When The President* Is The Problem

Trump’s Hitler traits from Pinterest

Two recent mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso, driven by delusions embraced by what a growing majority recognizes as an illegitimate president, reveal the sad truth about violence in this country. President Donald J. Trump’s name has been invoked in at least 36 cases having to do with violence, threats and alleged assaults because he routinely spews hatred and racism and lies about everything simply to cater to the shrinking minority of misguided miscreants that embrace every putrid quality he emanates.

In order to unify and comfort an ailing country, a president needs to be empathetic and understanding, not self-centered and delusional so it is impossible for Trump to do. After more than 30 months of stirring up vitriol and hate against people that aren’t White, Trump is past the point of comforting anyone or acting presidential with any credibility. Regardless of what he says, his tweets and actions speak louder and tell a totally different story, revealing the truth of his disregard for anyone but himself.

Each passing day Trump’s rhetoric has worsened as his racist diatribes continue spewing forth from his Twitter feed and at his so-called rallies where he incites fear and violence routinely while lying repeatedly. He can’t even give a regular speech without devolving into a vitriolic idiot who has no concept of reality. Never one to accept blame for his own fatally flawed personality traits and delusions, Trump has to blame everyone else. Despite his failed attempt at addressing these crises and calling for unity, his words and actions only serve to make things worse. That will never change.

Trump has a history of emanating fear and hate at his rallies due to his dictatorial aspirations and loves being surrounded by idiots that don’t know any better and aren’t capable of thinking for themselves. He couldn’t care less whether or not anyone gets hurt as long as he’s the center of attention. Since all he ever does is lie, self-aggrandize and dream up delusional embellishments, he prefers to bloviate his vitriolic, racist screeds whenever and wherever he can, offering us yet more evidence as to how illegitimate and ignorant he truly is.


Regardless of his disingenuous calls for ‘love’ and ‘unity,’ the real Trump revels in speaking off the cuff and making everything ‘us’ versus ‘them’ to his minority of moronic supporters that are stupid enough to attend his ‘rallies’ and believe every lie he tells them. He will never succeed in uniting this country for anything because he has spent his entire miserable presidency splitting the country and the Majority that opposes his profoundly corrupt and ignorant ways is well aware of this.

More than any other politician in modern history, Trump has purposely and repeatedly fueled the flames of ethnic and racial antipathy in hopes that his minority of miscreants will keep him in office since he’ll be facing jail time once he leaves the White House in 2021. But sadly for Trump, the more he fans the flames of hate and racial antipathy the more he alienates the growing majority of this country that opposes him. Instead of running the country, Trump prefers to stoke the fires of his White Nationalism which inspires mass killings.

Trump, who bears responsibility for the uptick in White Nationalist Terrorism, spent years promulgating a conspiracy theory about his predecessor’s birthplace, dubiously claims that Mexicans are rapists, called for 4 Congress women of color to ‘go back home,’ and compared Baltimore residents to rodents and migrants – among a myriad of other racist acts, including constantly spewing racism and hate on Twitter – is not capable of condemning racism, let alone feeling empathy towards the victims of it because he and his supporters thrive on it.

For his entire presidency our White Supremacist-in-Chief has provoked far-right terrorism routinely but the press never calls it what it is and continuously lets him get away with it. During his disingenuous joke of an address read from a teleprompter to the nation on the shootings in Dayton and El Paso Trump completely ignored one of the major causes of the rising far right-wing domestic terrorism – his own racist rhetoricsince he has been in office.

Since being illegitimately ‘elected’ to the presidency, White Supremacist attacks – motivated and encouraged by Trump – have grown deadlier and more common. Regardless of Trump’s dubious claims of trying to unite the country, his actions always speak louder than his lies and empty promises. After the most recent mass shooting in El Paso, it has become obvious that we can no longer ignore Trump’s role in inspiring and encouraging mass shootings and violence against immigrants and others that have darker skin tones. The El Paso shooter’s manifesto echoed Trump’s delusions and Twitter feed almost verbatim, making it obvious that many of the moronic minions that support him are just as malignant and ignorant as he is.


Trump has had Hitler aspirations – he spent years sleeping with a copy of Mein Kempf next to his bedside – for decades so dubiously comparing Hispanic migrants to an infectious disease while inhumanely detaining them is not surprising. Sadly to many of his moronic minions, his words are gospel. Words matter and Trump bears responsibility for the rise of White Supremacist attacks that are occurring more frequently and his racist policies and rhetoric are growing and creating more problems.

Trump’s reactions to being caught in his endless lies and trying to deflect blame for his actions are entertaining, albeit it in a pathetic way. Oftentimes the reason Trump never stops spewing his lies, racism and other hate-induced vitriol is to serve as a distraction from his continuous criminal actions and deeds and his failed illegitimate presidency. Trump can never act presidential, let alone unite the country that he keeps purposely fracturing to keep the support of the minority of morons that are foolish enough to believe what he says and does without question and his delusions are making some of them more extreme and violent.

Trump creates distractions because he is, as noted by Eric Alterman at the Nation, simultaneously a liar, a racist, and accused rapist, a con man, a tax cheat, a sadist, an egomaniac, a brownnoser of murderous dictators, most likely a traitor, and definitely a profoundly ignorant moron who knows nothing about history, politics or economics. In fact, his ignorance-driven delusional policies are about to create another recession. Trump is incapable of feeling anything but all those fatal flaws all the time. His narcissistic delusions that comprise his alternate reality make him incapable of feeling anything that doesn’t have to do with him. It’s all about him regardless of the consequences. Trump can never condemn racism because he condones it and his minions thrive on it.

Given his long history of racism – as well as his corruption and always lying about everything – it’s impossible for the majority of this country to ignore Trump’s despotic delusions of grandeur that are getting people killed and encouraging more of his delusional miscreants that are using his vitriolic hate and racism to justify killing minorities to accommodate his fraudulent ‘National Emergency’ at the border and we can’t allow him to colonize our collective imagination and distract from the disaster that is his failed fraudulent presidency. This President* is the problem. It’s time to recognize what he is doing to this country and demand that the media start holding him accountable and telling it like it is.

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