Misadventures of a minority-elect President 324

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Chronicling the misadventures of our forever Impeached minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

A look back at his most recent disastrous week begins today’s misadventures of our malevolent minority-elect president* as more of his profound corruption and stupidity takes center stage, coronavirus is going to hasten the end of his already failed presidency, Trump is flailing miserably as his record Stock Market loss hits hard, Donnie is beginning to emulate Howard Hughes as his tiny little delusional brain starts making him even more paranoid, a look at the trailer for ‘Pandumbic’ starring the idiot in the White House and his reaction to the coronavirus outbreak, if you thought Trump couldn’t possibly get any more stupid responding to the coronavirus outbreak you would be sadly mistaken, how America has finally woken up to the fact that there is nothing but a corrupt con man sitting in the Oval Office – who has cratered his own failed presidency, in his usual ignorant fashion Trump tries – and fails – to absolve himself of any responsibility and so much more.

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 163rd Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt.

The latest disastrous week of Trump’s failed presidency highlights more of his profound corruption and ignorance.

Trump’s Second Term? Not Worth Freaking Out About. article from Counter Punch.

A look at why little, if any, more damage would be done should Donnie actually ‘win’ a second term since he’s been so ineffective during his first term – aside from establishing himself as the most corrupt and ignorant president* to ever occupy the White House.

Trump’s denialist tweets are the coronavirus reaction we feared article from Vox News.

In his usual delusional alternative reality where stupid is as stupid does, Donnie once again tries downplaying the coronavirus outbreak with moronic tweets that – as usual – reveal the depths of his ineptitude:

The emperor has no clue: Trump seems to believe coronavirus will just go away article from Salon.

Believing the outbreak will disappear and praising himself for doing a good job – despite the obvious fact that he’s not – while spreading misinformation because he’s that uninformed and stupid isn’t boding well for the Donald:

“A compelling and coherent narrative is finally emerging to explain the Trump administration’s flailing response to the coronavirus crisis.

It’s consistent with what we know about President Trump’s pathological need for admiration, and with what we know about the culture of sycophancy and fear he has created among the people who answer to him.

And it should become an explicit element of every incremental story about the crisis going forward.

In short: Trump bet on containment rather than mobilization. It was a bad bet. But in Trump’s mind, it was a “tremendous success.” As a result, top health officials fearful of his wrath assured him it was working, rather than preparing for its inevitable failure. Now Trump is fully invested in making coronavirus appear to disappear, even as it continues to spread. But the only way to do that is to slow-walk testing, put a chokehold on the release of information, repeatedly insist that everyone says he’s doing a good job and hope for a miracle.

Who the Hell Wants Another Four Years of This? article from Esquire.

Trying to Tweet away a health crisis while blaming everyone but himself for his massive failures is really making Trump look even more stupid than he usually does…

Here are 13 claims Trump has made about coronavirus that have already gone down in flames article from Alternet.

Gaslighting the American people about coronavirus isn’t going to bode well for our forever Impeached president* and the more he talks the more stupid he appears.

Trump, who tied himself to stock market when it rose, struggles to respond to its plunge article from The Los Angeles Times.

The reason the Donald is in major meltdown mode is because the economy – his version of it any way – he inherited and took credit for is crashing, due in large part to the massive failures that have been his coronavirus outbreak response.

Trump Embarrasses Himself In Clueless Coronavirus Briefing article from PoliticusUSA.

The utter stupidity and cluelessness constantly comes through every time Trump opens his mouth to respond to the virus and he’s not handling it well:

“Trump sounded like a man with no plan as he embarrassed himself at the coronavirus briefing by repeating that he is going to take care of the American people.

Trump said:

We just attended a very important task force meeting on the virus that everybody is talking about all over the world no matter where you go. That’s what’s on people’s minds, and we are going to take care of and have been taking care of the American public and the American economy

‘He’s Definitely Melting Down Over This’: Trump, Germaphobe in Chief, Struggles To Control The Covid-19 Story article from Vanity Fair.

Trump’s similarities to Howard Huges are coming to light as his tiny delusional brain finally starts making him even more paranoid:

Presidential tweets can’t paper over Trump’s coronavirus failures article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

The stupidity spewed in our Twitter tyrant’s feed can’t solve the coronavirus – or anything else for that matter – but of course Trump’s little brain can’t comprehend that.

The presidency is an actual job: This idiot can’t do it article from Salon.

Bull shitting his way through one self-created crisis after another while bloviating said bull shit on Twitter isn’t working too well for Trump or the idiots that comprise his administration and we’re all paying the price for it.

Trump’s Private Theories About the Coronavirus Are Even Crazier article from New York Magazine.

The delusions running through Trump’s demented little brain are quite revealing – so much so that it proves he has no business being in the White House to begin with:

“Yesterday, President Trump tweeted a terrifyingly ignorant message about the coronavirus. “So last year 37,000 Americans died from the common Flu,” he wrote, “It averages between 27,000 and 70,000 per year. Nothing is shut down, life & the economy go on. At this moment there are 546 confirmed cases of CoronaVirus, with 22 deaths. Think about that!”

Well, yes, we only have 546 confirmed cases right now. The problem is that pandemics tend to spread quickly, as people infect other people, who in turn infect other people. Multiplication is not one of the more challenging concepts in epidemiology, but it still seems to be beyond the president’s grasp.

The hopeful interpretation of utterances like these is that Trump is trying to calm the markets by presenting the most reassuring gloss on the facts. But reports from inside his administration are giving a more disturbing explanation: Trump actually believes this.

The Washington Post’s account today reveals a number of extremely harrowing presidential beliefs about the coronavirus. To wit:…”

Trump too personally wounded by Pelosi to negotiate with her on coronavirus stimulus deal article from The Daily Kos.

Because Speaker Pelosi won’t put up with his twisted lies and bull shit, the Don can’t work with her regardless of the fact that the country is in deep shit:

We Need a President Who Cares If We Live or Die. Instead We Have Trump. article from Counter Punch.

As noted many time in the past, the only thing the Don cares about is himself – always has been and always will be – yet the solid baked-in minority base he has is unable to figure that out and see it for themselves.

‘It will go away’: Trump’s coronavirus rhetoric isn’t getting better article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

Every time the idiot in the White House opens his mouth he just digs himself a deeper hole – he’s that stupid, and the majority of this country is painfully aware of it.

‘Trying to Cover His Tracks’? Trump Reportedly Ordered Coronavirus Talks Classified article from Common Dreams.

Trying to hide his profound stupidity by keeping coronavirus meetings secret isn’t going to bode well for the Donald – he only tries keeping secrets when he’s up to something illegal:

“President Donald Trump’s White House reportedly instructed federal health officials to treat high-level meetings and discussions on the coronavirus as classified, a move critics said is clearly aimed at concealing potentially crucial information about the pandemic from the public.

Reuters reported Wednesday that “dozens of classified discussions about such topics as the scope of infections, quarantines, and travel restrictions have been held since mid-January in a high-security meeting room at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).”

“Staffers without security clearances, including government experts, were excluded from the interagency meetings, which included video conference calls,” Reuters noted.

One anonymous official told Reuters that the decision was “unnecessary” and may have hampered the administration’s ability to respond to the outbreak as it has spread across the United States over the past two months. The novel coronavirus, formally known as COVID-19, has infected people in at least 34 states and killed more than 30 in the U.S…”

Here’s what the media still can’t bring itself to admit about Trump’s relentless lying article from Alternet.

Despite the fact that Donnie does nothing but lie – repeatedly weaponizing false information to deflect from his profound corruption while trying to convince everyone to cross over to his alternative reality – the media still won’t recognize it as what it is, which is a problem for the majority that doesn’t support his ignorant Orange ass…

Team Trump can’t even figure out what lies to tell about the coronavirus article from Salon.

Trump and his propagandists – who lie about everything all the time – can’t figure out how to dig themselves out of their latest fuck up which will have very real implications for them all this time.

The Trump Coronavirus Disaster Movie: ‘Pandumbic’ article from Crooks and Liars.

A comic look – despite the obvious horror of having a moron in the White House – at Trump’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak – and rest assured the best is yet to come:

The Trump Presidency Is Over article from The Atlantic.

While it has taken much longer than it should have, America’s eyes have finally opened to the fact that there is a corrupt con man sitting in the Oval Office who should have been removed long ago:

“When, in January 2016, I wrote that despite being a lifelong Republican who worked in the previous three GOP administrations I would never vote for Donald Trump, even though his administration would align much more with my policy views than a Hillary Clinton presidency would, a lot of my Republican friends were befuddled. How could I not vote for a person who checked far more of my policy boxes than his opponent?

What I explained then, and what I have said many times since, is that Trump is fundamentally unfit—intellectually, morally, temperamentally and psychologically—for office. For me, that is the paramount consideration in electing a president, in part because at some point it’s reasonable to expect a president will face an unexpected crisis—and at that point, the president’s judgment and discernment, his character and leadership ability, will really matter.

“Mr. Trump has no desire to acquaint himself with most issues, let alone master them,” is how I put it four years ago. “No major presidential candidate has ever been quite as disdainful of knowledge, as indifferent to facts, as untroubled by his benightedness.” I added this:

Mr. Trump’s virulent combination of ignorance, emotional instability, demagogy, solipsism and vindictiveness would do more than result in a failed presidency; it could very well lead to national catastrophe. The prospect of Donald Trump as commander in chief should send a chill down the spine of every American…”

Donald Trump Biggest Fear: POTUS Reportedly Scared Of Being Exposed As A Fraud article from The International Business Times.

It’s a little late for that – the majority has known that Trump’s a fraud for the past 4 decades…

Donald Trump just had a disastrous week that may define – or doom – his presidency article from The Raw Story.

Lying his ass off while trying to blame his predecessor and tweeting more lies makes it abundantly clear that Trump is not now, nor has he ever been a leader, and his fraudulent presidency is a massive failure.

‘A clear and public danger’: Here’s the case that Trump must resign – immediately article from Alternet.

Donnie should have resigned – albeit by being convicted of Treason and imprisoned – years ago, and the dumber he gets the more dangerous he gets:

Trump’s failure to take aggressive action on viral outbreak much worse than simple neglect article from The Daily Kos.

Compounded by profound corruption and stupidity, Trump’s actions on the coronavirus outbreak could easily be construed as criminal – like the rest of his fraudulent history both in and out of the White House:

“Whether chosen democratically or by some other means, a leader’s true character comes out in a crisis. It’s then that people find out whether the person they have entrusted or acquiesced to be in charge is up to the job. In a democracy, thoughtful and decisive action not only is required of leaders, but it must also be carefully explained, with rationale provided. “We can get through this” is not a bad message to deliver as long as it’s backed by facts, even if those have more than a tinge of grimness. Blood, sweat, and tears kind of stuff, when necessary. Happy talk, on the other hand, is not helpful. And lies—well, lies can be lethal.

Credibility in a crisis matters a great deal even for an autocrat. If people believe what their leader tells them, then they’ll be far more willing to sacrifice to meet a crisis, whatever it is. They will strive to adjust their lives to protect themselves and others. There is a can-do spirit when they can trust that sacrifice hasn’t been forced on them by incompetence or abuse of power. When they sense that their leaders are depending on the advice of wise and compassionate minds to guide them past the shoals, the result is a tamping down of panic and overreaction. People will lay aside deep differences for the duration of a crisis and pull together to conquer something that knows no ideological lines.

But we, unfortunately, in the pandemic now underway have people in charge at the top who don’t have a shred of credibility or trust, except among the terminally gullible or venal, which, unfortunately, is still a substantial part of the American population.

The string of lies and dissembling we’ve heard for weeks from Donald J. Trump and some of his minions regarding the coronavirus has been bad enough. Far worse on Thursday, however, was an interview on NPR in which Politico reporter Dan Diamond said that Trump not only ignored warnings two months ago, but he also worked to keep testing to a minimum so as to ensure the case numbers remained low, in order not to tarnish his image as the best-ever president in an election year…”

Trump tells a nation terrified of coronavirus that none of this is his fault article from Vox News.

In his typical fashion of lying while deflecting truth and facts that invade his alternate reality, Trump finally declares an actual National Emergency while gaslighting the public and telling them that none of his administration’s failed actions are his fault while his past comes back to bite his ignorant Orange ass yet again:

‘I Don’t Take Responsibility At All’ – Trump Presidency In Six Words article from Crooks and Liars.

More on the Donald’s delusions of not being responsible at all for his own stupidity and malfeasance which typifies everything he does.

Trump’s usual method won’t work this time (but he’s trying it anyway) article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

Using his usual lies, bluster and bull shit while gaslighting the public isn’t going to work this time, much to Trump’d detriment, to will away the results of the coronavirus outbreak, but he’s stupid enough to try it any way.

At ‘Shock Doctrine Press Conference,’ Trump Bails Out Oil Industry, Not US Families, as Coronavirus Crisis Intensifies article from Common Dreams.

Always catering to the fraudulent corporations and billionaires that own him, Donald’s complete corruption and ignorance were once again on full display as the outbreak crisis continues growing exponentially under his misguided leadership:

“Climate action groups and progressive critics expressed disappointment and outrage on Friday afternoon after President Donald Trump—despite a continued failure to offer far-reaching support to the U.S. public—moved to bolster the bottom lines of oil and gas companies by announcing a massive federal purchase for the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR).

“Based on the price of oil, I’ve also instructed the Secretary of Energy to purchase at a very good price large quantities of crude oil for storage in the U.S. strategic reserve,” Trump announced during a White House press conference—surrounded by CEOs from major corporations, including Walmart, CVS, and Target—in which he also declared an official national emergency in order to combat the outbreak of the coronavirus.

“We’re going to fill it right up to the top,” said of the SPR, but critics were quick to point out that move has everything to do with helping his wealthy friends and cronies in the fossil fuel industry, and nothing to do with helping average people now under threat from the spreading pandemic.

“Trump has once again put the interests of oil and gas executives ahead of the interests of people and communities,” said Alex Doukas of Oil Change International. “With this move, Trump has rolled out a plan to prop up U.S. oil companies before he has even bothered to guarantee paid sick leave for US workers who are going to be on the frontlines of the coronavirus crisis for weeks to come.”…”

Trump just gave the worst speech of his presidency article from The Week.

Everytime the idiot opens his blubbering mouth to give a speech, Trump proves repeatedly that his is incapable of leading anything.

Be careful. Trump may exploit the coronavirus crisis for authoritarian ends article from The Guardian.

Given his despotic delusiosn of grandeur, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Don did try to exploit the crisis for authoritarian ends, but the fact remains that he’s entirely too stupid to pull it off successfully – as he has shown repeatedly…

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