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Chronicling the misadventures of our forever Impeached minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

More of his usual lies and bull shit propaganda fests passed off as press briefings begins today’s misadventures of our forever Impeached malevolent minority-elect president* as he once again went down his delusional rabbit hole and lied about everything while making himself look like an utterly corrupt idiot, every day is a reminder of why Trump should have been removed from office a long long time ago, how the Don is going to cost Republicans bigly come November due to his exponential stupidity and corruption, denying that he said what he actually said is taking its toll on the Donald, still trying to rewrite the failed history from his massive coronavirus response and still trying to find someone else to blame while committing yet more crimes and much more.

Trump used his latest coronavirus briefing to push a bizarre lie about the deficit article from Vox News.

It is impossible for Trump to tell the truth about anything, but each ‘press conference’ which is nothing but pure propaganda shenanigans by him to spew his delusions, bull shit and lies while self-aggrandizing, was just the latest example of how incompetent and corrupt he truly is:

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 170th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt.

A look at how Trump’s profound ignorance sabotaged his propaganda briefings – and how his latest failed week has made him look even more foolish.

Trump is unraveling – even his supporters can’t ignore it now article from The Guardian.

A look at the many ways our forever impeached illegitimate inject-it president* is a laughing stock and how the idiots that support him can’t ignore how profoundly corrupt and stupid their beloved leader is.

In the Face of Death and Disease, Who’s Sorry Now? Not Donald Trump – Yet article from Common Dreams.

How being unable to admit guilt or sorrow for his obscenely corrupt and idiotic response to the coronavirus pandemic, which is proving quite costly in a multitude of ways, is going to haunt the Donald:

“What’s the smartest thing Donald Trump could say to the American people right now? I mean, other than, “I resign.”

How about, “I’m sorry?”

Back in the day, three-time New York City mayor Fiorello LaGuardia admitted, “When I make a mistake, it’s a beaut,”and voters loved him for his seeming humility (even though he had an ego the size of Radio City).

Imagine it. The president would get up at the beginning of one of his coronavirus press briefings and instead of the usual interminable, self-aggrandizing rant, announce:…”

Trump Incompetence Kills More Americans In 2 Months Than Vietnam Did In 9 Years article from PolitcusUSA.

In addition to all of his crimes from the last 3 years of his failed, corrupt presidency, the Don has managed to crash the economy he inherited from his predecessor and kill more Americans from COVID-19 in 2 months than were killed during the Vietnam War, cementing his place in history as the WORST president* in U.S. history:

Trump dodges responsibility after calls to poison controls climb article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

Donnie ‘can’t imagine why’ calls to poison control centers are climbing after he suggested people inject or drink disinfectant to rid themselves of the coronavirus as life in his delusional alternate reality continues imploding…

Trump the commander-in-bleach has been stripped of all feeling article from The Guardian.

How Trump is incapable of feeling remorse or sorrow for anyone which is in part attributable to his massively failed presidency and how it’s only going to get worse for him.

‘Pathetic’: Trump Says No to Additional Covid-19 Stimulus Checks, Backs Cutting Tax That Funds Social Security Instead article from Common Dreams.

More on the misguided corruption and stupidity that is our piece of shit president* who decided to dig himself a bigger hole that he’ll never slither out of instead of doing the right thing and actually leading the country:

“President Donald Trump on Tuesday expressed opposition to providing additional direct relief payments on top of the $1,200 checks that are slowly trickling out to eligible U.S. households, saying he would instead prefer to slash the tax that funds Social Security and Medicare.

“Well, I like the idea of payroll tax cuts,” Trump said at a press conference when asked about the idea of authorizing another round of direct payments in the next coronavirus stimulus package as mass layoffs continue.

“I’ve liked that from the beginning,” the president said. “That was a thing that I really would love to see happen. A lot of economists would agree with me. A lot of people agree with me. And I think frankly it’s simple, it’s not the big distribution, and it would really be an incentive for people to come back to work and for employers to hire.”

The real reason Trump treats meatpacking workers as disposable article from CNN.

Because many of the workers are Latino, African American or Immigrants – all of which the Don loathes except when they work for him – and because he’s profoundly corrupt and stupid.

The time has come for Republicans to climb out of the Trump hellhole or be consumed by its flames article from The Raw Story.

How the entire disaster that has been the corrupt, failed presidency of our forever impeached, illegitimate president* is going to lead to massive change in D.C. come November and the price they’re going to pay for Trump’s exponential stupidity.

With 30 Million Unemployed, Trump Calls His Virus Response Spectacular article from PoliticusUSA.

Aside from failing spectacularly, the only thing our one trick pony president* knows how to do is try and pass off his failures as success – and it’s going to hurt Donnie bigly:

It’s Slowly Dawning on Trump That He’s Losing article from The Atlantic.

Still incapable of taking blame or responsibility for his massive failure of a coronavirus pandemic response – despite the obvious fact that it’s all his fault – the Donald is having a hard time believing he’s going to get his ass handed to him in November:

“It’s far too early to know who will win the 2020 presidential election, but at the moment, President Donald Trump is losing.

There’s ample polling to back that up. RealClearPolitics’s average has the presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, up 6.3 percent on Trump. Polling averages in each of the potentially decisive states show Biden up, too, save North Carolina—and even there, the most recent polls show Biden ahead by 5 percent. A survey of Texans released yesterday even has Biden up by a point in the Lone Star State.

But you don’t have to take the public polling at face value. Take the president’s and his campaign’s word for it.

“I don’t believe the polls,” Trump told Reuters yesterday. Claiming the polls are wrong is the last refuge of a struggling candidate. “I believe the people of this country are smart. And I don’t think that they will put a man in who’s incompetent.” (A bit late for that.)

For Some Reluctant Trump Voters, Coronavirus Was The Last Straw article from TIME.

After more than 3 years of having a useless pile of shit sitting in the White House illegally profiting off his endemic corruption and incorrigible ignorance it actually took a coronavirus pandemic to start making his moronic minions abandon ship in Trumpland.

For Trump, Covid-19 Is Perfect Cover to Seize More Power, Increase Reelection Chances article from Common Dreams.

The Donald should have been locked up long ago for all the crimes and cons he has committed over his lackluster business career during the past 4 decades but since being ‘elected’ he has shown exactly why he is and always will be illegitimate – and that profound corruption coupled with infinite idiocy is a losing combination which always ends in catastrophic failure.

Trump is blaming Obama for leaving him with ‘broken tests’ for a virus that didn’t exist. Yes, really. article from Vox News.

The sheer stupidity and desperation of the lying piece of shit we call our president* never stops – he is so devoid of reality and unable to take responsibility for his multitude of massive failures that he still tries to blame his predecessor for his own malfeasance and ignorance:

Trump’s tendency to deny his past statements has become more glaring during coronavirus article from CNBC.

The Don is famous for lying his ass off and for denying something he previously said – sometimes only minutes, hours or years before he tries to deny it – and he’s done it routinely during his failed coronavirus pandemic response, and it’s going to come back and bite him:

“It’s a well-documented move: President Donald Trump says one thing, and then later on — sometimes after a few hours, sometimes after years — he denies he ever said it or suggests that his original quote is not what it appears to be.

But as he has seized more and more of the spotlight during the country’s response to the coronavirus, Trump’s malleable approach to his own record could carry more serious consequences.

Two recent examples came within the past week.

Trump’s 100 Days Of Deadly Coronavirus Denial article from Mother Jones.

A look at the first 100 days of the Donald’s catastrophic failure of a response to the coronavirus which will worsen as the pandemic does.

What does Putin have on Trump? article from The Raw Story.

When the Senate – led by the GOP – confirms that Russia helped Trump ‘win’ in 2016 and is doing it again, it begs the obvious questions of what Russia has on our forever impeached illegitimate president* and his enablers whose sham trial speaks volumes.

Trump Has A Sunday Morning Meltdown And Suggests He Saved America From A Great Plague article from PoliticusUSA.

How the president* is desperately trying to frame his massive failure of a coronavirus pandemic response by claiming that he eradicated a great plague that came out of nowhere – despite the obvious fact, among a multitude of others, that he was warned about it two months before he decided to do anything about it, and he’s still trying to find someone else to blame for his massive fuck up:

This Washington Post Story Shows Just How Little Trump Cared About Public Health in COVID-19 Response article from Mother Jones.

As noted many times in the past, you could easily construe criminal charges from Trump’s failed coronavirus response courtesy of his profound corruption and stupidity:

“In a chronicle of “desperation and dysfunction,” the Washington Post ran a story describing the tensions and events inside the White House between March 29 and last week, as Trump remained “fixated on the economy” while others in the administration attempted to contain the public health catastrophe of the coronavirus pandemic.

Over the critical month, when the US had already lost time in imposing measures that could lessen the impact of the illness, two rival groups emerged: doctors and scientists who understood the importance of imposing aggressive public health measures, and “the economic and political aides with longer standing relationships with the president.” Naturally, that group includes his son-in-law Jared Kushner, and also senior economic adviser Kevin Hassett, former chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, who pushed optimistic models predicting no more than 60,000 deaths, a number that has already been exceeded.

These two groups seemed to have fought about nearly everything: the seriousness of the epidemic, the need for tests, the available equipment, the economic toll the crisis would exact. Meanwhile, invaluable time was lost and the president’s impulses and demands dominated everything…”

Fact check: Trump peppers Fox News town hall with false claims on coronavirus and other topics article from CNN.

In pursuing more propaganda sessions to spew his bull shit, lies and delusions, the Donald decided to hold another propaganda presser to pat himself on the back and gaslight the U.S. public in order to try and pull victory from his failed coronavirus response, and as usual, it didn’t go well.

‘Mourning in America’: GOP group unleashes devastating ad that hits Trump for making US ‘weaker, sicker, poorer’ article from The Raw Story.

Yet more ammunition comprised of Donnie’s own duplicitous – and most likely criminal – actions during his catastrophic coronavirus response and the epic failure it has created:

Trump’s Covid-19 Reckoning Is Only the Beginning article from The Nation.

A look at how Trump has cemented his place as the most corrupt and idiotic president* in history, in large part due to his epic failure of a coronavirus pandemic response.

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 171st Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt.

A look at how Trump’s epic coronavirus pandemic failure is attributable in part to the fact that his corrupt and ignorant ass keeps treating it as a PR problem instead of a life or death issue:

“This week, we learned more damaging information about the early COVID-19 warnings President Trump ignored. The Washington Post reported that there were over a dozen mentions of the coronavirus threat in Trump’s presidential daily briefings throughout January and February. We already knew coronavirus was mentioned in his briefings, but we did not know exactly how many times he was warned. Although Trump denies this reporting, there were multiple other officials including Alex Azar and Peter Navarro who alerted Trump in January.

The bottom line is this: President Trump knew about the threat of coronavirus in January. President Trump lied and downplayed it for months. President Trump didn’t act until the markets crashed. It doesn’t matter what side of the political spectrum you’re on – a president who doesn’t care about solving problems and doesn’t read his briefings is unfit to lead. Trump is incurious and only cares about up-keeping the appearance of success. That was proven in new reporting and further proven by his actions this week.

President Trump continued to treat coronavirus like a public relations problem rather than a public health crisis. Trump’s focus this week was to leave DisinfectGate behind him and reset his messaging strategy. The problem is, President Trump is his own worst enemy. In the face of damaging internal and public polling indicating people do not trust Trump and his briefings are hurting him politically, Trump simply couldn’t help but put himself in front of a camera.

After canceling and rescheduling his propaganda briefing on Monday, President Trump went forward with it in the Rose Garden. Trump spoke with the confidence of a man who hadn’t just suggested people inject disinfectant into their bodies to treat COVID-19. When President Trump was asked about whether we will have testing up to 5 million a day in order to reopen, Trump went into a rant about how incredible our testing is capacity is. What Trump will never grasp is that questions about the challenges we face are not attacks on him. Trump went on to say that last month the media talked about ventilators and now it’s testing, as if we are just looking for problems to attack him on…”

Trump was the disaster we should have seen coming article from The Week.

Anyone who has paid attention to Donnie’s criminal endeavors over the past four decades before he got ‘elected’ by a minority knew exactly what this country was in for, we just had no idea how incredibly inept he truly is.

Trump Offers Lie After Lie Under Lincoln’s Unblinking Gaze article from The Daily Beast.

Yet more on the joke of a town hall propaganda meeting designed by Fox faux news to try and make our corrupt, imbecilic president* look good – while failing massively as usual.

Trump and Pompeo’s ‘big lie’ article from The World Socialist Web Site.

Because he’s taking fire for his catastrophic failure of a coronavirus response and he never takes responsibility for his actions, Trump is busily trying to find a scapegoat to blame, and as usual, he will fail miserably since everyone knows the truth about it.

Stupid Things Trump Said: ‘I’m Treated Worse Than Lincoln’ article from Crooks and Liars.

A look at a few of the many highlights from Fox faux News propaganda town hall with our forever impeached illegitimate president*:

“Donald Trump’s Fox News virtual “town hall” featured this gem, where a MAGA fan BEGGED Donald to please stop being a complete a-hole at his press conferences because it’s beneath the office. Really.

Transcript via Rev.com:

Carolyn Perkins asked the following via remote call-in video:

President Trump, my husband and I thank you, your family and your staff for your great dedication to our country. We pray for you every day. The question I have is about your manner of presentation. Why do you use descriptive words that could be classified as bullying, and why do you not directly answer the questions asked by the press, but instead speak of past successes and generally ramble? The U.S.A. needs you. Please let go of those behaviors that are turning people away from you. Please hold onto your wonderful attributes that make you our great leader and let go of other characteristics that do not serve you…”

The signs show Trump is growing increasingly disconnected from reality article from Alternet.

A look at some of the many reasons for the fucked up wet dream that is Trump’s delusional alternate reality – which is imploding around him on a daily basis:

Intentional Mass Murder Falls Under The Heading Of High Crimes And Misdemeanors article from Crooks and Liars.

How Trump and his ilk producing fabricated documentation – as usual – denying that re-opening the economy will kill more people while knowing it will is yet another crime committed by our forever impeached illegitimate president* for which he needs to be held accountable once he’s voted out of office.

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Moronavirus Trump from Pinterest

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