Misadventures of a minority-elect President 333

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Chronicling the misadventures of our forever Impeached minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Today’s misadventures of our forever Impeached malignant minority-elect president* begins with his trying to avoid accountability for his criminal actions, Trump is committing more crimes while threatening to cut funding for states that opt to use mail-in voting while fabricating yet more delusional voter fraud claims because he knows his ass is grass and he’ll be facing prison once he’s booted out of the White House, how his malfeasance is the gift that keeps on giving for his rivals, how his corruption and ignorance is growing as his desperation grows, how his growing desperation at getting his ass handed to him in November bigly is driving him even more criminally insane, as his epic failures continue to grow so too do his crimes and so much more.

By Firing 5 Inspectors General, Trump Wages War On Accountability article from Rantt.

Trump will go down in history as the most Treasonous, profoundly corrupt and idiotic president* in history for trying desperately to keep his crimes covered up and he’s only making his life worse once he’s out of office:

What does Trump mean by ‘war president’? He’s really the leader of a death cult article from Salon News.

It’s sorta sad that the moronic minions that blindly follow their corrupt and ignorant president* are too stupid to see how things really are, and they could pay a major price for it in more ways than one.

Trump refuses to answer when reporter asks him what funding he’ll cut from Michigan if they don’t change their voting laws article from The Raw Story.

Threatening to commit crimes while fabricating fraudulent claims of voter fraud isn’t doing Donnie any favors:

Trump moves openly to steal the election: Democrats should impeach him again article from Salon News.

It’s no secret that the Donald desperately needs help to steal the election again – which he has openly asked for and was impeached for – but threatening to withhold money because states are opting to use mail in ballots is a crime, to add to the many others he has already committed during his failed coronavirus response, and he knows if everyone votes his ass is looking at jail time once he’s booted out of the White House:

“Despite his off-the-charts narcissism, Donald Trump knows on some level that the majority of Americans don’t want him to be president and he cannot win in a fair election. He didn’t beat Hillary Clinton in the popular vote in 2016 — she got nearly 3 million more votes — and only won because of the outsize influence of smaller, rural states in the Electoral College. He has only grown less popular since then and is now well behind former Vice President Joe Biden in most national polls, usually by a margin of 5 to 8 points.

But Trump has had a plan to win in 2020, ever since his re-election campaign kicked off the second he was inaugurated: Cheat like crazy.

Trying to cheat in the presidential election is, of course, what Trump was impeached for in December, which no doubt feels like ancient history, due to the rising death tolls and exploding unemployment rate over which our “very stable genius” of a president has presided since then. So here’s a refresher: Trump, anticipating (apparently correctly) that Biden would be his Democratic opponent, leveraged the power of the State Department in an effort to blackmail the Ukrainian president into publicly backing right-wing conspiracy theories about Biden, threatening to withhold military aid unless Ukrainian officials announced “investigations” into Biden. The idea was to create the 2020 version of “Clinton’s emails” by using phony investigations and innuendo to paint Biden as corrupt, even though there’s no evidence Biden did anything corrupt in his dealings with Ukraine.

Impeachment did a lot to shut down that scheme (though I have no doubt they’ll keep trying), but that doesn’t mean Trump has given up the hope that he can rig some kind of victory, even in an election when strong majorities of Americans oppose him. Since shamelessness and callousness are among Trump’s central qualities, he’s perfectly happy to exploit the coronavirus crisis to do it. Yep, that same crisis that he made exponentially worse with his negligence and open hostility to science — now he wants to use it to deprive American voters of their chance to kick him out on his keister in November…”

Trump’s COVID-19 Disinformation Campaign Is a Preview of the 2020 Elections article from Truthout.

Trump’s alternate reality is nothing but disinformation and delusions catered to the endless lies he never stops spewing, so in many ways it’s true that the bull shit he’s been gaslighting Americans about over the coronavirus are in many ways an exact replica of his reelection campaign since that’s all his profoundly corrupt and ignorant ass knows.

Trump is on the verge of repeating a historic disaster as he continues to push virus hoax article from The Raw Story.

Another conspiracy theory designed and promulgated by Trump and his equally treasonous administration is to falsely blame China for his massive fucked up wet dream of a coronavirus pandemic response and the deeper down in flames he goes the more desperate he becomes.

WATCH: Trump threatens to ‘override’ governors if churches aren’t re-opened – then leaves briefing without taking questions article from The Raw Story.

Trump’s despotic delusions of grandeur are taking center stage again as his delusional little brain reveals yet more desperation and stupidity:

Disinformation, Coronavirus, and the 2020 Presidential Election article from Right Wing Watch.

A look at how Trump, his campaign, and other miscreants that comprise his Ministry of Propaganda are purposely pushing lies and other bull shit to try and sway public opinion and get his corrupt, ignorant ass reelected:

“In the 2016 presidential campaign, a robust disinformation effort fueled by Russia’s intelligence agencies provided a new turn in the narrative of United States politics. Now, as the 2020 presidential election approaches in a nation and world grappling with a global pandemic, disinformation is a growing threat to American democracy, especially as necessary social distancing measures make street protest impossible. Whether claiming that George Soros controls the American left, spreading disinformation and conspiracy theories about the coronavirus pandemic, or using disinformation to suppress black voters, right-wing operatives, along with actors who simply hope to destabilize the U.S., are sowing false and misleading information designed to foment suspicion of society’s institutions and the experts who lead them.

Media amplification only makes that problem worse. Disinformers, foreign and domestic, rely on amplification from traditional media to help their messages spread, and their tactics have evolved for 2020. But by and large, news outlets have not adapted their own strategies to avoid getting duped, making it even more difficult for those of us consuming news to discern truth from fiction.

The good news is that disinformation researchers also know a lot more than we did in 2016. There’s a lot more information available. This report will outline who the disinformers are, what tactics they’re deploying, and how the media often inadvertently amplifies their work. We’ll also discuss how the pandemic has created new opportunities for disinformation to spread. Here’s what you need to know.

The term disinformation tends to conjure up images of Twitter bot armies with thick Russian accents, but the disinformation landscape in 2020 is a lot more complex. While Russia has great expertise in roiling U.S. political waters, it isn’t the only foreign actor in the disinformation and trolling games. The Oxford Internet Institute issued a report finding “evidence of organized social media manipulation campaigns which have taken place in 70 countries, up from 48 countries in 2018 and 28 countries in 2017.” Social media companies have removed content with disinformation campaigns originating in Saudi Arabia, China, and Iran…”

Religious Voters Are Fleeing Trump And He’s Freaking Out article from PoliticusUSA.

A look at why the Donald made the delusional claim of being able to ‘override’ governors that don’t open churches – when in fact he does not have that power at all but he’s losing more supporters so he’s growing more desperate:

New Polls Condemn Trump’s Handling Of Pandemic article from Crooks and Liars.

One of the biggest gifts that the Don has to give us is how often and easily he shoots himself in the foot, never able to take responsibility for his idiocy or face truth and fact and he, as usual, can’t handle it, so be prepared for yet another Twitter meltdown:

The Impotence of Donald Trump’s Positive Thinking article from The Huff Post.

From day one Donnie has lied about having the coronavirus pandemic under control.

‘Trump froze like a deer in headlights’: New Biden ads skewer Trump’s halting pandemic response article from The Daily Kos.

Each day the national embarrassment that we call our forever impeached illegitimate president* provides plenty of ammunition to fight against his reelection and prove he belongs behind bars and he’s like the gift that keeps on giving as the following ads show:

“Donald Trump, by dint of his unflagging ineptitude and pervasive presence on the national stage, has left the Biden campaign with an embarrassment of riches for material to use in attack ads.

Two released by the campaign this week work in tandem, one reminding Americans just how devastating this pandemic has been under Trump’s leadership while the other reveals a man living in his own world, convinced of his competence and incapable of comprehending the reality most Americans are living.

There’s always a bigger scandal article from The Week.

A look at how Trump’s criminal negligence in responding to the coronavirus pandemic has opened more doors for his fraudulent corruption to roam – and it will catch up with him eventually.

Florida election conspiracy touted by Trump unravels into nothing article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

Yet another example of how every time the Don claims voter fraud he’s doing nothing more than spewing distracting bull shit to try and give himself another excuse to deny reality in elections and claim that the winner cheated, and as usual, those delusions are completely false.

James Carville Flattens Both Siderism: ‘Trump Is The Clorox Kid!’ article from Crooks and Liars.

Thanks to the Clorox kid that is our forever impeached, illegitimate president* and his failed coronavirus pandemic response that has resulted in over 100,000 U.S. deaths to date, Trump and his idiotic minions are trying to change the discussion to deflect away from his massive corrupt failures, and the press needs to start telling it like it is:

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 174th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt.

A look at Trump’s most recent failed week as corruption, the coronavirus and his usual ignorance continue making his mental state even worse due to his epic failures:

“We’re approaching 100k coronavirus deaths, with health workers and other essential workers on the frontline of this fight among them. On a weekend that is dedicated to memorializing those who have died in service of our country, the President of the United States spent two days of it golfing.

The New York Times memorialized the nearly 100,000 people who have died of COVID-19 in America on their front page, naming 1,000 of those lost and a little bit about the lives they each lived. The President, on the other hand, oscillated from the golf course to Twitter rampages that included falsely accusing Joe Scarborough of murder.

The week that preceded this weekend’s events was filled with wild occurrences. While President Trump tried to change the subject by dubiously claiming he has been taking the unproven drug hydroxychloroquine as a prophylactic and openly extorting states with mail-in voting, one of the biggest corruption scandals of his presidency zeroed in on Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Let’s start there.

We learned more details about the ousting of Steve Linick, the State Department Inspector General who was probing Pompeo’s conduct when he was terminated. We learned that he was probing the Trump Administration’s Saudi Arm’s deal that Congress opposed and other potentially corrupt conduct involving Pompeo. Pompeo admitted that he recommended the firing of Linick. In a normal world, Pompeo would immediately resign. But this is the standard operating procedure for the Trump Administration, as this was the fifth Inspector General who has been fired over the course of six weeks…”

Anatomy of a man-made disaster: 320 ways Donald Trump failed to protect us from the coronavirus article from The Raw Story.

A look at the many ways the Donald’s profound corruption and stupidity has failed the American people and made the coronavirus pandemic worse than it should have been.

If the coronavirus fight is a ‘war,’ Trump has been a disastrous commander in chief article from Vox News.

In Donnie’s delusional little brain, he’s a ‘wartime president’ for fighting coronavirus, the ‘silent enemy,’ but unfortunately for him, he would be charged with war crimes if he was due to the catastrophic failure that has been his entire corrupt illegitimate presidency.

Trump’s Gutter Politics Just Keep Getting Nastier article from The Nation.

How the Donald’s delusions and paranoia from a lifetime of epic failures – the most recent being the coronavirus pandemic which imploded the economy he inherited from his predecessor – have led him to revert back to his 2016 campaign playbook, foolishly believing that will help get reelected, when in reality all it’s doing is creating more problems for him.

Trump Hits A New Low By Trying To Tattle On Obama For Golfing article from PoliticusUSA.

More on Trump’s imploding alternate reality as he continues trying to be a victim of the coronavirus pandemic instead of responsible for the massive failure that it has been by tweeting delusions about double standards and Obama playing golf and acting like a 3-year-old:

“Trump is still upset and raging over getting called out for golfing during the pandemic, so he tried to tattle on Obama.

Trump tweeted:

Trump needs to learn what the term double standard means. Barack Obama is not the current president. As long as he is not violating any local rules or guidelines, he is free to play golf, just like any other private citizen…”

Trump Lashes Out As His Election Prospects Darken article from TIME.

Reality is beginning to implode the Don’s delusional alternate reality as it starts to sink in that his corrupt ignorant ass will probably be facing jail time come November 3, 2020 when the majority overwhelmingly votes his ass out of office.

12 truly amazing Donald Trump quotes on space article from CNN.

As usual, speaking before thinking – aside from the fact that he’s incapable of thinking – always reveals new depths of Donnie’s idiocies.

Joe Biden Humiliates Trump With Powerful Message As US Passes 100K Virus Deaths article from PoliticusUSA.

Trump should take notes on how a true leader would respond to a crisis instead of trying to blame everyone else while creating conspiracy theories and other distractions to deflect from your grossly negligent and corrupt response to a worldwide crisis:

Trump’s Order on Social Media Could Harm One Person in Particular: Trump article from The New York Times.

In his typical fashion of doing something extremely stupid because of his despotic delusions of grandeur, starting a war with Twitter for admitting his tweets are lies and trying to force revenge by writing up an Executive Order that – as usual – holds no legal merit whatsoever, could easily come back and bite him in the ass and force Twitter to remove his account:

“WASHINGTON — President Trump, who built his political career on the power of a flame-throwing Twitter account, has now gone to war with Twitter, angered that it would presume to fact-check his messages. But the punishment he is threatening could force social media companies to crack down even more on customers just like Mr. Trump.

The executive order that Mr. Trump signed on Thursday strips liability protection in certain cases for companies like Twitter, Google and Facebook for the content on their sites, meaning they could face legal jeopardy if they allowed false and defamatory posts. Without a liability shield, they presumably would have to be more aggressive about policing messages that press the boundaries — like the president’s.

That, of course, is not the outcome Mr. Trump wants. What he wants is to have the freedom to post anything he likes without the companies applying any judgment to his messages, as Twitter did this week when it began appending “get the facts” warnings to some of his false posts on voter fraud. Furious at what he called “censorship” — even though his messages were not in fact deleted — Mr. Trump is wielding the proposed executive order like a club to compel the company to back down.

It may not work even as intended. Plenty of lawyers quickly said on Thursday that he was claiming power to do something he does not have by essentially revising the interpretation of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, the main law passed by Congress in 1996 to lay out the rules of the road for online media. Legal experts predicted such a move would be challenged and possibly struck down by the courts…”

COVID-19 and the Unmasking of Donald Trump article from Common Dreams.

How the criminal negligence of Trump’s corrupt and idiotic coronavirus pandemic response, which has cost the U.S. more than 100,000 lives so far with no end in sight, has revealed Trump for what he really is, and he can’t do a damn thing about it.

Prepare For The Authoritarian Obamagate Show Trials article from Rantt.

Focusing on delusional conspiracy theories and wasting millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars to finance the bogus investigations isn’t going to work out well for the Donald or his equally Treasonous enablers in the Senate, especially when what Obama knew about Trump coming into office is revealed.

Twitter slaps warning on Trump’s tweet calling for protesters to be shot for ‘glorifying violence’ article from Salon.

In addition to violating his oath of office – which he has done routinely since being ‘elected’ – Trump has committed yet another crime by again inciting violence by tweet so Twitter labeled it accordingly, and once again he plagiarized someone else’s quote as his own:

The Most Mendacious President In U.S. History article from The New Yorker.

A look at Trump, his Twitter lies and delusions and why he’s only going to get worse as his catastrophic coronavirus pandemic and other corrupt cowardly and idiotic actions quicken his imminent implosion:

“On Sunday, on Tuesday, and again on Wednesday, President Donald Trump accused the TV talk-show host Joe Scarborough of murder. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, he attacked the integrity of America’s forthcoming “rigged” election. When he woke up on Wednesday, he alleged that the Obama Administration had “spied, in an unprecedented manner, on the Trump Campaign, and beyond, and even on the United States Senate.” By midnight Wednesday, a few hours after the number of U.S. deaths in the coronavirus pandemic officially exceeded a hundred thousand, the President of the United States retweeted a video that says, “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.”

This is not the first time when the tweets emanating from the man in the White House have featured baseless accusations of murder, vote fraud, and his predecessor’s “illegality and corruption.” It’s not even the first time this month. So many of the things that Trump does and says are inconceivable for an American President, and yet he does and says them anyway. The Trump era has been a seemingly endless series of such moments. From the start of his Administration, his tweets have been an open-source intelligence boon, a window directly into the President’s needy id, and a real-time guide to his obsessions and intentions. Misinformation, disinformation, and outright lies were always central to his politics.

In recent months, however, his tweeting appears to have taken an even darker, more manic, and more mendacious turn, as Trump struggles to manage the convergence of a massive public-health crisis and a simultaneous economic collapse while running for reëlection. He is tweeting more frequently, and more frantically, as events have closed in on him. Trailing in the polls and desperate to change the subject from the coronavirus, mid-pandemic Trump has a Twitter feed that is meaner, angrier, and more partisan than ever before, as he amplifies conspiracy theories about the “deep state” and media enemies such as Scarborough while seeking to exacerbate divisions in an already divided country.

Strikingly, this dark turn with the President’s tweets comes as he is using his Twitter feed as an even more potent vehicle for telling his Republican followers what to do—and they are listening. Just this week, amid the Scarborough-murder libels, about the accidental 2001 death of a young woman who worked for him, Trump tweeted out that he was now against the reauthorization of the federal wiretapping authorities in the fisa bill. Immediately, Republican lawmakers in Congress who had until that point supported it suddenly refused to vote in its favor. Bowing to the reality that some Republican votes were needed by the House’s Democratic majority in order to pass the measure, Speaker Nancy Pelosi reluctantly withdrew the bill from consideration. On Thursday, she mocked her G.O.P. colleagues for shifting on the basis of a “twinkle of a tweet” from Trump. He is now wielding actual and not just rhetorical power via social media. And he knows it…”

Trump’s baffling and cowardly press conference reveals a president completely unable to lead article from Alternet.

Each passing day Trump makes it blatantly more obvious that he never was and never will be capable of leading anything, let alone a country:

What Trump doesn’t get about his new executive order: it’d backfire article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

In addition to the fact that the Donald’s delusional, illegal executive order is a totally fucked up authoritarian wet dream that was dead before it was signed, if changes he wants made to social media platforms did take place, his Twitter account – and undoubtedly all his other social media accounts as well – would be deleted for violating rules and laws, but as usual he’s too stupid to figure that out.

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No fault Trump from Pinterest

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