolved into a bleak farce. While the attorney general appeared on CBS insisting that pepper spray is not a chemical (it is), the president was busy tweeting abuse at former Republican Secretary of State Colin Powell for endorsing Trump’s Democratic rival for the presidency. Meanwhile, the thousands of National Guard troops who had been dramatically deployed to Washington, D.C., were returning home, and the extensive new fencing around the White House no longer looked quite so foreboding, as D.C. residents decorated the barriers with artwork and protest signs.

The protests had grown. They had become increasingly peaceful. And Trump’s insistence that the authorities should “dominate the streets” had been rendered idle bombast by the crowds that in fact dominated them.

A moment that could have generated authoritarian consolidation instead quickly revealed the would-be autocrat as weak—in more ways than one…”

Trump just revealed a huge weakness. It may prove fatal. article from The Washington Post.

Creating political ads based on all the lies told by Trump since taking office – and there are many since all he ever does is lie – is going to end up causing a lot of headaches for our Treasonous, forever impeached illegitimate president*.

Critics Shred Trump’s Newest Conspiracy ‘Crown Jewel of Absolute Dumbf*ckery’ article from PoliticusUSA.

Trump stupidly tweeted yet another conspiracy theory about a 75-year-old activist that was pushed to the ground by Buffalo PD based on Kremlin propaganda pushed by One America News Network – one of his many Ministry of Propaganda outlets that he worships for trying to make his corrupt, ignorant ass look good:

All the president’s garbagemen: Has Trump finally lit a dumpster fire his enablers can’t put out? article from Salon.

How after more than three years of dealing with a completely inept, corrupt, illegitimate president* has finally worn this nation down to the point where they realize it’s time for his ass to go.

Trump Falsely Accuses an Elderly Buffalo Protester of Staging His Violent Police Encounter article from Mother Jones.

Our impotent Orange imbecile is growing more desperate to take attention away from his criminal ineptitude and massive pandemic response failures by tweeting what appears to be Russian propaganda dubiously regurgitated by one members of his Ministry of Propaganda:

“Even by the ever-sinking standards of President Trump’s fondness for right-wing conspiracy theories, his latest is something to behold.

On Tuesday, Trump accused the elderly protester who was violently shoved to the ground by Buffalo police last Thursday of staging the incident as an operation for Antifa. The incredible accusation—entirely baseless—defies the reality captured in a widely seen video that has since led to the firing of the two officers who pushed 75-year-old Martin Gugino, causing him to bleed from the head, during a protest against police brutality outside Buffalo’s City Hall.

Trump’s effort to smear Gugino, and by extension defend the two officers now charged with felony assault, follows the Buffalo Police Department’s initial claim that Gugino “tripped and fell.” The president’s tweet came just hours before George Floyd is to be laid to rest in his hometown of Houston, Texas.

Trump’s outburst appears to echo a segment from the far-right news network One America News, which floated the conspiracy theory that Gugino had been attempting to “scan” police communications during the protest. “I watched,” Trump wrote, “he fell harder than was pushed.”…”

Trump Almighty needs a miracle article from Al Jazeera.

Trump needs a miracle to stay out of prison once he gets his corrupt, idiotic Orange ass handed to him in November too.

The Cesspool That Spat Out Trump’s New Conspiracy About Cops article from The Daily Beast.

It’s truly amazing – in a sad sort of way – that there are so many delusional idiots who profit off U.S. taxpayers courtesy of the idiot currently occupying the White House.

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Salute illegitimate Trump from Pinterest

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