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Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

We begin today’s misadventures of our malignant minority-elect president* with a look back at the latest disastrous week of his corrupt, illegitimate presidency, Trump’s lies are growing exponentially and will only worsen as impeachment swallows what is left of his already failed presidency, the irony of Donnie looking for corruption – especially when all he has to do is look in the mirror and all around him, Trump committed fraud when he lied about the ‘National Emergency’ to take money from the Pentagon to build his delusional border wall, the Donald is and always has been nothing but a major fraud and it’s about to catch up to him, Donnie keeps taking his stupidity and depravity to new lows – which many thought was impossible yet he keeps surprising us and so much more.

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 142nd Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt.

A look back at the latest disastrous week of the most corrupt, illegitimate president* in U.S. history.

Fake President Shoots Media Members In Graphic Video Show At Pro-Trump Event: Report article from The Huffington Post.

Inciting violence on behalf of our fake president* with total impunity means it’s okay for someone to make a fake video of Trump and his equally corrupt enablers getting shot with total impunity:

Trump’s End Days article from Counter Punch.

History will not judge Trump’s failed Kakistocracy as the most corrupt, illegitimate administration in U.S. history kindly and it’s not going to end well for him or his enablers.

The first arrests of Donald Trump’s impeachment crisis article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

The Donald is going down and it’s not going to be pretty, but the process is already in motion and it’s not looking good for him:

“At first blush, the charges against Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, two highly controversial associates of Rudy Giuliani, might make yesterday’s developments look like a campaign-finance scandal. And to a certain extent, that’s a key piece of the puzzle: the Florida businessmen stand accused of funneling very large amounts of illegal campaign contributions to various Republican politicians and political entities, including a leading super PAC allied with Donald Trump.

What’s more, according to prosecutors – who took Parnas and Fruman into custody shortly before they were prepared to take a one-way flight out of the country – the two cooked up a variety of schemes to make illegal donations to Republicans.

But this isn’t just a campaign-finance controversy, and it’s important to appreciate what else these guys were up to.

[Parnas and Fruman] were helping President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani set up meetings with high level Ukrainian officials, according to documents obtained by the State Department inspector general. Giuliani has acknowledged that he lobbied those people to investigate the Bidens and the 2016 campaign, in what Democrats say was an effort to uncover dirt on the president’s political enemies…”

President Trump has made 13,435 false or misleading claims over 993 days article from The Washington Post.

The lies from Trump keep coming fast and furious and are only going to grow exponentially as impeachment swallows what is left of his already failed presidency.


Calls for the removal of our illegitimate president* are growing and there are few places the Don can go to escape from it:

Trump’s China ‘Deal’ May Be As Fake As His ‘Border Wall’ article from Crooks and Liars.

Lying about his ‘China Deal’ to try and save face with farmers isn’t going to work out well for Trump either – especially since nothing has changed despite his bull shit.

Trump’s looking for corruption: start here article from Salon News.

The irony of Trump looking for corruption is hilarious given the fact that all he needs to do to find it is look in the mirror and at all the crooks he has in his administration, including his family:

“I’m more than amused by Donald Trump’s newfound insistence that he is in search of Corruption to unearth.

Indeed, in pursuit of Corruption, he is willing to walk all over the U.S. Constitution in order to tag political foe Joe Biden and his son as the source of a Shady Deal, with him risking impeachment by Congress in order to do so.

This comes as repeated new investigative efforts find no evidence of specific corruption in Biden joining calls across Western Europe for the removal of a Ukrainian top prosecutor who was seen as bending all decisions in favor of Russian oligarchs doing business in Ukraine — at the same time that his son had joined the board of a Ukrainian energy company.

But let’s take the president at his, um, ever-changing word. Maybe he is interested in unearthing Corruption. I certainly am. After all who wouldn’t want to rein in “dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery” or other financial shenanigans…”

Tomgram: Rebecca Gordon, True Crimes and Misdemeanors article from Tom Dispatch.

How extorting Ukraine was bad enough but Trump has done much worse – and he’s going to pay the price when it catches up to him.

Rachel Maddow Reveals ‘Clown Car’ Full Of Criminals That Trump Enlisted For His Ukraine Scheme article from PoliticusUSA.

Trying to run the government like he runs his fraudulent businesses is one of the few promises the pathological lying idiot in the White House kept, but it’s Treason when you’re a profoundly corrupt president*:

Who’s afraid of Donald Trump? No one. And for Trump, that’s the real end game article from The Daily Kos.

Being a moronic, treasonous president* who is going to end up in deep shit isn’t boding well for Donnie, and anyone with half a brain has nothing to fear from him.

‘Everything becomes a conspiracy theory’: Trump leans into spurious claims for impeachment defense article from Politico.

Having foolish minions that are stupid enough to believe your idiotic conspiracy theories which are concocted daily to save your ignorant ass isn’t going to bode well for dumb ass Donald:

“A president who rose to political prominence on birtherism — and then won the White House obsessed with Hillary Clinton’s emails — is latching onto scraps of conspiracy theories to build his political defense against impeachment.

In recent weeks, President Donald Trump has incorrectly claimed whistleblower rules were changed immediately before the whistleblower filed his or her complaint. He’s resurrected the myth that Democrats planted a spy inside his 2016 presidential campaign. And he’s promulgated the idea that the whistleblower is a partisan operative and part of the “deep state” of federal government employees out to get him. (The whistleblower reportedly is an intelligence officer, who Trump’s acting director of national intelligence has said “acted in good faith.”)

Data, evidence and repeated assurances from Trump’s own national security leaders do not appear to influence Trump as he searches for ways to undermine Democrats’ impeachment proceedings and the presidential bid of a leading rival, former Vice President Joe Biden.

Trump is joined in his like-minded distribution of misinformation by his close personal friend and lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, who often floats such ideas on TV — much to the chagrin of White House advisers…”

Every time, it’s the same long con job article from The Daily Kos.

The Don is nothing but a lying fraud who has somehow avoided prison his entire life, but with any luck, that’s about to change, and his tricks and schemes are opaque when you know what to look for and who you’re dealing with:

Trump unlawfully declared national emergency to fund border wall, court rules article from The Independent UK.

No shit. The common thread here is that as usual Trump broke the law to declare a fraudulent national emergency – which isn’t surprising given his love of perpetrating fraud…

Trump appears to forget basic details of the Ukraine scandal timeline article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

The moron in the White House lies about everything despite claiming to have the best memory of all time – he’s so mentally deficient that he can’t even keep his lies straight.

Let’s Be Serious — Trump Doesn’t Mind These Incitements to Kill Journalists article from The Intercept.

Anyone stupid enough to believe the Drumpf condemns the video of his shooting journalists hasn’t been paying attention – and in fact, it wouldn’t be surprising if he was the one that thought it up:

DOES ANYONE SERIOUSLY believe that President Donald Trump “strongly condemns” the meme video of him shooting, stabbing, strangling, and setting on fire a wide array of political and media figures, as well as news organizations, which was aired at a conference at his Doral resort in Miami last week?

If so, I have a degree from Trump University to award them.

On Monday morning, Stephanie Grisham, the president’s press secretary, claimed that Trump had “not yet seen the video,” but would watch it later, and “based upon everything he has heard, he strongly condemns this video.”

Well, what might he have “heard” about the video that she said he hadn’t seen? Here’s the New York Times, which broke the story on Sunday evening:…”

Trump’s focus on Biden also highlights his own questionable business arrangements article from CNN International.

Trump has no room whatsoever to talk about Biden or his son’s business arrangements, especially when he and his entire family are guilty as hell of all kinds of fraudulent business dealings and profiting off the Office he currently illegitimately occupies.

Trump has lived the life of a crook and will die a crook article from The Raw Story.

Anyone following Trump’s lackluster career knows that he is and always has been – first and foremost – nothing but a major fraud with several personality disorders and it’s about to catch up to him.

Jimmy Kimmel Calls Trump ‘Flakiest Snowflake Ever’ for Whining to Fox News article from The Daily Beast.

A hilarious look at Trump and his ignorance as his failed presidency continues imploding prior to his impeachment:

Trump’s Middle East Policy Is a Fraud article from The Atlantic.

As with everything else he does – not knowing what to do or how to do it, and basing decisions on his ‘gut’ – Trump’s Middle East Policy is nothing but a massive fraud and he’s losing control of it:

“Until days ago, a small number of United States troops were stationed in northeastern Syria alongside Kurdish forces who helped defeat ISIS and guard its jailed fighters. Now the troops are gone on President Donald Trump’s orders; Turkey is invading; the Kurds are fleeing, leaving their prisoners unsecured; and ISIS fighters are escaping.

How does Trump defend this situation?

“Some people want the United States to protect the 7,000 mile away Border of Syria, presided over by Bashar al-Assad, our enemy,” he tweeted. “I would much rather focus on our Southern Border which abuts and is part of the United States of America.”

He’d have us believe that this is a campaign promise kept: an America First foreign policy that refuses to risk American blood or waste U.S. dollars in the Middle East…”

The Tide Is Turning Against Trump article from The Nation.

The more he spouts his ignorance the deeper the hole he digs himself – and eventually he won’t be able to slither out of it.

Citizens Must Remove Trump From Office article from Counter Punch.

Why it’s important for We the People to get out and vote and remove the piece of shit currently occupying the White House – and pave the way for him and his ilk to go to prison where they belong.

Donald Trump tweeted that the Fox impeachment poll was ‘incorrect.’ It’s not. article from CNN.

Trump lied – surprise – about the poll Fox News, his propaganda network, conducted which showed a majority wanting him impeached, but his rationale, as usual, was delusional and full of shit:

Never-before-seen tax docs shows how Trump businesses made themselves seem more profitable to lenders – and less profitable to tax officials article from Alternet.

The major reason Donnie doesn’t want his tax returns made public is because they’ll show how much of a fraud he really is:

“Documents obtained by ProPublica show stark differences in how Donald Trump’s businesses reported some expenses, profits and occupancy figures for two Manhattan buildings, giving a lender different figures than they provided to New York City tax authorities. The discrepancies made the buildings appear more profitable to the lender — and less profitable to the officials who set the buildings’ property tax.

For instance, Trump told the lender that he took in twice as much rent from one building as he reported to tax authorities during the same year, 2017. He also gave conflicting occupancy figures for one of his signature skyscrapers, located at 40 Wall Street.

Lenders like to see a rising occupancy level as a sign of what they call “leasing momentum.” Sure enough, the company told a lender that 40 Wall Street had been 58.9% leased on Dec. 31, 2012, and then rose to 95% a few years later. The company told tax officials the building was 81% rented as of Jan. 5, 2013.

A dozen real estate professionals told ProPublica they saw no clear explanation for multiple inconsistencies in the documents. The discrepancies are “versions of fraud,” said Nancy Wallace, a professor of finance and real estate at the Haas School of Business at the University of California-Berkeley. “This kind of stuff is not OK.”…”

Why We Must Impeach article from Rolling Stone.

Trump has committed so many crimes that are impeachable and it’s time for him to be held accountable for them.

Pelosi: ‘What we witnessed on the part of the president was a meltdown’ article from The Daily Kos.

In his typical bullying temper tantrum adolescence, Trump had another meltdown during a meeting with leaders of Congress over his impending impeachment doom and as usual the results were comical and childish – well below the acceptable behavior for a world leader:

Rachel Maddow Drops Another Article Of Impeachment On Trump’s Sinking Presidency article from PoliticusUSA.

There are so many things the Donald could be impeached for and the longer these investigations go, the more he squirms – especially as he commits more crimes trying to obstruct the investigations – and he’s getting more desperate and stupid:

Trump’s Wild Wednesday article from Slate.

Just when you think Donnie can’t get any more stupid or slither any lower than he already has, he surprises us and does just that:

“For some time, President Donald Trump has been out on the edge, but on Wednesday he slipped over, into the abyss. No longer merely reckless and erratic, he’s now out of control and delusional.

The slew of evidence pouring forth in his own words, over the course of a single day, mainly about his self-inflicted disaster in Syria, is astonishing. It’s been clear throughout his nearly three years in office that, when it comes to foreign policy, Trump is willfully uninformed, has no idea what he’s talking about, and behaves impulsively, often against U.S. interests. But the latest news goes beyond that.

Take Trump’s remarks, in an Oval Office session with reporters and at a joint press conference with the president of Italy, about the chaos in Syria. Keep in mind that his betrayal of the Kurds was an explicit feature of his Oct. 6 decision—during a phone conversation with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan—to withdraw a small cadre of U.S. troops from northern Syria. The White House statement, released that day, said as much:

Turkey will soon be moving forward with its long-planned operation into Northern Syria. The United States Armed Forces will not support or be involved in the operation, and United States forces … will no longer be in the immediate area…”

Trump melts down when he can’t control the news article from The Washington Post.

The Don loves being the center of attention – which is part of the reason for his egregiously abnormal behavior since he loves seeing his name all over the news – but he has serious issues when the news is bad and he can’t control it.

Even Fox Admits Trump Is Violating Emoluments Clause By Holding G7 At His Golf Club article from PoliticusUSA.

The incredible stupidity of Donald J. Trump is once again on full display as he blatantly violates the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution in plain site and sets himself up for another impeachable offense so he can try and help his failing golf course in Miami:

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