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Since taking office President Donald J. Trump has made it evident that he never had any intention of upholding Democracy, following presidential protocol, keeping any of the promises he made to the minority that voted for him or obeying any laws under the delusional auspices that they don’t apply to him. The only thing he ever cared about is and always will be himself regardless of the consequences.

Getting caught in his Ukraine scandal is an impeachable offense, but truth be told, Trump has been committing impeachable offenses since being ‘elected’ despite losing the popular vote by almost 3 million, and Democrats limiting his impeachment inquiry to only Ukraine would be foolish and a waste of time. Trump has never been popular among the majority of Americans, nor will he ever be, and despite his false delusions of an empirical presidency, he is not above the law.

Impeachment is meant to be used as a last resort, oftentimes only in the most extreme cases. In Trump’s case, his endless abuses of power have surpassed any we’ve seen in the history of this country and encouraging foreign aid in helping win another election is unfathomable. After more than 3 years of subverting Democracy repeatedly and abusing his power, the time for Congress to act is long overdue.

In the case of extorting Ukraine, for which he is facing impeachment now, Trump was foolish enough to release a transcript of one of his calls which specifically calls for pressuring Ukraine into digging up dirt to use against Joe Biden, one of his potential challengers in the 2020 election. The fact that he withheld Military aid to Ukraine that was mandated by Congress makes this criminal act even worse. The fact that he confessed to committing the crime during an interview with Fox ‘News’ doesn’t help his case either.

When you add the fact that his administration had the transcript of his call to Ukraine put on a highly classified server that is not open to top level officials and the fact that his Chief of Staff also admitted that Trump committed the crime only compounds the issue. But when you take a look at Trump’s other actions over the past 3 years, it becomes obvious that he has committed many more crimes than just trying to extort and bribe Ukraine, and has indeed committed multiple acts of Treason.


Indeed, Trump exemplifies the exact reason impeachment was created. Extorting Ukraine was bad enough, but Trump’s corruption is endless and he has done so much more that warrants being impeached.

For instance, other examples of Trump’s impeachable actions include violating the emoluments clause and profiting greatly from the presidency, obstructing Justice – and Congress, collusion, advocating political and police violence, abuse of power, engaging in reckless conduct, persecuting political opponents, attacking the free press, terrorizing immigrant children and their families, violating campaign finance laws, bribery and more. Examples of each can be found below:

Violating the Emoluments Clause: Profiting from the U.S. Military and the Secret Service staying at his properties and charging exorbitant fees – not to mention all the golfing vacations at his resort paid for by U.S. taxpayers – all violate the foreign and domestic emoluments clauses of the U.S. Constitution. There are many other examples of his violations available as well. Trump has also accepted presents or emoluments from foreign governments without the consent of Congress.

Obstructing Justice: Routinely obstructing Justice and trying to halt the Justice department and Congress from doing their jobs – especially over Russian election interference and trying to twist it around to imply that Ukraine interfered and refusing to comply with all the investigations led to routine obstructions of Justice by Trump.

Collusion: Despite being ‘exonerated’ by his equally corrupt Attorney General, there is no doubt that Trump and his administration colluded with Russia in trying to dig up dirt on Hillary Clinton, and has colluded with Ukraine in trying to dig up dirt on Joe Biden and his son. There are also plenty of other examples of Trump’s collusion with a number of foreign countries, most of which he also conducts business in.

Advocating political and Police violence: Trump’s divisive rhetoric and vitriol he spews at his ‘rallies’ would result in anyone else being arrested for inciting violence. Giving cover to neo-Nazis and White Nationalists and encouraging police officers to rough up people who are under arrest are only a few of the ways Trump has advocated violence – always against political enemies.

Abuse of Power: Blackmailing or extorting foreign powers while withholding money, trying to conceal whistleblower complaints that are detrimental to him, pardoning war criminals and issuing multiple veiled threats to obtain or prevent information are but a few of the many examples available of Trump abusing his power.

Engaging in Reckless Conduct: Having declined mental capacities that prevent him from making informed decisions, being unfit overall for holding office and tweeting his delusions and grievances are but a few examples of Trump perpetrating reckless conduct.

Persecuting Political Opponents: Trump has repeatedly pressured the Department of Justice and the FBI, and now Ukraine, to investigate and prosecute – despite no crimes being committed – political adversaries like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden

Attacking the Free Press: Any news that Trump doesn’t like or wants to keep covered up is ‘fake news’ in his eyes, despite the fact that Fox News, Sinclair Broadcasting and One America Network (OAN) – not to mention his own White House – more often than not – publish nothing but pure propaganda pieces designed to hide Trump’s ignorance and corruption while calling the press the enemy of the people in an effort to deflect from his many crimes is quite revealing.

Violating Immigrants’ Rights to Due Process: Separating immigrant children from their families and holding them in internment camps is inhumane and violates everything this country stands for. Terrorizing immigrant families is not only inhumane, it is an impeachable offense.

Violating Campaign Finance Laws: Paying hush money to a former porn star and using campaign money to pay other unrelated expenses is an impeachable offense, and also led to Trump becoming an unindicted co-conspirator in one of his former cronies’ cases. There are multiple examples of his violations of campaign finance laws.

Bribery: Despotic delusions of grandeur have played a major role in Trump trying to bribe Ukraine in order to fabricate ‘evidence’ that doesn’t exist to use against a political opponent. Numerous examples of the lack of intelligence offered by Trump reveals that it also plays a major role in his multitude of other bribery and extortion attempts which are also impeachable offenses.


Instead of focusing on a partial list of impeachment articles against Trump, the House of Representatives should cover all aspects of Trump’s brazen Treasonous actions so it’s included forevermore in history and becomes part of his corrupt, lackluster legacy, despite the fact that the GOP controlled Senate will continue covering up, aiding and abetting his criminal actions. History will not judge Trump or his equally corrupt enablers kindly, regardless of the outcome of his impeachment inquiry. Despite his lies of making America great again, Trump’s actions towards Russia, Ukraine, North Korea and myriad other lawless countries reveal that everything he does puts him first regardless of the cost or consequence to America. His actions always speak louder than his words.

After three years of constant malfeasance and scandal, many people are growing weary. Keeping track of Trump’s actions is a full time job, especially when he purposely creates multiple distractions to try and deflect from his corrupt actions. An innocent person would comply with the investigation, testify and provide evidence showing their innocence. Trump has done quite the opposite.

Given the fact that Trump has built his fame and fortune on endless corruption and a plethora of oftentimes criminal actions, it’s not surprising that he would use the office of the President to conduct a multitude of impeachable crimes. A copy of the House Intelligence Committee’s report, available here, leaves no doubt that Trump extorted Ukraine for political gain. The only thing that remains to be seen is whether or not he’ll get away with it, but stopping the impeachment inquiry over Ukraine there would be a big mistake.

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