Trump’s Racism Highlights His Illegitimacy

Having what a majority refer to as an illegitimate president in the White House who lost the popular vote by nearly three million votes has proved painful and costly to this country over the past two and a half years, but having said president spewing his racist rants across the air waves – unchecked by much of the so-called mainstream media – because he foolishly believes that using racism to encourage hatred is a winning strategy that will get him re-elected and then lying about it takes that illegitimacy to a whole new level.

Donald Trump has perfected the art of causing distractions to deflect from his endless corruption fueled by his profound ignorance to keep his criminal actions concealed while the public focuses on what he says instead of what he does. Making matters worse is the fact that the press continues repeating his racist lies verbatim without question. Indeed, if the press did its job and called Trump’s repeated lies and racist bluster out things might be a little different.

Trump’s bigotry and racism have been on full display for more than four decades, but the growing desperation from his failed presidency is bringing it to the forefront. Since being ‘elected’ Trump has had nothing to do with making America great again and everything to do with fraudulently enriching himself and his GOP enablers while gaslighting the minority of minions that voted for him.


Trump’s latest racial tirade began over this past weekend when he tweeted that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts – four of his biggest critics in the U.S. Congress – should ‘go back’ to the ‘broken and crime infested places from which they came,’ despite the fact that three of them were actually born here in the U.S. and one is a naturalized citizen. It’s rather ironic that he never mentions the fact that his wife is also an immigrant.

Fueling his racism and White Nationalism gives Trump more than ample ammunition to gin up his non-existent national emergency on America’s borders and push his immoral, unethical agendas. Before being ‘elected’ Trump promised that Mexico would build a wall to keep immigrants out, but as with the rest of his promises, it was nothing more than a heaping pile of bull shit that his supporters rolled around in. By constantly spewing vitriolic racism, it allows Trump to continue his scams and garner support from the minority of supporters that still can’t think for themselves and cater to his ever-shrinking base. Since being ‘elected,’ said supporters have been more up front and open with their racism and hatred.

One of the major drawbacks over the past two and a half plus years of having an illegitimate idiocracy occupying the White House and a Congressional body that continues enabling him is how the endless bigotry, corruption, racism and overall vileness of a traitorous, vindictive career con man as a president has destroyed any semblance of law and order as well as Democracy. Having a wannabe Twitter tyrant spewing his vitriolic idiocies all over the place to cover up his criminal actions has become normalcy and politics as usual.


Oftentimes Trump doesn’t bother, or is incapable of thinking before spewing his stupidity. But when he goes on one of his delusional Twitter tirades, he does it with a single purpose: to distract from his imminent implosion as the most corrupt, failed president in history. Trump has worked very hard to set the bar so low that he is incapable of slithering back under it. All of his racist diatribes are calculated with the hopes that it will keep him in office. These racist tirades are tactically deliberate, not blunders and as far as he’s concerned, if you don’t like it, leave.

Trump and his enablers are purposely trying to scare up support to keep out the non-existent enemies that live in his delusional little brain. By trying to convince people that it can’t get any worse, Trump is actually making it worse. Calling him a racist is correct regardless of what his enablers say while trying to defend his indefensible actions. Those that are unable to think for themselves and foolish enough to listen to every last lie he tells are not doing themselves any favors.

Trump loves to emulate Adolf Hitler. Unfortunately for him and his despotic delusions of grandeur, he’s too stupid to pull it off successfully. The first thing his hero Hitler did – before killing thousands of Jewish people – was tell Germany’s Jewish population to go back to their ‘home’ country. His conspiracy birther theory, calling white supremacists ‘good people, declining to condemn the KKK and claiming Hispanic immigrants are violent criminals and rapists to justify creating a phony national emergency are just a few examples of his past racist history, but attacking four minority members of Congress repeatedly is a new low, even for him. A look at his decades of racism can be found below:


Dubiously trying – albeit unsuccessfully – to defend his racism by constantly changing his rhetoric and trying to shift the conversation about his corrupt ignorance by talking about his alleged patriotism is one of the many tactics used by Trump to try and deflect from his failed Presidency. The man has badmouthed both America and its military for years and purposely lied multiple times to avoid being drafted during the Vietnam War. The man also committed Treason to help him get ‘elected.’ Paying attention to what he does as well as the ignorance he constantly spews reveals his true intention as he has done more in two and a half years to destroy this country while illegally enriching himself from the office that he holds.

Spewing racism to encourage hatred and violence helped rile up a morally corrupt minority of this country that helped him take office in 2016 but it will probably fail this time around. Two and a half years of his profound corruption and stupidity has taken a massive toll on the majority of this country that are actually capable of independent thought and most people are tired of dealing with it since it’s all you ever hear about.

Racism isn’t the only fatal flaw that plagues Trump’s illegitimacy. He has a sordid history of lying his ass off and making shit up to suit whatever elaborate con he’s trying to pull off to satisfy the minority of minions that are stupid enough to believe everything he says. For instance, despite his lie of draining the swamp, Trump grew it exponentially and has much of it working in his administration. Trump is a grifter who has always had trouble with facts and truth and can’t handle it when someone points out the obvious.


Trump is great at stirring up shit but doesn’t take getting it handed back to him very well. When anyone reports on his endless malfeasance and corruption, Trump tries to label it as ‘fake news.’ The irony of having a fake president calling bad news about him fake would be comical were it not for the fact that his grasp of reality is non-existent and can be dangerous. Contrary to his delusions of being a stable genius, Trump’s words and actions constantly reveal profoundly deep levels of dysfunction and ignorance.

One of Trump’s standard tropes when preparing to lie about something is that they’re laughing at us. Notice however, that you never see him laugh. That’s because he can’t stand being laughed at, even when his blatantly obvious lie is so stupid it’s laughable. His fragile, narcissistic ego fears rejection and he never apologizes or admits to making mistakes. It’s always everyone else’s fault. Trump has all the wrong fatal character flaws to be the leader of a free country, and in reality, should have been put behind bars long ago. If you want to make him lose his mind, point out his ignorance and laugh at him.

Trump has made racism the focal point of his re-election bid but may have shot himself in the foot by starting it too early. The minority that supports his racism will be unfazed by anything he does but the majority that didn’t ‘elect’ him will be more motivated to remove him once voting begins. The putrid stench of illegitimacy has surrounded Trump for two and a half years now, but his most recent racist tactics have confirmed what the majority of this country has known all along.

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