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Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

His failing economic system begins today’s misadventures of our malevolent minority-elect president* as proof that his fraudulent tax reform is nothing but a scam continues screwing over ordinary Americans while enriching him and his fraudulent friends, Donald keeps embracing Treason and it’s going to come back and bite his ignorant Orange ass bigly, Trump and his equally corrupt cabal are dubiously trying – and failing miserably – to start a war with Iran, how labeling Donnie as the treasonous liar he is will go a long way in helping the Democrats win the 2020 election and so much more.

The 7 Biggest Failures of Trumponomics article from Common Dreams. –

Like the rest of his miserable life, Trump’s fraudulent economic policies have screwed his supporters and the majority that doesn’t support him while enriching himself and his fraudulent friends.

President Trump Welcomes Future Election Interference article from Rantt Media. –

Since the only way he can win is with help from his puppet master Putin, the Donald has no problem making sure they can help him avoid jail if he gets voted out in 2020.

Trump’s Astonishing Confession article from The Atlantic. –

Admitting that he would accept help from a foreign country if it helped him win the election is a crime.

Trump is not a nationalist article from The Week. –

Trump’s ‘America First’ mantra is nothing but a lie – all he cares about his himself regardless of the bull shit he feeds the moronic miscreants that support him:

“At a Houston rally last year, President Trump made a proclamation: “You know what I am?” he asked. “I’m a nationalist. Okay? I’m a nationalist.”

But Trump, we know by now, is a prolific liar, and even this statement has been proven to be a falsehood. Sure, he’s for strong borders, strong exports, and bringing American manufacturing home from overseas. But on Wednesday, Trump told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos he is fine with other countries — Russia or China in particular — jumping into the 2020 race on his behalf. Oh, he might call the FBI this time. But he would still take advantage of the situation.

“I think you might want to listen, there isn’t anything wrong with listening,” Trump told ABC News. “If somebody called from a country, Norway, [and said] ‘we have information on your opponent’ — oh, I think I’d want to hear it.”

Chris Hayes Crushes The Laughable Myth That Trump Is An ‘America First’ President article from PoliticusUSA. –

More on Trump’s felonious calls for foreign governments to interfere and keep him out of prison and his bull shit lies about America first:

Trump and Bibi Are Evil Twinsies article from The Nation. –

Like Bibi, Trump’s despotic delusions of grandeur are on full display, only in Trump’s case his stupidity keeps getting in the way.

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 124th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt. –

Yet another week of massive failures for our illegitimate president* as his failed presidency continues imploding.

Trump’s Cover Story To Start A War With Iran Is Falling Apart article from PoliticusUSA. –

The lies being used by our illegitimate president* and his equally moronic, corrupt cabal to start a war with Iran are unraveling despite their best false flag efforts:

“The Trump administration claim that one of the tankers was hit by a mine was proven false by the ship’s Japanese operator.

The New York Times reported:

One of the tankers that were attacked in the Gulf of Oman was struck by a flying object, the ship’s Japanese operator said on Friday, expressing doubt that a mine had been attached to its hull.

Pompeo says Iran is responsible for oil tanker attacks. pic.twitter.com/FPvB56L9np— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) June 13, 2019

Trump and his team confront their crisis of credibility article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Because he’s the most corrupt, lying, illegitimate president* ever ‘elected,’ Trump has absolutely zero credibility and can’t be trusted – and it’s causing massive problems in his alternate reality.

Whither The Trump Paradox? article from Counter Punch. –

On the failings of having a vulgar, self-aggrandizing narcissist who is in over his head occupying the White House and the resulting failures of his illegitimate presidency.

John Oliver perfectly explains the Mueller report in a way all Americans can understand article from The Raw Story. –

Most Americans – and much of Congress – haven’t read the redacted Mueller report which paints a damning portrait of the crimes committed by the Don during his illegitimate tenure as president*:


All of our Twitter tyrant’s tweets highlight all his shortcomings that he tries to project onto everyone else, especially the ones about others committing Treason:

“Donald Trump’s propensity for ridiculing his opponents (both real and imagined) is well known to even the most casual observer. He genuinely seems to delight in name calling, belittling, and demeaning rhetoric, and like most bullies he rarely passes on the opportunity to denigrate his foes. So, not surprisingly, Trump seized on the occasion of Father’s Day weekend to unleash a torrent of ugly comments directed at others.

The president’s ire this week was trained on some his favorite scapegoats: Democrats, Hillary Clinton, the mainstream news media, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and London Mayor Sadiq Khan. There is, of course, nothing especially newsworthy about the fact that Trump spent much of Father’s Day weekend engaged in his favorite pastime: savagely degrading and disparaging others on Twitter.

But what I wish to highlight is the specifically rhetorical character of his Twitter putdowns. They are all governed by one unifying motivation: projection. Simply put, Trump consistently projects his own worst shortcomings and sins onto others. In fact, there is no better insight into Donald Trump and what he thinks about himself, if only unconsciously, than the things he repeatedly says about others in 280-character bursts.

Indeed, Trump’s most frequent putdowns on Twitter function as a virtual Rorschach test for his own personality traits and behavior. A few of the president’s favorite putdowns as of June 17, 2019 include: loser (234 tweets), dumb (222 tweets), terrible (204 tweets), stupid (183 tweets), weak (156 tweets), dishonest (115 tweets), incompetent (92 tweets), fool (83 tweets), pathetic (72 tweets), moron (52 tweets), and racist (50 tweets)…”

The 24 times Trump has accused somebody of ‘treason’ article from Axios. –

Listening to Trump bloviate about acts of treason allegedly committed by political foes, media and everyone else who opposes him – when he’s the one that has committed all those acts himself – is entertaining and misleading by design and very troublesome for this nation.

Trump’s Sinister Assault on Truth article from The Atlantic. –

The only two things the Don does well are commit crimes and lie his ass off – and it’s going to come back and bite him bigly.

Trump’s Evidence About Iran is ‘Dodgy’ at Best article from Counter Punch. –

Because the Trump cabal has zero credibility and an aversion to facts and truth, goading the public to war based on more lies and bull shit isn’t going to work well for them.

‘If This is True, They Are Even Bigger Lunatics Than We Realized’: UN Officials Reportedly Believe Trump Planning ‘Massive’ Bombing Campaign in Iran article from Common Dreams. –

If Trump and his cabal are stupid enough to commit more War Crimes that will fail miserably, they are bigger morons than previously expected:

“As the Trump administration prepares to deploy 1,000 additional troops to the Middle East in a move critics warned will heighten the possibility of all-out war with Iran, United Nations officials reportedly believe the U.S. is also planning a major “aerial bombardment” of an Iranian nuclear facility.

United Nations officials are “assessing the United States’ plans to carry out a tactical assault on Iran,” the Jerusalem Post reported Monday, citing anonymous diplomatic sources at the U.N. headquarters in New York.

“According to the officials, since Friday, the White House has been holding incessant discussions involving senior military commanders, Pentagon representatives, and advisers to President Donald Trump,” the Post reported. “The military action under consideration would be an aerial bombardment of an Iranian facility linked to its nuclear program.”

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 125th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt. –

Trump’s weeks keep getting worse as more of his unfettered, ignorant corruption keeps coming to light.

Public attitudes on impeachment are not what Trump thinks they are article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

The alternate reality bubble the Donald is currently residing in at our expense is going to pop repeatedly and he’s not going to handle it well.

Trump Kicks Off 2020 Campaign — Against Hillary Clinton article from Crooks and Liars. –

Still lying and fomenting hate while using his 2015 campaign tactics on the morons that were foolish enough to show up to his delusional hate fest:

The real threat to America isn’t Trump’s ‘deep state’ — it’s Trump’s corrupt state: Robert Reich article from The Raw Story. –

How appointing more criminals and grifters to high level positions in his cabal is revealing Trump’s true intentions while destroying this country:

“Trump has been ramping up his “Deep State” rhetoric again. He’s back to blaming a cabal of bureaucrats, FBI and CIA agents, Democrats, and “enemies of the people” in the mainstream media, for conspiring to remove him from office in order to allow the denizens of foreign shi*tholes to overrun America.

But with each passing day it’s becoming clearer that the real threat to America isn’t Trump’s Deep State. It’s Trump’s Corrupt State.

Not since Warren G. Harding’s sordid administration have as many grifters, crooks and cronies occupied high positions in Washington.

Trump has installed a Star Wars Cantina of former lobbyists and con artists, including several whose exploits have already forced them to resign, such as Scott Pruitt, Ryan Zinke, Tom Price, and Michael Flynn. Many others remain…”

Let’s Shut Down the Authoritarian Machine article from Truthout. –

How to fight Donald’s despotic delusions of grandeur once and for all.

Asked about his credibility crisis, Trump tries to change the subject article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Donnie didn’t try to deny the fact that the majority knows he’s a liar and fraud that can’t be trusted and he has zero credibility whatsoever.

CNN fact checks Trump’s big Orlando rally and it’s a gigantic bag of lies article from The Daily Kos. –

The delusions and embellishments running through the Donald’s demented mind are quite revealing and he is totally incapable of telling the truth or facing reality.

Trump Blames Obama After Chickening Out On Iran Strikes article from PoliticusUSA. –

More on the delusions running through Trump’s demented mind as he further loses any hope of grasping reality while trying to blame everyone else for his massive failures and ignorance:

“Trump went on a Twitter rant blaming Barack Obama for his series of moves that brought tensions with Iran to a boiling point.

Trump Lies About Iran Deal And Blames Obama

Trump tweeted:

Trump confirms he pulled back strike on Iran, but there are still a lot of conflicting reports article from ThinkProgress. –

Due to the fact that Trump would be committing more illegal War Crimes in bombing Iran, especially for shooting down a drone that was where it shouldn’t have been – and lying repeatedly about what is going on with Iran – it appears that his orders may have been ignored for obvious reasons.

Traitor Trump from The Week. –

Labeling Donnie as the treasonous liar that he is will go a long way in helping Democrats with the 2020 elections.

Delusional Donald Trump Thinks His Administration Is Doing A ‘Fantastic Job’ At The Border article from Crooks and Liars. –

In the Don’s land of delusion, terrorizing immigrant children while denying them basic sanitary and medical needs and separating families amounts to doing a ‘fantastic job:’

Trump’s latest retreats do further damage to his credibility article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Being all bluster and bull shit is doing some serious damage to Trump’s already massively failed presidency:

The folks at NBC News’ First Read flagged an interesting trifecta that’s unfolded over the last 17 days.

In less than three weeks, President Trump has made three different retreats:

1. Reaching a deal with Mexico to avert tariffs – a deal that largely consisted of actions that Mexico had already agreed to.

2. Backing down on military strikes against Iran for shooting down a U.S. surveillance drone…”

Chuck Todd’s Trump interview, and the backlash to it, explained article from Vox. –

As usual, Chuck Todd – and the majority of the media in general – let Trump get away with gaslighting and blatant lies, and it’s starting to irk those paying attention:

Trump is unhappy in reality — so he’s inviting everyone into his world of make-believe: columnist article from The Raw Story. –

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Trump’s shit show from Pinterest

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