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Chronicling the misadventures of our forever Impeached minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

His peddling extra-strength conspiracy theories due to his mounting desperation and epic failed presidency begins today’s misadventures of our forever Impeached malevolent minority-elect president* as his support continues dwindling because he lies too much and is nothing but a moronic fraud, how creating bull shit distractions and conspiracy theories to deflect from the mounting number of U.S. deaths from his failed coronavirus pandemic response isn’t working well for the Don, still trying to rewrite history by claiming Russia didn’t help him ‘win’ the election despite the obvious, it appears that the Donald may have committed more Treason with an illegal arms deal to Saudi Arabia and that’s why he’s covering up his crimes by firing all the Inspectors General investigating them, why creating a phony ‘Obamagate’ scandal isn’t going to work for our impotent ignoramus this time and much more.

Why Trump Is Peddling Extra-Strength Conspiracy Theories article from Politico.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and Trump is growing dangerously desperate because he’s losing his base and the vast majority of Americans don’t trust him for obvious reasons – especially since he’s told more than 18,000 lies, as of April, since being ‘elected’ – and he’s a profoundly corrupt and idiotic con man.

Trump peddles ‘Obamagate,’ struggles to explain what it is article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

Using delusional conspiracy theories as a distraction from his policy of abdication to try and make people think his catastrophic coronavirus pandemic failure is successful is hurting the Donald’s dumb ass but he’s too stupid and corrupt to figure that out.

Rachel Maddow Crushes Trump’s Lawyers For Arguing That He’s Too Busy To Be Investigated article from PoliticusUSA.

Trump – and the shysters stupid enough to ruin their careers by aiding and abetting a profoundly corrupt president* by trying to justify his criminal endeavors as being above the law – claims he’s too busy, but that bull shit claim is belied by the amount of time he spends watching television and rage tweeting instead of running the country:

Trump is peddling yet a new fake scandal — but there’s no way around 83,000 deaths article from The Raw Story.

Yet more on the Don’s latest bull shit ‘Obamagate’ conspiracy theory designed to deflect from his massive failure of a coronavirus pandemic response that has caused more than 90,000 U.S. deaths to date and shows no signs of slowing any time soon regardless of his lying about it going away:

“On Monday afternoon, President Trump tried once again to declare victory in the fight against what he calls “the invisible enemy” by holding one of his so-called briefings in the Rose Garden to celebrate America’s allegedly successful testing program. As one would expect, trying to sell the assembled press on such a blatant lie did not go well. At best, the testing program has been “anemic and spotty,” as former President Obama has put it, and the long delays and dithering in the response have led to the deaths of 83,000 people, and counting, within just a couple of months.

It was a sad and perfunctory performance, ending with a racist attack on an Asian-American reporter, after which Trump flounced off the stage like a disappointed second runner-up at one of his sleazy pageants.

He is clearly very upset that the medical community hasn’t devised a magic cure and that the virus isn’t succumbing to his repeated exhortations to “just go away.” The grand reopening of the economy is a chaotic mess and the “numbers” he’s so obsessed with keep going in the wrong direction. But his friends in the media and his top henchman at the Department of Justice, Attorney General Bill Barr, have come up with something thrilling to distract him from his troubles and make the pain go away.

They’re calling it “Obamagate,” and on Mother’s Day Trump spent nearly the entire day tweeting about it in a hysterical frenzy. When asked at the press conference by the Washington Post’s Philip Rucker to explain what he had meant when he tweeted that Obama had committed “the biggest political crime in American history, by far,” Trump replied, “You know what the crime is. The crime is very obvious to everybody. All you have to do is read the newspapers, except yours.”…”

Debunking ‘Obamagate,’ Trump’s Latest Conspiracy Theory article from Rantt.

A look at the latest delusion from our forever impeached illegitimate president* being used as a distraction from his failed coronavirus pandemic response.

Trump Now Rewriting History to Deny Russia Wanted Him to Win article from New York Magazine.

Still angry over being confirmed as an illegitimate president* by the U.S. Senate after getting help from Putin to ‘win’ the election despite losing the popular vote bigly, Trump is trying to rewrite history – and like his coronavirus pandemic response – will fail miserably.

Trump Suggests Obama and Biden Should Be In Jail for ‘Obamagate’ article from PoliticusUSA.

In addition to trying to rewrite the history of Russia helping him ‘win’ the election, Donnie is desperately trying to gin up a scandal with his ‘Obamagate’ conspiracy theory, which some on Twitter are calling his #Yomamagate scandal:

‘Obamagate’ Is Trump’s Latest Lie to Smear Joe Biden article from Mother Jones.

How dumb ass Donnie is creating yet another distraction and conspiracy theory to deflect from his corrupt coronavirus pandemic response and to spew delusions thinking it’ll help him win reelection:

“The Trump White House has released a list of officials in President Barack Obama’s administration who “may have received” access to National Security Agency reports from electronic surveillance in which Michael Flynn, who later became Trump’s national security adviser, was identified by name. NSA electronic surveillance of Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak had picked up secret conversations he had with Flynn in which Flynn attempted to influence Russia’s reaction to sanctions just imposed by Obama in response to Russia’s interference in the 2016 election.

The list, declassified at the request of acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, was made public Wednesday by Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa). It includes a note explaining that is not a list of people who asked that Flynn’s name be unredacted, or “unmasked,” in a report in which the identify of an American citizen would normally be hidden.” “Each individual was an authorized recipient of the original report,” it says, while noting it is not clear who actually saw the “unmasked information.”

The note explains that 16 Obama officials requested “unmaskings for different NSA intelligence reports for select identified principals.” The report doesn’t include who those 16 people were, but does name 39 officials who then may or may not have seen the report that included Flynn’s identity. That list included FBI Director James Comey, Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, CIA Director John Brennan, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough, and Vice President Joe Biden. A memo to Grenell, signed by National Security Agency Director Paul Nakasone, says each named person was “an authorized recipient” of the information and that the unmasking was approved through the agency’s normal protocol. Translation: Officials with regular access to classified information were authorized to hear about Flynn’s suspect activities.

But the list has already been seized on by promoters of President’s Trump “Obamagate” claim. This is a false claim that Obama was involved during the presidential transition in an effort to unfairly smear Flynn. Flynn pleaded guilty in late 2017 to lying to FBI agents about his conversations with Kislyak. But after public attacks on the case by Trump, the Justice Department, at the behest of Attorney General William Barr, is trying to drop the case. And Trump boosters are already misrepresenting the new information to bolster their phony claim…”

‘Obamagate’: Trump’s latest conspiracy theory, explained article from Vox News.

A closer look at the delusional witch hunt conspiracy theory contrived by Trump and his enablers to distract from his failed coronavirus pandemic response and why it too will fail as with everything else he does.

The Trump administration vs. science article from The World Socialist Web Site.

A look at how Donnie and his moronic administration are denying science, truth and facts to appeal to the most backward and reactionary minority of miscreants that support him in order to push his delusions that reopening the economy regardless of the human cost will help him get ‘reelected.’

Lock ’em up! Trump moves from Hillary to Obama, Biden. But what the hell is he even talking about? article from The Daily Kos.

A look at Trump’s delusional tweet and his propaganda presser on Fox faux News where our dimwitted Orange dumb ass couldn’t explain what his predecessor had done that was illegal – because there is no crime or conspiracy on his predecessor’s part – as a distraction from the resultant genocide from his failed coronavirus pandemic response… (drivel from his speech can be found in the twitter link above):

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: The data doesn’t lie, even if the White House does article from The Daily Kos.

Donnie can’t understand why his approval rating is tanking, why he has no credibility, why Governors are more popular than he is and why he’s not getting credit for his coronavirus pandemic response – aside from the fact that all he does is lie and his response, like his presidency, has been a catastrophic failure:

Jonathan Bernstein/Bloomberg:

Does Donald Trump Want to Be Re-Elected?

The president’s inattention to the coronavirus doesn’t suggest someone desperate to win in November.

It’s becoming more and more obvious that President Donald Trump has simply stopped dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, and has no particular plan for confronting its economic fallout, either. In both cases, he’s pretty much substituted wishful thinking for action. The Atlantic’s David Graham had a good item about this disengagement earlier in the week, followed by one from Ezra Klein arguing that “the White House does not have a plan, it does not have a framework, it does not have a philosophy, and it does not have a goal.”

When you’re overwhelmed and incapable of understanding what’s happening in the country, you’re … … … Donald Trump…”

Americans must remember that Trump’s inaction has already ruined their summer article from The Daily Kos.

Because of Donnie’s failed coronavirus pandemic response, rising death tolls in the U.S. will continue and it will be a while before normalcy returns.

Trump Wants A Fight With Obama. An Ally Cautions, ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’ article from NPR.

As treasonous as the Don has been since being ‘elected’ by a minority of miscreants, one would think he would avoid a fight with his predecessor who will make him look even more like the corrupt and ignorant ass wipe he is.

The fake ‘Obamagate’ scandal shows how Trump hacks the media article from Vox News.

Spewing lies and bull shit, as seen in the example below, as fact to create conspiracy theories is done by Trump to create confusion and deflect from his failed coronavirus response and rising U.S. deaths, and the media needs to identify his lies and bull shit as what they are instead of cycling them daily through the news cycle – which is what Trump wants because it helps him and garners more attention for him.

Trump may have been covering up multiple scandals when he axed the State Department watchdog article from The Daily Kos.

There is mounting evidence that Donnie once again committed Treason by selling arms to Saudi Arabia and if the IG was fired because of that he could be facing jail time after we flush the turd on November 3rd and vote his corrupt, ignorant ass out:

“When it was first reported this past weekend that Donald Trump continued his ongoing purge of government watchdogs by axing the State Department inspector general, the initial explanation was that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was being investigated for using government employees to run personal errands.

But frankly, misusing taxpayer funds is practically a Trump administration right of passage. Sure, it’s an ethical violation that in any other administration would be immediate cause for termination. But the idea that longtime State Department inspector general Steve Linick got the ax for probing a Pompeo dog walking and errand runner scandal seemed a little outlandish. So the natural question was, what was the real reason Linick got fired?

Rep. Eliot Engel, chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, may have found a better answer for Linick’s abrupt ouster, according to the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent.

“I have learned that there may be another reason for Mr. Linick’s firing,” New York democratic Rep. Engel, the chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, said in a statement to the Post. “His office was investigating—at my request—Trump’s phony declaration of an emergency so he could send weapons to Saudi Arabia.”…”

COVID Deaths in US Approach 100,000 as Trump Administration Misleads Public article from Truthout.

It’s hard enough keeping up with information about the coronavirus due to all the misinformation being spread but dealing with Trump’s catastrophic failure of a response while he deals distraction after distraction makes it even more difficult.

When the U.S. president represents a global health crisis video from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

Due to the Donald’s utter corruption and endless ignorance the U.S. has become a global laughing stock and each day he shows us even more reasons he is and always will be our forever impeached illegitimate president*.

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 173rd Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt.

The most recent failed week of our national embarrassment’s fraudulent presidency as Trump resorted to authoritarian deflections to divert attention from his catastrophic coronavirus pandemic response which has also been a massive failure…

The Obamagate scam: Bill Barr just admitted there’s no there there. That won’t stop Trump article from Salon.

Yet more on the delusions inside Trump’s addled brain to create a scandal to deflect from Trump’s own scandal – which won’t work like it did in 2016 when the media – in addition to Russia – helped him get ‘elected’ by pushing his fraudulent bull shit:

“As we slowly advance closer and closer to November, it’s important to remind ourselves that Donald Trump was impeached for attempting to cheat in the 2020 presidential election. Indeed, it’s crucial to circle back to events like this during the Trump era, given how the firehose of news relentlessly floods the zone with awfulness every damn day, one Trump trespass against reality — and the rule of law — after another. Otherwise, all kinds of atrocities get lost in the deliberate noise.

Seriously. Trump was impeached. That’s a thing that actually happened. Enough evidence was gathered by investigators, including transcripts and eyewitness testimony, to allege that Trump thought it’d be a clever idea to withhold military aid to Ukraine in order to extort that nation’s newly-elected president into announcing an investigation into Burisma, an energy company that had employed Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, on its board.

The operative word here is “announced.” It turned out that Trump didn’t actually need President Volodymyr Zelensky to launch a new probe into Biden and Burisma. All Trump wanted, in the end, was for Zelensky to publicly announce an investigation, irrespective of whether one was going to take place. The patina of impropriety was all Team Trump craved. Fortunately for the truth, Zelensky, a comedian by trade, was too smart to take the bait in Trump’s screwball plot.

Nevertheless, Trump has accumulated a devoted cult of Red Hat loyalists who will absorb and repeat every sloppy chunk of made-up gibberish he belches into the world, especially when he accuses his endless roster of political enemies of being “the swamp.” It’s blindingly ironic, given how, during his term in office, Trump’s charitable foundation and his so-called university were both shut down due to rampant fraud. And that’s without mentioning the bottomless pit of other Trump scandals…”

Trump’s Secret New Watchlist Lets His Administration Track Americans Without Needing a Warrant article from Newsweek.

Yet another new chapter in Trump’s Treasonous regime begins that may end up coming back to bite him bigly as he’s now using a ‘terrorist watchlist’ to track his enemies for political purposes.

How the New York Times Enhances Trump’s Propaganda article from Counter Punch.

A look at how the media takes Donnie’s distractions to new heights by trying to legitimize them instead of stating the fact – and truth – that his endless conspiracy theories and lies, which he has done more than 18,000 times since being ‘elected’, are nothing but distractions.

Randy Rainbow Channels ‘Fiddler On The Roof’ To Laugh At ‘Obamagate’ article and video from Crooks and Liars.

Some comic relief – as well as a realistic look at the failure that is our president* – at Trump’s catastrophic coronavirus pandemic response and the lies and deceptions he uses to try and deflect from it:

Unmasking the ‘Wartime President’ article from Counter Punch.

On the massive fraudulent failure that is our narcissistic piece of shit president* who acts anything but presidential while constantly providing the perfect argument for birth control:

“There is an insidious attempt by President Trump to manipulate workers and consumers into believing they are “warriors,” fighting to save the American economy from the coronavirus. His aim is to motivate citizens to return to work and to shop prematurely, in the belief that they are saving the country, when, in fact, their unnecessary sacrifice of health and life is about his attempt to save his 2020 re-election campaign.

President Trump told reporters that he viewed himself as “a wartime president” as the U. S. was at “‘war’ against an ‘invisible enemy.’” He compared America’s achievements during World War II with what is required today: “Now it’s our time. We must sacrifice together, because we are all in this together, and we will come through it together.” (“Trump labels himself ‘a wartime president combating coronavirus,” By Caitlin Uprysko and Susannah Luthi, POLITICO, March 18, 2020)

If it is a “war,” the “wartime president” is not arming American workers and consumers with the weapons needed to protect themselves and fight this “invisible enemy.” President Trump talks a good game of providing testing to identify, contain and treat those with coronavirus to stop the virus from spreading. During a visit to the Centers for Disease Control in early March, he said, “Anybody that wants a test can get a test. . . . That’s what the bottom line is.” And he repeated himself: “Anybody right now and yesterday, anybody that needs a test gets a test. They’re here. They have the tests and the tests are beautiful.” (“Trump calls coronavirus test perfect’ and compares it to the Ukraine phone call,” CBS News, March 6, 2020)

“The bottom line” is that testing was not available “now and yesterday.” An analysis by CNN revealed a “lack of coronavirus testing,” which “may blunt Trump’s planned economic revival.” Staff writer Stephen Collinson “found multiple errors in the government testing program that squandered a critical month during which aggressive testing may have reduced the spread and scale of the pandemic as it took root on US soil.” Collinson added: “The administration failed to make early use of private labs, released a flawed test it took weeks to correct, and barred private labs from making their own tests.” (“Lack of coronavirus testing may blunt Trump’s planned economic revival,” Analysis by Stephen Collison, CNN, April 10, 2020)…”

Why the Trump campaign is prioritizing ‘truth over facts’ article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

The delusions that drive the Donald and his equally corrupt and ignorant ilk can be entertaining, especially when our pathological lying illegitimate president* claims to be putting ‘truth over facts’ when he’s totally incapable of even telling the truth.

How Bill Barr Deceitfully Rewrites History to Give Trump What He Craves article from Mother Jones.

Just as Trump has done, his lap dog Attorney General is committing Treason to try and rewrite the illegitimate, fraudulent failed presidency of his boss but that will not change the fact that Trump had to cheat to ‘win’ election in 2016 and is still receiving help from Senate Leader Moscow Mitch and his Russian puppet master and that will never change.

President Tweety Threatens To Cut Funding To Michigan Over ‘Illegal’ Absentee Ballots article from Crooks and Liars.

Delusional claims of voter fraud are yet more bull shit distractions to try and discredit the election because he knows that if everyone votes he really will get his ass handed to him in November:

The President Still Has No Clothes article from Slate.

On how the corrupt Idiocracy being run by Trump and his administration has been quite revealing – resulting in the epic failure that is and has been his illegitimate presidency:

“Expressing his skepticism about the utility of widespread coronavirus testing, President Donald Trump recently said: “When you test, you find something is wrong. With people.”

We may never have the tests to determine exactly what is wrong with Trump himself. But we know that something is wrong, and we have known this for a long time. We know that he fails to exhibit emotional qualities we reasonably expect of a leader, particularly in times of crisis. Most notably, he fails to have empathy for (or, at a minimum, awareness of) human illness, suffering, and death. We also know something is wrong because we have heard, seen, and read statements by the president that are inconsistent, factually incorrect, tangential, and more than occasionally incoherent. Depending on the topic and setting, these behaviors range from intermittent to continual. Years have been wasted in an intramural debate among mental health experts over whether to diagnose the president remotely, and what such a diagnosis might be. But that, too, is a distraction from what is directly in front of our eyes.

There is, even as the president blurs the line between reality and fantasy while talking about a lethal pandemic, a tendency to puzzle over the president’s actions, to wonder if they are somehow part of a complex political strategy. Is the president’s behavior “genius,” as a recent Washington Post commentary chose to call it, while still labeling it “irrational”? A simpler explanation is that both his distracting tweetstorms and incompetent leadership arise from the same underlying cause, even if we cannot label it, and the correct descriptor is not “brilliant.” But despite years of largely uninformed incoherence, it’s still difficult for many of us to resist the temptation to find order in the mess.

In the absence of psychiatric or cognitive tests Trump may never undergo, we cannot establish that some affirmative condition accounts for his daily shortage of rational output. This leaves us in the uncomfortable position of having to document only what Trump lacks. And while proving a nullity seems impossible, the truth is that one doesn’t need a Ph.D. in clinical psychology to observe and record the ordinary human behaviors the president hasn’t mastered. Any rational observer can do it. The burning question is why we don’t…”

Trump’s Assaults on Government Watchdogs Expose His Authoritarian Ambitions article from Truthout.

In addition to revealing more details of his failed catastrophic coronavirus pandemic response and the hell it has unleashed in the U.S. – regardless of his delusional claims of having beaten it – the disease has also brought more of Trump’s despotic delusions of grandeur to the forefront and it’s not going well for him.

Overwhelmed and losing, Trump is melting down in a narcissistic rage article from Alternet.

The story of his failed, miserably corrupt and idiotic life…

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Flush the turd Trump from Pinterest

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