Misadventures of a minority-elect President 318

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Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

A look back at the most recent failed week of his presidency begins today’s adventures of our malevolent minority-elect president* as his problems keep growing and the weeks keep getting worse, how the havoc unleashed by the Donald in his first 3 years in office will cement his place in history as the most corrupt and ignorant president* ever ‘elected,’ the truth about Trump’s failed presidency reads like a Stephen King horror novel come to life, for someone who claims he’s making America great again, Trump’s actions speak louder than his ignorant words, yet again the Don has proved himself to be a national embarrassment during his most recent overseas trip, Donnie’s plot to ‘investigate the investigators’ is going up in a puff of smoke – for obvious reasons, Trump is screwing over the minority of moronic minions that were stupid enough to vote for him and so much more.

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 149th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt.

A look back at the most recent failed week of Trump’s presidency as they keep getting worse and worse for him.

Trump caught blatantly lying about Ukrainian president ‘exonerating’ him in new interview article from The Raw Story.

Given that Donnie does nothing but lie, it’s not surprising that he’s lying about being exonerated, when in fact he’s far from it:

What Trump has actually done in his first 3 years article from Vox News.

The Donald’s legacy won’t be a good one, and while everyone focuses on his endless scandals and criminal acts, Donald has been busy destroying everything this country has ever stood for and he’ll go down in history as the most corrupt, ignorant president* to ever be ‘elected’ despite losing the popular vote by almost 3 million.

Half of America wants Trump removed from office. Why does the press keep shrugging that off? article from The Daily Kos.

It’s telling that over half this country – the majority that didn’t vote for him – wants the Don impeached:

“With the House Judiciary Committee poised to take up the impeachment baton and hold a new round of public hearings this month, the Beltway press continues to absorb and echo Republican talking points that claim the inquiry isn’t resonating with Americans. Because impeachments aren’t legal proceedings, the messaging wars that surround them take on added importance. And right now, by treating as no big deal the fact that basically half the country supports removing the president of the United States from office, the media is greatly helping Republicans spread their preferred impeachment message: The inquiry isn’t resonating.

“It’s a disappointing—if not unexpected—response for Democrats, who had hoped to use the hearings to sway public opinion,” the Associated Press recently reported, suggesting impeachment has been a political failure for Democrats because the hearings in recent weeks have not produced a tidal wave of public support. “Without that backing, it’s virtually impossible to imagine Republican senators voting to convict Trump.”

First of all, public support for impeachment could be 90% and it’s unlikely that loyalist Republican senators would vote to convict Donald Trump, so that whole premise is skewed. But also, the press’ preferred narrative about support for impeachment being stagnant just isn’t accurate.

Since Democrats announced their intention to hold impeachment hearings, public support for the inquiry has jumped 16 points, according to the tabulation at FiveThirtyEight, with public support for Trump’s removal from office increasing by 7 points. That’s solid confirmation that Americans are engaged on the issue and support the historic Democratic push to hold Trump accountable. It’s especially impressive during these polarizing times, when partisans remain so entrenched on most issues…”

Donald Trump, Conspiracy Theorist-in-Chief article from Crooks and Liars.

Why Trump’s demented brain is fertile soil for bogus ideas to take root – hence part of the reason he’s such a moron…

Is the Trump impeachment ‘tainted’? article from The Week.

Despite the delusions of Trump and his equally guilty enablers, the impeachment inquiry is not tainted and there are mountains of evidence showing that Trump is guilty as hell of Treason.

My darkest nightmare about Trump from 2016 is coming true. It’s worse than I feared article from Alternet.

The grim results of having a fraudulent reality star sitting in the White House read like a Stephen King novel that has turned true.

Trump comes unglued over impeachment at London presser: ‘Adam Schiff is a deranged human being’ article from The Raw Story.

The irony of Trump calling anyone deranged is comical, but he is totally losing it over the fact that his corrupt and ignorant ass is being held accountable and he’s not handling it well:

“President Donald Trump on Tuesday railed against impeachment and said that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) is a “deranged human being.”

The U.S. president made the remarks while meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in London.

Trump argued that Democrats are making a “mistake” if they go through with impeaching him.


Trump, Who Slashed Taxes by $1.5 Trillion, Is Pushing Cuts to Food Stamps article from Rolling Stone.

The president* that promised to help the people is now – again – rigorously trying to fuck them over, especially those that need assistance with getting food.

Trump’s ‘I want nothing!’ defense was always stupid. Now it just went down in flames article from Salon.

As with all his other defenses, Trump lied about talking to Sondland because he’s guilty as hell and everyone knows it – if he were innocent, he would agree to testify and hand over supporting evidence that exonerates him, but there isn’t any – and he’s desperately hoping the minority of moronic minions that support him are foolish enough to believe him…

Trump Campaign Uses Footage from Poland, South Africa in ‘American Dream’ Thanksgiving Ad article from The Daily Beast.

Trump claims to love America and makes his moronic minions try to believe that he’s making America great again, but his duplicitous actions always speak louder than his ignorant words – which reveals the perfect aphorism as to the endless depths of his corruption:

Trump’s Biggest Impeachment Mistake article from The Atlantic.

The House impeachment report is very damning for the Donald who has obstructed Congress more than any president in history while trying to cover up his crimes – and that fact coupled with his utter stupidity is going to cost him bigly:

“Part of what has distinguished the House’s impeachment drive against President Donald Trump is that its inquiry was not principally about a cover-up.

Unlike the scandals that prompted the previous two impeachments, the Ukraine affair was no “third-rate burglary,” nor was it an extramarital assignation in the Oval Office. The underlying accusation of wrongdoing against Trump—that he held up hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid to a U.S. ally in a scheme to aid his reelection campaign—is of a different nature entirely.

Yet in the 300-page impeachment report released this afternoon, Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee made clear that even here, Trump’s attempted cover-up of his alleged quid pro quo was just as bad as the earlier transgression. In detailing Trump’s flat-out refusal to comply with their investigation, Democrats effectively accused him of the worst case of presidential obstruction of Congress in the country’s history.

“Donald Trump is the first president in the history of the United States to seek to completely obstruct an impeachment inquiry undertaken by the House of Representatives under Article I of the Constitution, which vests the House with the ‘sole power of impeachment,’” the report states. “He has publicly and repeatedly rejected the authority of Congress to conduct oversight of his actions and has directly challenged the authority of the House to conduct an impeachment inquiry into his actions regarding Ukraine.”…”

America’s humiliation continues as Trump rants, rambles, and lies in London article from The Daily Kos.

The Don proved yet again why he shouldn’t be allowed to leave his bedroom during his latest overseas trip for NATO where he proved yet again why he has no business being the leader of anything, let alone a country…

Trump finds more ‘anonymous validators’ to tell him how right he is article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

Like the ‘silent majority’ that supports him – which in reality doesn’t exist – finding more ‘anonymous validators’ allegedly telling him how right he is is a joke – more delusions from the demented mind of Donald Trump.

World mocks Trump at NATO summit: Impeachment has him coming unglued article from Salon.

More on the fool Donnie has made of himself at NATO and how his imminent implosion is driving him even more batshit insane than he already is:

Remember When Trump Said The World Was Laughing At Obama? Ha, Ha! article from Crooks and Liars.

More on Trump being the laughingstock at the NATO summit where once again he showed the world how ignorant he truly is:

“CNN’s New Day dug into last night’s leaked video of NATO leaders dishing over Trump.

“Breaking overnight, a video that might drive the president crazy,” John Berman said.

“World leaders appear to be laughing at him. It appears to show Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and Emmanuel Macron appear to be laughing. Watch this. Justin Trudeau saying he watched the president’s staff’s jaws drop over the impromptu press conference.”…”

Why the laughter at Trump at the NATO conference wasn’t funny article from The Philadelphia Inquirer.

On the dangers of having a demented man-boy who cares about nothing and nobody but himself on a world stage could prove dangerous to the U.S.

Impeachment Was Created To Stop A President Like Trump article from Rantt.

The lawless acts and delusions of our wannabe dictator are exactly what the Founding Fathers feared, and why the ability for Congress to impeach was written into the Constitution.

‘Impeach Trump for This’: Video Shows Final Hours of Teen’s Horrible Death in US Immigration Detention Center article from Common Dreams.

Terrorizing immigrants – primarily children – and seperating them from their families is another of the many crimes that Trump has committed and will eventually pay for:

Why Trump’s plot to ‘investigate the investigators’ is going up in a puff of smoke article from Alternet.

Because the make believe in Donnie’s land of delusion is clashing with truth, fact and reality – something he knows absolutely nothing about:

“For months, the names of Michael Horowitz and John Durham have figured in the pounding rhythms of right-wing media in which a heroically afflicted president faces down his perfidious enemies. A steady drumbeat of reports from Fox News, echoed by President Trump and Republican loyalists in Congress, proclaimed these two obscure Justice Department officials would get to the bottom of an alleged conspiracy against the Trump presidency.

They would, in Trump’s words, “investigate the investigators.” It was oh so promising.

“I will tell you this,” Trump blustered on October 25. “I think you’re going to see a lot of really bad things,” he said. “I leave it all up to the attorney general and I leave it all up to the people that are working with the attorney general who I don’t know. … I think you’ll see things that nobody would’ve believed.”

Horowitz, as the DOJ inspector general, had the narrower assignment. He was tasked with investigating the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants issued to intercept the communications of Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. Horowitz had to answer the question: Was Page targeted for political reasons, perhaps based on the famous “Steele Dossier”?…”

Rudy Giuliani just blew up Trump’s ‘no quid pro quo’ talking point article from Vox News.

Surrounding himself with other absolute morons is going to end up taking Trump down – and he’s too corrupt and stupid to figure that out:

Trump’s Sordid History of Accepting, Requesting, and Encouraging Foreign Interference in US Elections article from Mother Jones.

Look closely and pay attention and you’ll find the straight line between Russia and Ukraine and how obvious it is that the Donald is nothing but a Russian puppet.

Trump Says Giuliani Got Good Dirt On His Enemies On Latest Ukraine Trip article from PoliticusUSA.

Still colluding and committing Treason while going through an impeachment inquiry isn’t going to bode well for Donnie:

Press Watch: Donald Trump says not to trust anonymous sources – for once, he’s not lying article from Salon.

Trump – who calls accurate news he doesn’t want people to know about fake news – uses anonymous sources all the time but he does have a point:

“Donald Trump obviously didn’t like something he read on Friday morning.

Fake news, to Trump, is accurate news he doesn’t want people to know about. His tweet was particularly ironic given that no president has ever been an anonymous source as much as Trump, no president has ever cited anonymous sources as much as Trump, and no White House has ever been more rife with them.

But he also had a point…”

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 150th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt.

Each week keeps bringing more bad news for the Donald as his failed presidency gets closer to its imminent demise.

What Trump has done to the courts, explained article from Vox News.

A prime example of why allowing corrupt presidents* to appoint corrupt cronies to the judiciary is unacceptable and needs to be changed – everyone last one of them, including the two Supreme Court ‘Justices’ need to be removed.

Democratic Lead Counsel Makes The Case For Trump Impeachment In Less Than 2 Minutes article from PoliticusUSA.

The case for impeachment against Trump is a slam dunk – he’s guilty as hell and everyone knows it:

President Trump’s War on the Poor article from Common Dreams.

The very same moronic minions that were stupid enough to vote for the Don are getting screwed over royally by him and they’re too stupid to see it:

“Donald Trump is famed for his head-snapping reversals. One day he’s taking troops out of the Middle East; the next he’s sending more in. One day he’s on the verge of an agreement with China on trade; the next he’s tweeting about holding off until after the election.

On one thing, however, Trump and his administration have been clear, consistent, coordinated and relentless: waging a war on the poor. Not a war on poverty but a war on the most vulnerable themselves.

Despite low unemployment, millions of Americans—the Brookings Institution estimates an astounding 44% of all workers in the prime working ages of 18-64—struggle to get by on median wages of little over $10 an hour or $18,000 a year. The working poor face soaring costs of housing, health care, transportation, utilities and, of course, debt—all rising faster than their wages.

The official “poverty rate” is far lower than any accounting of the true needs of a family. The National Center for Children in Poverty estimates that the average family needs about twice as much income as the poverty level to meet basic needs…”

Trump attacks Greta Thunberg for being Time’s ‘Person of the Year’ article from USA Today.

Once again showing why he is totally unfit to hold any office, especially the highest in the land, Trump decided to cry about not being Time’s person of the year and break out into another useless Twitter tantrum:

Trump goes on Twitter tear ahead of panel vote on articles of impeachment article from Politico.

Once again showing the world that he is totally unfit to hold office, our Twitter tyrant was busily spewing his delusions on Twitter and that he has totally lost what little is left of his delusional mind…

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